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  1. I think this would be a great idea for a new forum: "Traffic Voyeurism: A Photographic Journey of America's Streets" featuring nothing but pictures of people doing whatever in their cars....
  2. The driving habits of people in this country puts on full display the generally and pervasively shitty attitude that people have with each other. The same people who find it very difficult to just be pleasant, say "Thank you" or "Please" once in a while are the same drivers who cut you off without so much as a glance in the rear view. The guy who gets his cash out of the drive thru ATM and then proceeds to balance his fugging checkbook before driving away is the same guy who will make a right turn from the left lane of a 2-lane road. That guy at the airport who decides he doesn't need to wait in line until "Zone 2 is now ready for boarding" and shoves his way into the front of the line is the same guy who has no idea what a turn signal is for. There is more contempt than compassion in this country.
  3. Yeah... you're right. Back then, people were so pissed off at (insert whoever the media/govt tells you) that it completely blinded all but a few. At the time, I felt like I was the only person begging the question, "Why are we invading Iraq? They had nothing to do with this and it's just Dubya wanting to finish what his Daddy didn't in 1991." Make no bones about it, General Norman Schwarzkopf was stopped from marching all the way to Baghdad during the first Gulf War in much the same way Patton was ordered to a halt in WW2. It took almost 10 years to realize the huge mistake Washington made, just as the US did when Eisenhower stopped Patton from taking Prague, opting instead to let Stalin march in.
  4. I agree totally with your first paragraph. But, with the advent of social media and real time news, there's no way the Manhattan Project happens today. Those 130,000 people were spread all over the damn country, each of those locations building a part or piece of the bigger picture, and no one knew what the others were doing, let alone the grand scheme.
  5. Or is it people just go "full ostrich" and don't want to know? I mean, I've been around for a while, but I've always kept myself up on world news and I can't think of a single instance of the US playing puppet master over the past 40-45 years that I wasn't aware of... perhaps because of my military career?
  6. Here's just a small sample of what we left behind in Iraq, the good ol' AK is still in vogue...
  7. Anybody wanna see me irl?

    Wannabe greaseball fug. Throw a pillowcase over his head, drive him down to the Jersey pine barrens, drop him in the middle of nowhere and let the Pineys take care of him.... Yankee Deliverance.
  8. Cliven Bundy could hook you up. Bundy Ranch has both a Facebook page and an old school blogspot.
  9. Not to mention that following someone who is using their phone is just as painfully obvious as someone who is drunk. The driving behavior is not a lot different.
  10. While the Saudi involvement in 9/11 is undeniable, to suggest the US government could actually pull something like this off is, well, flattering, for lack of a better term. I don't believe for a minute the US government could get my lunch order correct, much less do a 9/11 and manage to keep everyone's mouth shut.
  11. I lost my first wife in 1974 while we were on our honeymoon to a drunk driver. And while I will always live with that, I have never climbed the soapbox with MADD and I do drink on occasion. That being said, I don't see the difference between alcohol/drug impairment and the impairment an electronic device creates. I'm not sure of the legal nuances of each, but both involve a driver who is unable to drive their car for one reason or another and I'm not sure why we have to differentiate between the reasons for that. "Oh, she was on the phone? Well, at least she wasn't drunk." WTF? People are dead, maimed or injured regardless. And while we're on the subject, I have the same feeling about people who drive with their little dog sitting on their lap hanging out the window. You can't tell me that's not a distraction, either. And probably endangering the dog's life as well.
  12. HVAC question

    Actually, what I would do is simply buy them a one year check-up agreement with your current HVAC guy, will cost you about $140 and they'll come out and do the pre-winter and pre-summer maintenance checks on the system for the new owner.
  13. Absolutely correct. Anybody but Trump and Hillary is a known commodity. That's the thing with Republicans. You all seem to know Hillary better than your own candidate, but will vote for him because there's a "R" next to his name regardless of his utter incompetence and lack of a platform.
  14. Sounds just like your boy Trump. Say something you think means something, only to realize it doesn't mean dick. The weather in Hawaii is the same... every day, it's the same. The weather on Mt. Everest changes every 5 minutes.
  15. Obama kills...

    Wait... take out W. or the Taliban guy? W's no longer a threat to anyone and Taliban dude has only been in charge for a year.