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  1. rippadonn

    Action Jackson

    Already on the bandwagon. Best pick in years.
  2. Spot on. What about that stiffarm coming through the tackles?!? He put son on his back! His NFL transition is a thing of beauty. He couldn't do that last year. He beasted.
  3. Now we should ask the question, "what if that was Aaron Rodgers after a big play?"
  4. Ticky tack. I've seen a lot worse
  5. rippadonn

    What Bengals fans are saying

    Ric Flair played the heel. He became champ. He strutted around with his suits, shades, women, limos, crazy outfits. I really think the NFL has identified and is marketing the "beat the heel", you and your team AND the ref are on the side of RIGHT. Free headshots and trophies oughta do it! Yeah, knock that smile off his face! The heel can't be champ! Ric became champ. Charlotte loved him. When we run the ball and catch the ball there isn't much anybody can do.
  6. Looks to be the opposite of ol' Jerry
  7. rippadonn

    What Bengals fans are saying

    We need to get used to the fact that people aren't going to like Cam Newton he may be the NFLs version of Ric Flair. They hate his strut. His SuperMan is like whoooooo to them.
  8. Intentional. Slap in the face. Disrespect. Let's take their lunch money! Catch the damn ball and Cam would be among the greats. Too many drops prevented us from thrashing the Falcants like we should have.
  9. 100% correct. The NFL can't control outcomes like they want to with Cam Newton on the field. Their intentions become obvious to all. They do not want him to actually be the best QB in the league or Panthers to ultimately succeed.
  10. Not freek totally on purpose. If I were him I'd send the goons to that guys house. DW was about to get PAID
  11. City Council maybe Mayor of Charlotte, TD has invested soooo much in this community the political capital he's amassed he could easily run and win. Great Leader