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  1. Mixon with "he squirts through a big hole" and "third down and the is getting aroused" gotta ta love that these guys get paid to say bs
  2. smash_n_dash

    What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    It is Cam's team so.... Thank you Cardinals?
  3. But they have to have exhaust ports big enough to release all the hot air from the Death Star's core, and it had to be in a straight line to the core otherwise the air wouldn't exhaust right...
  4. smash_n_dash

    What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    I bought my tickets in the preseason before there was any expectancy of doing better than 9-6. I'm so excited to be part of the Panthers undefeated streak and I'll predict a victory, 30-13. Only sad thing is that my grandmother isn't doing well and may pass away any day now so a funeral could stop me from going. Let's hope its at most 20% redskins fans.
  5. So thats why Funchess drops so many passes, he's closing his eyes!!
  6. I also love Kuechly because my 4 year old pronounces it "Luke Klee Klee" and says "that's my daddy." I think she loves Kuechly more than me. @teacherkimmie25
  7. I'll admit, I've yelled "Luuuuuuuuke" a few times when Klein has gotten a tackle but I've stopped that. I love Kuechly and the attention our team gets because he's the best LB in the league. Hope he stays for his whole career, he's a great player. [email protected]
  8. I was 17 when I started caring about football. My dad didn't watch on a consistent enough basis to have a "favorite" team and therefore I had no prior feelings about teams. So I followed the Panthers. It just so happened to be the 2003 season. I'm 30 now and I hate the Cowgirls and Saints as equally as I love the Panthers.
  9. smash_n_dash

    Hardy 911 call

    Its as if these people already had problems with Hardy and now are looking at this situation with hopes of seeing his life ruined.
  10. smash_n_dash

    Hardy 911 call

    It sounds as if you have your mind made up that he's guilty of something. Why can she be traumatized from this ordeal but Hardy not be traumatized as well? He can be just as much a victim as she can. Until you know facts, dont be so quick to pass judgement.
  11. smash_n_dash

    Hardy 911 call

    The thing that irks me about the result from this is the judge ordered Hardy to go to AA meetings three times a week, as if he's already been deemed guilty of something. Sent from my iPhone.
  12. smash_n_dash

    Hardy 911 call

    I'm late to the party, but what did Hardy do exactly. You're announcing him of being guilty of doing..... what? Sent from my iPhone.
  13. smash_n_dash

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    No different than everyone else saying that he's guilty. Sent from my iPhone.
  14. smash_n_dash

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    All you bandwagon fans are hilarious. Until something concrete is given to us, why make any negative opinion at all? ...Unless you already hated the guy? Sent from my iPhone.
  15. They hurt their own chances of scoring more than we did to prevent them.