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  1. While the Saudi involvement in 9/11 is undeniable, to suggest the US government could actually pull something like this off is, well, flattering, for lack of a better term. I don't believe for a minute the US government could get my lunch order correct, much less do a 9/11 and manage to keep everyone's mouth shut.
  2. I lost my first wife in 1974 while we were on our honeymoon to a drunk driver. And while I will always live with that, I have never climbed the soapbox with MADD and I do drink on occasion. That being said, I don't see the difference between alcohol/drug impairment and the impairment an electronic device creates. I'm not sure of the legal nuances of each, but both involve a driver who is unable to drive their car for one reason or another and I'm not sure why we have to differentiate between the reasons for that. "Oh, she was on the phone? Well, at least she wasn't drunk." WTF? People are dead, maimed or injured regardless. And while we're on the subject, I have the same feeling about people who drive with their little dog sitting on their lap hanging out the window. You can't tell me that's not a distraction, either. And probably endangering the dog's life as well.
  3. HVAC question

    Actually, what I would do is simply buy them a one year check-up agreement with your current HVAC guy, will cost you about $140 and they'll come out and do the pre-winter and pre-summer maintenance checks on the system for the new owner.
  4. Absolutely correct. Anybody but Trump and Hillary is a known commodity. That's the thing with Republicans. You all seem to know Hillary better than your own candidate, but will vote for him because there's a "R" next to his name regardless of his utter incompetence and lack of a platform.
  5. Sounds just like your boy Trump. Say something you think means something, only to realize it doesn't mean dick. The weather in Hawaii is the same... every day, it's the same. The weather on Mt. Everest changes every 5 minutes.
  6. Obama kills...

    Wait... take out W. or the Taliban guy? W's no longer a threat to anyone and Taliban dude has only been in charge for a year.
  7. Probably Good

    Still haven't answered the question. Or any of them, as a matter of fact. True to your idiocy, "I'll just call him stupid, that'll show him...." Again, what time period?
  8. Probably Good

    Good non-answer..... And you'd call it what, a history text?
  9. Probably Good

    What "time period?" It was, after all, a novel written by many people who some claim lived as recently as 5,000 years ago and others claim 2,000 years and others a few million..... so.....
  10. Probably Good

    So, tell me your initial impressions, based on looks of course, of the fictional character Jesus. You know, long hair, sandals, robes, doesn't talk much... looks like a 1960's hippie...
  11. What is Classic Rock?

    Saw Don Felder (Eagles guitarist from 1974-2001) and his band, Kansas and Styx Wednesday night in Cary. Of course, Felder did all the Eagles songs he wrote all or part of, and Tommy Shaw joined him onstage to do Hotel California. Not a big Kansas fan, so we went and got some food from one of the food trucks around the Booth. Styx was as tight as I've ever seen them, and I've seen them live probably 15 times. Good show.... Next up- Joe Walsh opens for Bad Company in Charlotte
  12. Might be Jobless

    I have a friend who lives out Brawley School near Trump National at Lake Norman and works in Ballantyne... fortunately only has to be in the office Tue-Thu... but still spends the better part of 4-5 hours a day in commute mode. Fug that.
  13. John Miller

    I happen to believe Hillary is closer to being a true Republican based upon her historical platform than Trump, who really has no platform because he's probably just as, and maybe even more, wishy-washy than Hillary. That being said, there is absolutely no chance I will ever change my opinion of Trump nor would I vote for him in a single-person race. I think the guy is a whiny little bitchy fifth-grader who throws temper tantrums and has no real debating or speaking skills beyond insulting people and just being an annoyingly offensive person. And I agree with Twylyght... and more to the point, I'd be more than happy to kick his fugging ass all over the street just because he always looks so damn punchable. In the end, I feel like I have little choice but to vote for the person who will keep Trump out of office. And I voted for John Anderson in 1980.
  14. credit card problem

    Happened to me a couple months back. I didn't get the phone call from the bank because I was declined trying to get gas at 2 stations before I realized it was the card and not the pump. Called the bank and they asked if I'd been in Florida that morning.... Anyway, no worries, but having to wait a couple weeks for the new card is just a pain in the ass when I'm not used to carrying any cash.
  15. Panama \m/

    So, does that mean off-shore accounts and hidden overseas accounts and financial safe-havens are okay as long as you're working in an "admirable" profession or people have a generally favorable impression of you? It's okay for Emma Watson or me or someone else who actually works for a living, but it's not okay for the rich and powerful?