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  1. rippadonn

    REPORT: DJ Moore in trouble with the law

    Moose had a worst traffic stop than that and he turned out great, one of our best ever.
  2. Directly in front of Clete F'n Blakeman, who was looking right at it.
  3. I'm on the bandwagon. He's flashed across the screen and made some plays. Instincts are on point, nose for the football. After TD, it looks like the future will be bright. He's definitely a keeper!
  4. Evidence for all to see, that the NFL controls the outcome. WE knew that after the 49ers coronation at BofA. Somehow I don't believe the new owner would take that sht from the league without saying a word publically. Screwed by the NFL too many times to be putting their damn dirty shield before our own destiny.
  5. rippadonn

    Should I swerve and hit him?

    Dude's trying to get in the spirit with the ONLY Panthers jersey he has. Have mercy on him. Just smack him on the back of his neck while going 59mph.
  6. rippadonn

    Hiding Profile Pics

    First the PC police got rid of teh Locker Room and now all boobies are in danger!?! The Huddle ain't the booty and bikini paradise it used to be...
  7. With a old school OC and a deep stable of burners at WR might we finally see the Panthers go 4wide and air it out using Cams downfield accuracy?
  8. Only old-time huddlers would get that. Cheers!
  9. This whole war on Cam from KB is the most disrespectful sh I've seen EVER. Cam force fed that dude his whole career here. Those 1000 yrds in his rookie season wasn't from from breaking tackles or YACs like DJ Moore AND Smitty. If I remember correctly Smitty got a return TD that first game and continued to be so dangerous after the catch they had to play him at WR. Him and Moose were a tougher type of receiver that you don't see much. You'd get attacked by the ball carrier with those guys that's what continued on in Smitty's career and what made Smitty so special AFTER the catch. #89's whole career was YACS. DJ Moore is light-years ahead of Benjamin was in that respect. I'll go on record and say #12 is better than rookie #13. I'll say by far. Que up those highlight reelz
  10. rippadonn

    DJ Moore is legit.

    He doesn't catch it and fall down like guys in the past.
  11. rippadonn

    DJ Moore is legit.

    If there was ever a Smitty 2.0 argument to be made, the time would be NOW.
  12. Chuck is staying and transitioning into their video personality on WFNZ.com and contribute to ALL the shows.
  13. rippadonn

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    I liked how he mentioned playing at a disadvantage. Sounds like the players were in his ear. The evidence is on tape. Cam has been treated unfairly. The 49ers game was obviously biased. Nobody was going to get in the way of that 49er Seahawk matchup, no, not even with the commercial that "predicted" that outcome way before that playoff game.