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  1. rippadonn added a post in a topic This Corey Brown Hate-Fest Is Asinine   

    If you've got a nickname don't change it. The football gods don't know who this Corey Brown is
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  2. rippadonn added a post in a topic Good Article on former Panther   

    Glad he admitted to what we here in Carolina knew already. He may have been one of the greatest talents the Panthers have had but because of lack of effort not the greatest player
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  3. rippadonn added a post in a topic I am not positive Jameis Winston will survive long enough to face the Panthers   

    Not convinced ownership wants to win a SuperBowl. He chose to make a point and most of his audience approved at the time. It became personal and not business. There is no doubt Hardy would have helped this year. King of chicken and PR maybe, but not building teams for SuperBowl runs. Just happy to have a team here in good ol' Charlotte, that's all we deserve :-/
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  4. rippadonn added a post in a topic Brown   

    Philly Brown>>>Corey Brown 
    Stop fighting being more than yourself! You can still sign checks as "Corey Brown"
    Go back to Philly and it'll be alright. Represent!
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  5. rippadonn added a post in a topic CJ, and Funchess Participated in some Team Drills, Brandon Williams full participant today   

    Lol.That pink flaps post needs to go to the internet hall of fame. The thread is a huddle "best ever!!!" Lol
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  6. rippadonn added a post in a topic Schein weighs in on Panther chances sans KB   

    They're better prepared this year than if it would've happened last year. I really think the Funchise will man up and take up the slack.
    IF CJ and Star can stay healthy we'll be OK
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  7. rippadonn added a post in a topic We have the you have the heart?   

    Yup, they weren't healthy. That's exactly my point. 
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  8. rippadonn added a post in a topic We went 12-4 in 2013 with ancient Steve Smith and LaFell as top 2 receivers   

    The defense is what worries me the most. The LBs will be overworked and not so great and the secondary exploited if we don't have that push(Star,KK) AND pressure off the edges. If those situations aren't handled soon we will get burnt by good QBs and get run on by average RBs. No Greg Hardy hurts and if CJ doesn't play 16 games we're toast and that scenario seems very likely. Star has a stress fracture(Yao Ming) in his foot and is 300+lbs. Politics aside our D line couldn't afford to lose talent and it was very shortsighted and reactionary what happened looking back.
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  9. rippadonn added a post in a topic Reality at WR - moving forward   

    Being "the guy" last year was good for Benjamin so if Funchise can man up and be "that guy" maybe this offense can gain strength from this setback. IF Funchise can live up to it this whole ordeal can be a positive for next year when #13 is healthy.
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  10. rippadonn added a post in a topic We have the you have the heart?   

    Yeah, this after our d-line turned into a M*A*S*H unit!? NO pass rush and no #1 WR. If they can win despite these BIG problems they will have grown a lot as a team.
    Remember, it took a long time for the line to get used to playing without Greg Hardy. I don't see the road being easy if they don't have CJ healthy. Matty Ice and Drew Breez will pick you apart without pressure upfront. Those guys are too good and these games will turn into shoot outs if they don't figure out the DE position.
    If Funchise can act like a franchise WR we may have a chance to outscore teams but without the D line I can't see a good year. I hope I'm wrong and I hope guys can get healthy 
    We shouldn't panic yet but the GM, scouts and coaching staff should be
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  11. rippadonn added a post in a topic Monday's camp tweets   

    The name shall not be spoken but that decision may come back to haunt us. I'm really gonna hate to be the guy that said "I told you so" but we could have difficulty winning against good QBs. I was wondering how they were going to make WITH CJ and the ends Who?
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  12. rippadonn added a post in a topic Monday's camp tweets   

  13. rippadonn added a post in a topic Monday's camp tweets   

    you can't just let healthy guys walk out of the door in the football business. Without CJ the DE situation on this team is in shambles. Nobody has "flashed" anything that I can see and the Bills QB's had their way, no pressure. 
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  14. rippadonn added a post in a topic Smith to the HOF   

    Steve Smith was sent packing. I'm not mad at Smitty. Gets maybe, JR a little. 
    When he retires they should do the right thing and welcome him back. He is perhaps the single biggest reason this city sniffed the last Superbowl and people that are mad at him for the words after the breakup don't know a damn thing about the Smitty. You should have expected it
    They should honor this man and if they don't I'll take THAT personal
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  15. rippadonn added a post in a topic Smith to the HOF   

    If the Hall of Fame is for nice guys then maybe not. If we're talking football Smitty is one of the best ever.  I would love to see the X clown touchdown statue outside BOfA, real Panther fans remember what he's done for the team. He always gave 200%. Haters need to check themselves 
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