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  1. Game ball, who gets it?! Holy fug we won!!

    Gotta hand it to him
  2. At what point did you realize that racism was real?

    It wasn't a specific point that I realized racism was real, more so from a series of events that I've had happened or observed. I always grew up around family who would readily share their experiences. Most grew up in the 50s and 60's. Both my parents and multiple aunts and uncles integrated school systems and some were on the fighting lines of civil rights. First instance that gave me any indication was my mother telling me that I had to be twice as good just to be at the same level as a white man. I never thought too much of it since I lived in a majority black area. Those words hit me very hard in college. I saw what it meant first hand. I always felt like I had to do double the work to keep up and it seemed like I'd fall behind. Even in the corporate world, where I went to manager training. I saw all white people and maybe 1 or 2 people of Asian descent working there. All the black people were doing housekeeping or security. That really discouraged me. Second instance was living with my roommate, who was white. 1st time I've spent extended time with a white person in my life and felt so uncomfortable. I didn't think he'd expect me to be black. Most of my friends hated him because of the jokes he'd crack and what he'd say. I still kind of resent him, but in the end, he had my back. He just made everyone uncomfortable. I've had people talk down to me, call me "boy" before (as a grown man), and a multitude of other things that escape my memory as of right now. Of course, I also see all these instances in the news and especially with Obama's election that reinforced my idea that racism was alive and "well". It just reinforces the notion that racism is still around.
  3. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    At this rate, both teams are going to foul out
  4. It's gone snow.

    It'll take hell freezing over before UNC does that
  5. remind me to rep you out the ass for the find

  6. Her name is Summer Walker the girl in your sig

  7. nevermind. just read the convo with al

  8. who's the chic in your sig?

  9. Well, good fugin' pick!

  10. no idea. i just found her one day while looking for stuff to put as my sig

  11. Who's that adorable lady in your sig?