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  1. So you're coming to Chicago

    My home town. Making a superb deep dish down here in CLT so I don't miss it as much just miss the fam. Wrigley field is a MUST. Lived not to far from there as a kid. Went to many Cubs games back then. As with many Cubs fans, I couldn't care less about the Sox or their 3A team here in Charlotte. Go Cubs! Bears are the big brother, Panthers, the team whose birth I witnessed, little brother. Little brother has what it takes to make a deep run so....
  2. Matt Kalil

    It's Ryan looking "fluffy" right now. Unless he's injured he needs to get on the field. Throwing Matt away after less than a year with Matsko is a mistake. Shula is confusing everybody, opposing defenses and our offensive lineman alike.
  3. What Eagles Fans Are Saying...

    It feels like a CMC kinda game tonight no?!? Gonna go ham hock and green bean sandwich on them dudes
  4. What Eagles Fans Are Saying...

    The homer in him says Eagles win but his body language and hesitation says he fears what the outcome may be. He should. He forgot KK, Peppers, TD etc.. This defense may be the best the Panthers have ever fielded. He didn't forget Star with his ham hock and green bean sandwiches or big Luke lol. They are worrying about Cam when it's the defense they should be worried about. That's what happened to Detroit.
  5. Cam Newton in the last 2 games

    Our D line is feasting. They just may be an all time group.
  6. Cam Newton in the last 2 games

    Cam shut em' up today. They've seen this Cam before and it's not good for the rest of the NFC.
  7. In my eyes, the best Panther ever. He had unfinished business here at home and came back with a vengeance. I had #89 on top but he hung it up too early IMO and left much business unfinished. Smitty needed only a year or two before he would have passed some big names on the all time lists. TD even reached out. Smart move by Pep. This is the best line he's ever played with. KK and Star are beasts!
  8. Stafford is a damn good QB. His arm is a problem and his legs are a problem. Him and Tate are so much fun to watch. TOP will be a big deal in this game. If you're going to beat these guys, put up points and get ahead.
  9. Been internet lobbying for years on this one. Glad to have the big guy back.
  10. He played his game. Those designed runs get him going. He always passes better after he runs . After he settles down he's hard to stop. Thanks for listening to teh huddle Shula. You got out of Cams way and now you're brilliant for doing so. On to next week
  11. Funchess

    Told ya this guy had some #87 in him. You see the toughness? The fluidity?
  12. That's his target. Gamesmanship 101. He'll gameplan to try and keep plays away from him or focus blocking on Luke.
  13. Well then, keep pounding?!?
  14. Could be a bit of gamesmanship, a tip if the cap to Bill perhaps.
  15. Shula still hasn't figured out its CMC who may be the next Smitty. He has the same skill set. Smh.