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  1. A closer look at Dontari Poe

    Saca is not going to be happy with you. "A closer, closer look at Dontari Poe" incoming.
  2. I just added some fuel to my fire. I had a bowl of chili for lunch. I, too, thought it was necessary for everyone to know.
  3. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    Source? Ban otherwise, right?
  4. Brees staying in NO

    I guess that QB/Special Teams ace the broadcasters were slurping will have to wait a few more years to get his chance. If you think those guys got excited over a tackle on ST, wait til he completes a pass.
  5. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Duron Carter is a complete idiot, and that's all Cris' doing.
  6. Ryan Kalil $9.9 mil cap hit

    It would be a very risky move, but Belichick tells us it's better to cut a player one year too early than one year too late. That cap space is extremely enticing.
  7. You know how much Ron loves an underperforming vet.
  8. Notice how I didn't specify "domestic violence". I said "violence". Are you saying one is ok, but the other is not?
  9. So much irony in Steve Smith raising awareness against violence.
  10. What concerns me about David Tepper

    You seem awfully upset. Maybe you shouldn't take an opposing opinion so personally. If you actually believe Ron Rivera has gotten everything one would expect out of the talent this team has had over the last seven seasons, then we won't possibly be able to agree, and there is literally nothing you could "articulate" that is going to change my opinion. Feel free to knock yourself out doing that, but I won't see it because you'll be on the long list of folks I've ignored on this board where you should have been long ago. Have fun.
  11. What concerns me about David Tepper

    I'll have to respectfully and fully disagree.
  12. What concerns me about David Tepper

    So, he would fire Ron Rivera? Sign me up.
  13. dj chark should be the pick

    That's not true. Measurables and combine stats are impressive, but he is far less than impressive on the field if you're considering him at 24.
  14. He would need to put on 20+ pounds to play DE in our scheme.