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  1. rippadonn

    Trump is up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Didn't have to. They were talking about who's button was bigger. Somebody's went off "accidentally". I read A LOT. A couple stories pointed this out, couple different sources. I came here and said Korea would be one again and of course people said it would not happen.
  2. rippadonn

    Trump is up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Sheep? Lol I don't speak sheep. You apparently do.
  3. rippadonn

    Trump is up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    You are the smartest poster here tonight. Congrats. They just don't get it. They're too busy TRYING to attack someone. They just did the same thing in Syria, but they wouldn't understand anything they weren't fed by hand.
  4. rippadonn

    Trump is up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    I'd have a higher post count and say a lot more sht if I wanted attention. It's the exact opposite.
  5. rippadonn

    Trump is up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Dude, did you not just read that I didn't vote for either. I don't follow Hannity or Fox News. Choosing to not believe my own personal testimony is totally up to you. Feel free to create your own narrative.
  6. rippadonn

    Trump is up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    I'm an independent, who, because of the negative media against both candidates, was so disgusted by both I chose not to vote for either. That's the thing about drinking the Koolaid of the MSM. If you are unable to sniff out propaganda you may be fooled into thinking that POTUS hates the middle class and is raising their taxes. Clinton's ushered in NAFTA and signed privately owned prisons into law, prisons that then needed prisoners (poor, minorities). Making blanket statements like yours sounds like your drowning in Koolaid bro. Nothing did more damage or targeted the poor than those two acts by Clintons.
  7. rippadonn

    Trump is up for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    You all will find out that Trump, through Pompeo, freed NK. Kim can be a leader now instead of a pawn playing the bad guy. He's smiling now, happy. The destruction of their facility was to show them that they didn't control the button. His administration is playing 4d chess. Be happy for America instead of being media lead haters. Afterall, the paid for media is still mad about their love failing to get elected, again. Be happy the good guys are winning.
  8. I've gotta see the guy on the field with NFL talent but if he can break tackles like he consistently did at Maryland he will be special. Cam can run but how he breaks tackles is what makes him a special runner, same thing with Smitty.
  9. I remember Tolbert recovering one of those fumbles that saved the play so I don't get the no fumble stat.
  10. What? Were you watching the game games? Saying he didn't fumble is the myth. That's what had him on the bench, ball security, nothing else. STOP. REVISIONIST. HISTORY. TO. FIT. YOUR. NARRATIVE. I like him as a player, but when you're not a first rounder you get less chances to f'up. That's the sad truth in the NFL. He needs to know that. He's a good RB though.
  11. He's done some good things but when a 5th rounder fumbles in key situations he benches himself.
  12. Some of us knew they'd draft well. Some of us knew it'd be WR,DB,DB. These rookies will help especially DJ. Some of us know just how important YAC are for NFL receivers because everyone is fast. I'm satisfied for now. Can't wait to see what the rooks can do
  13. Agree. He's heard the critics, spent time watching. Got the chance of his lifetime to GM the team he loves for one last run. I think he'll kill it. Don't understand the naysay as he is first round money and has drafted HOF'ers
  14. Yup, it's a WR for Norv and a trade up for a CB.