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  1. California is pulling for Cam Newton to win...

    Players would pay to play in the SuperbOwl?!? Hmmmmmmmm
  2. Live Coverage of Panthers Leaving

    Did he lose a bet?
  3. The 12s just won't let it go...

    Your coffee and weed flavored tears......are delicious 
  4. Where Are They Now? 2003 Panthers

    You've got it! 
  5. Where Are They Now? 2003 Panthers

    Minter was such a hard hitter he had a knot on his forehead for years. Glad to see it's gone now. There was no better than #30. I still have his jersey too
  6. Where Are They Now? 2003 Panthers

    Moose owns Buffalo Wild Wings uptown as well as real estate here in Charlotte iirc
  7. Kurt Coleman: "We don't notice pressure"

    Captain Jack made love to pressure
  8. Lmfao Rodney Harrison

    If anything his hate logs have fueled our collective SB fire. For that I am grateful 
  9. todays practice tweets

    I wouldn't worry. It's the SuperBowl and that man will play like his hair is on fire. The coaches will determine the rotation in order to keep the pressure on regardless. Everybody is going to give 120%
  10. Lmfao Rodney Harrison

    Dude has been consistent in his Panther hate so why not keep it up? He knows the Patriots cheated this city out of its first SB, guilt is a beeyatch. Florio is still scared of Steve Smith so his little problems come from having to look over his shoulder when he comes to Charlotte.  Both need to get a tissue and STFU
  11. Who Else Will Start Wearing Team Gear Again .. Later

    Ever since I stopped wearing my Panther jerseys on game day we've been winning more. My throwbacks #89 & #30 have been gathering dust. After a SB win I'm not gonna give a fug! I'm dusting em' off and fully representing. I bought my wife a #1 jersey before he ever played a game so she now has a #1 throwback. 
  12. Class act. They all played a part
  13. Do you think we've held back on offense?

    They've been playing ball control when they could have put up some fifty burgers. J Stew gotta eat though and we are a run first offense.
  14. Cam has passing and rushing records already. What Eli does best is only one component of Cams whole game.