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  1. Worldwide Travel Alert

    And airline ticket prices are down.  Flying my sister out from California next week for a few days- round trip less than $350.  Got my tickets for my January vacation to the Caribbean- round trips less than $300 each.  Fug 'em- carry on with life because doing anything less is letting them win. 
  2. Regardless of what the PD was trying to do, my point is why none of the protests started until now when the mere fact that a shooting took place over a year ago, was widely reported at that time and the simple fact that 16 rounds were fired at the kid would be more than enough to protest and demand answers. So why wait for the video? Why wait for a year? We knew a fugging year ago a kid was killed by the cops with 16 rounds and now, because the video is out, is the time to protest? And yes, I get all that about the PD and I wouldn't expect anything less from them. But despite their best efforts, the fact remains that a year ago 16 rounds were used to kill a kid. Who cares what evidence they tried to destroy or purge when 16 rounds is enough for me to start asking serious questions. Yes, the system is completely broken, but the fact remains that the only difference between yesterday and October 20, 2014 is a video of the incident was released. 
  3. I'm just wondering how this is now a huge protest issue, complete with "marching in the streets" and the usual posturing when the incident took place in October 2014? I mean, it was reported, made the news, newspapers, etc. and it was known over a year ago the kid was shot 16 times. But only now that a video was released do people want to act like a huge injustice has occurred. Where were these people protesting and demanding answers a fugging year ago when it was known then the cop popped 16 rounds into this kid? Nothing like coming late to the party.
  4. What Really Pisses ISIS Off

    Those damn Christmas commercials and decorations going up before Thanksgiving.
  5. HVAC Question

    The temperature the unit(s) are trying to maintain is measured at the thermostat, not in the closed up Dutch oven you're creating in the bedrooms. If the temperature around the t-stats fluctuates, the units are continually working. With your doors closed, your body heat is adding to the temp while the units are adding more warm air to the room.   But, although that's a factor, it sounds as though it's only part of the problem. Sounds to me like a capacitor has gone bad. You say the unit is always running, but I'm guessing the fan is running, not necessarily the entire unit. If you hear the fan running, but there is no air coming through the vents, it's a capacitor. If the unit is running continuously and pushing warm air through the vents, it could be a bad t-stat telling the unit to keep running or a bad capacitor. When you say the unit is running and the temps are already very warm in the house, what temp does the t-stat display? Again, if the air temp at the t-stat is 65 (example) it doesn't matter what the rest of the house is, the t-stat is telling the unit it's not warm enough if you've got it set to 68 (example). You have programmable t-stats. Do not turn off your heat at night or at any other time. Simply raise or lower the t-stat temps. Rather than turn off the upstairs heat, simply turn down the temp to 55-60. Turning on and off an HVAC unit (older than 6 or so years) spins up your electric meter and run your electricity bill higher than turning the t-stat down.
  6. Princeton students takeover President's office

    Princeton President: "Hi there. I'm assuming all of you have paid your tuition (approximately $42k per year)? You have? Good. The answer to your demands is "no" and if you're not happy with that please feel free to transfer to another school." 
  7. Armed anti-Muslim group protest mosque in Texas

    Wait, was this Arsen or Donald Trump? 
  8. The Money Grab is On! Clock Kid Wants $15M

    I don't do Facebook but I thought the whole thing was pretty silly when I saw it on the news...
  9. Donald Trump: Because I Said So, It's True

    He is an embarrassment to this country. He is an embarrassment to the GOP and an embarrassment to an already broken and embarrassing political system. He was probably one of those cheering, thinking all the while this was his next real estate deal.
  10. Of course, he had to move with his family to Qatar first, then realize how "traumatized" the kid is.....’clock-kid’-seeking-dollar15-million-in-damages/ar-BBnm4ae?li=BBnb7Kz “Everyone in the country and around the world believes this has been a wonderful experience for Ahmed’s family, and in some ways, it has been,” said Anthony Bond, a family friend. “But now they are settled in Qatar, they have realized they are tremendously traumatized.” Who the fug is "they?"    
  11. Donald Trump: Because I Said So, It's True

    Yes, it does. I am a Democrat, not a bleeding heart Liberal. I listen to all candidates and would like to make a choice from several qualified candidates, but when the GOP offers up Ben Carson and Donald Trump.....?  
  12. Don't be baffled, just scientifically educate yourself on HIV, rather than believe the propaganda the conservative right tends to toss around with little regard for fact. 
  13. This idiot is now making up poo so ridiculous, it sounds like he was trained by Fox News.  First, we have the black crime statistics he retweeted and guess what, the source of the statistics doesn't exist. Imagine that. Next, we have his personal testimonial that people across the river in New Jersey were cheering on 9/11 when the Twin Towers came down. Absolutely no one can even find a news story that mentions anything like this, except for a rumored police dispatch, which is also questionable. How long is the RNC going to put up with this tool running for President? When are the Repubs going to announce who their real Presidential hopeful is? How the fug is anyone supposed to take anything about the GOP seriously when all you've got for candidates is a list of Saturday Night Live sketch characters? 
  14. Stewart Plants a Redskin into the Field

    Redskin guy gets "Ronde Barber'd"
  15. Local paper hating on Cam

    Because if it was written like a Southern-schooled 2nd grader, it would have been done in crayon.