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  1. Wow. Bet most of the bashers haven't heard it either. Aside from getting into a time machine and never meeting her, what was he supposed to do?
  2. The optics in the Hardy incident were different, thus the harsh treatment and inconsistency.
  3. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    He's a smart man. Father's Day has huge potential. When he's eighty something, more love, more chance for visits. You naturally couldn't find a more motivated individual
  4. Carson Palmer wants some

    iirc Hardy and Johnson made him a sack sandwich and put him out for the year. Getting embarrassed again after every pundit told you that you were "The best team in the NFC". You'd want another shot at big brother.
  5. Three letters........W W E
  6. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    The more talent you throw at the problem the more competition in camp and all of a sudden a perceived weakness becomes a strength. You've got your young guys, great, but bring in veterans to compete for starting CB. Is this guy better than any of the veterans we have? Yes. Does he want Josh Norman money? Probably not. You love your young guys but can they start day one? NO!!! It's the NFL and guys like Drew Brees will make them look like just what they are... Rookies
  7. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    Pie isn't good enough for this post. We need a 7 layer cake button. Could not agree more. To me it seems like they are dialing back and preparing for another run in thirteen years. Any money saved goes back to JR .
  8. Top Roster Questions at each position

    The market for Whiteside will be huge. It would take some real love for home to overcome all the money they're going to throw at the guy. Noah? Not sure if he is coming here. Drummond? Should have drafted him. He's about to get a max deal in Detroit so... Howard? All this money for what, exactly? He would fit the system very well but is he worth what he will be asking? If he can no longer dominate, no Center is the hardest job to fill. The championship Bulls solution was to make a three headed center rotation. The Hornets may likely have to do the same by adding a defensive and rebounding center to compliment Kody and Frank.
  9. Bucky Brooks: NFC South Draft Grades

    Also a former Panthers scout.
  10. Cant even find a Fred Lane highlight on youtube

    Heard stories through a friend that knew him. Very generous guy, often when he didn't have to be. He would never go down on first contact. He'd be great to watch on youtube. Sad about that. Once again, a guy let go because of too much personality. They never forgave him after the worm.
  11. Trump vs. Hillary

    War or war? Hmmmmmmmmm
  12. Top Roster Questions at each position

    Rebounding, shot blocking? Don't want to break the bank? Want to keep the core players from this year intact? Hmmmmmmmm.......why not Biyombo? That's all Biz does I think Howard has grown up a lot but he or Whiteside may not fit with the great locker room chemistry this squad has. Keep Kody and Frank and add Biz, you've got defense and offense at C and the locker room rejoices. Your welcome
  13. In case you lost count....

    All I know is that front four better be pretty strong....or else
  14. You guys are lolz! I had a martial arts instructor who told us his uncle was stabbed to death by his girlfriend. He told us that if a woman picks up a weapon you've got to treat her like a man, a threat. Just for fun, did Worleys "victim" wield a high heel shoe? If so there's the weapon.
  15. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    Another Gettleman mistake at CB. Let's see him fix it this time.