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  1. As someone who actually knew Cherica and wanted the WORST for Carruth, I have to forgive him for Chancellor. I ran into him and his grandma whom I would see time to time back in the day and the light that comes from this child and his energy is amazing. I've grieved over the death of my friend for a long time but he needs that boy and that boy needs him. He still deserves a kick in the nuts though.
  2. Hi there

    Tell em' to take out the whole damn thing! Probably be less of a scar that way. Doc said it'll cut life expectancy 5-7 yrs but Trump promised to get the medical patents released so I'll be crossing my fingers for a tech breakthrough. Good luck though. You're gonna pull through
  3. Hi there

    They grow some of the best stuff in the nation in the NC mountains and we still have the old tobacco growing communities, now growing nothing. What better place to start creating and taxing a new income source? Aside from that shortcoming the Charlotte area is a beautiful place to live and raise kids. NC in general is great.
  4. Hi there

    You'll be fine. They made three small cuts when they took mine out. Downside is you'll poo 2-3 times instead of 0-1 times a day. I can barely even find the scars anymore.
  5. Hi there

    Sorry, nobody wants to see Johnny Rocket's "skills".
  6. Hi there

    Hell yeah!
  7. Hi there

    This. Me and the wife invested in this big boy 36 passenger party/tailgate machine. It's not a lambo but it can fit waaay more huddlers. PM me, huddlers will get the hookup! Sadly we missed tailgating season :-/
  8. I always believed he would become the best QB in football. In my opinion he is. He has those extra dimensions the other guys can't duplicate. Lots of QBs can run but can they run power? Can they juke and break ankles? Can they jump over the pile? Can they truck LBs and CBs? His combination of size, force, speed, agility, great downfield accuracy, leadership by example, etc. etc. My problem with the NFL is I feel that for years they intentionally sanctioned the stereotypical QB and what they should and shouldn't DO or BE on the field. Cam was the threat that had to be dealt with sanctioned blatantly "illegal" head shots, a free for all that continued into the SB.
  9. Locally, the Hornets need to do the same.Cable is quickly becoming a dinasour. I cut the cord years ago. Pretty much everything you want to watch can be streamed these days. I watch the Panthers here in Charlotte on our local Fox affiliate. I'd love to be able to flip on WJZY and watch the Hornets like we used to.
  10. Andy Benoit Ranks Free Agents

    You don't know you've got a Star till he's gone.
  11. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Lol. If he thought the Charlotte media was hard on him, watch this! I wish him the best. He did the best HE could. New system, new challenges going forward in a very demanding market.
  12. 22yrs and counting. Not 50yrs but still NOT good. JR never made good on his promise.
  13. Ron Rivera the new Belichick

    Fox complained about not being able to shop for the groceries under Hurney. I'm sure Gettleman had most of the say in draft priorities the last couple years. Ron gets his well deserved chance to pick his team. He's done well despite all the shenanigans with the GM and FO. Let us not forget that Ron publicly took up for GH and along with TD wanted to give him another chance. People have their opinions but a Panthers team with Greg Hardy on this line and Smitty riding out a Panther may just of had a ring or two by now. Those weren't Ron's decisions
  14. A fine mess

    The bright side is that the coaches get the opportunity to shop for their own groceries and Norv will be in the building to help.