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  1. When he carries a team of scrubs to the Super Bowl en route to the MVP, give me a call.
  2. rhyslloyd

    Kalil dealing with knee injury

    Gotcha. Probably too expensive for me, then.
  3. rhyslloyd

    Kalil dealing with knee injury

    Ocean or Gulf?
  4. rhyslloyd


    I like the silver.
  5. rhyslloyd

    Tepper seen tailgating w/fans

    It was funny for a while, but now it’s just played out.
  6. rhyslloyd

    Winners/Losers - 2nd preseason game

    Lorenzo Doss opted to go for the big hit instead of wrapping up twice and whiffed on both. Our defense requires DBs that are able to tackle. That won’t cut it. It was painful to watch.
  7. 100%. Steve Smith was a disease to the team and a black eye on the franchise. I don’t think his performance on the field should overshadow the piece of trash he is and the way he acted like a salty little bitch when Gettleman called him on it and cut his ass. I couldn’t possibly care less if Steve Smith ever shows his face here again.
  8. I like them on your wife.
  9. White pants suck. Fight me.
  10. rhyslloyd


    You've been on mine for as long as you've been here. Don't you feel special, little snowflake?
  11. I’m surprised exclusive content like this isn’t relegated to All-Pro.
  12. rhyslloyd

    tre boston

    Tre Boston isn’t good.
  13. Nope. Glad someone said it. Without Trai helping him on an insanely high percentage of plays, he’s average at very best.