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  1. *At the expense of Trai Turner's ratings.
  2. Trai in concussion protocol

    Kamara was in the concussion protocol for only a few days. It could be a very short visit or an extended visit.
  3. How many of those were the mail-in drives when we were protecting that insurmountable 11 point lead?
  4. Roy Moore LOSES

    Look at the urban areas where a significantly higher percentage of the population has a college education vs. the rural areas where education is an afterthought.
  5. Time to Tank

    Fire Silas and the rest of the staff, tell Clifford to take a permanent vacay, and trade any player who is worth anything to another team for literally anything that they’ll give you.
  6. Hornets vs Warriors

    MCW is easily one of the bottom 10 players in the league who actually get regular minutes. Silas seems all too eager to make the same coaching mistakes Clifford makes each game. He’s not the answer at head coach. This team is pitiful.
  7. Clifford's Leave

    I hope it isn't too serious, but I'm excited to see what Silas can do in his absence. Lots of folks seem to think Silas should be the head-coach-in-waiting, but I fear he's been with Cliff too long to bring any fresh perspective.
  8. It took Jerry all he had to fire Hurney, and it was everything he could do to get him back. That won't even be an issue with Rivera. He's safe as long as JR is alive.
  9. The gameplan didn't call for scoring points.
  10. He's been a lame duck. We hired a worse version of John Fox on the heels of firing John Fox.
  11. Everyone "in the know" says Cliff is some kind of guru. I've yet to see that translate into sustained success. And, yes, MCW is complete garbage. It's pathetic.
  12. Rex Tillerson out?

    Igor was the valedictorian of the class in which Heel graduated dead last.