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  1. rhyslloyd

    Theo Pinson

    This is going well.
  2. Ochocinco would be a good barometer if we were playing D-II college ball. I'd prefer he match up against NFL talent.
  3. DeAngelo is the kinda guy you secretly want bad things to happen to, but when they actually do, you're like, poo maybe not something quite that bad. He's a bitch, though.
  4. rhyslloyd

    Bill Voth: Taylor Moton Speaks

    At what point does Matsko step in and tell Ron what an idiot he is? Or is Matsko the idiot?
  5. rhyslloyd

    18’-19’ Hornets

    Get rid of nearly the entire roster and replace them with NBA-level talent. Seems simple enough.
  6. There's not going to be a competition.
  7. rhyslloyd

    No DB Coach movement

    Rivera is still the lame duck he's always been. You knew he wasn't going outside the box.
  8. rhyslloyd

    James Borrego Is The New Head Coach

    Valid points. My main concern is MJ - a clueless owner who loves to meddle in operations and hasn't made winning a priority.
  9. rhyslloyd

    James Borrego Is The New Head Coach

    Let's be honest, here. This isn't a very desirable job. We have to take what we can get and hope for the best.
  10. rhyslloyd

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    For any of our backs to be successful, we have to be able to spread out the defense and keep them honest. No one is having success constantly running against a stacked box.
  11. rhyslloyd

    I hate Frank Kaminsky

    Is there anyone who can still say, with a straight face, that they think MJ is a good owner? This guy is an absolute disease.
  12. rhyslloyd

    Back to back winning seasons

    I agree, and that's typically where good coaching comes into play. Unfortunately...
  13. rhyslloyd

    DB Coach Curtis Fuller Resigns

    But he's been around a long time, and his effort is unmatched. Have you seen his technique? I think Ron's had his eye on him for a while.
  14. Other than the fact that he's not very good and we don't currently have the money?