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  1. Sam Mills Fan added a post in a topic Official Frank Kaminsky Selection Poll   

    TERRIBLE pick. At best, we're getting a good player until his contract expires and then he'll bolt to Chicago or somewhere else.
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  2. Sam Mills Fan added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Source... SnapChat?
    What a strange media world we live in today when popular social networking app SnapChat is used by NFL free agents to drop hints on their next destination. A could of snaps today have relevance to the Carolina Panthers
    First, Ted Ginn sent out on SnapChat that he was flying to Carolina and may end up there...  
    I suspected a month ago, before Ginn was released from Arizona, that he would likely be back in Carolina. So this was no surprise, other than the fact that what could be final confirmation is coming from a popular app used by teenagers. Ginn will most likely be signed by Carolina on Monday before his signing would cost Carolina a possible compensatory draft pick.  
    But then Titans defensive end Derrick Morgan sent out a snap of his admiration of a Carolina blue sky. Could he be hinting at his next destination as well?  

    Morgan is a former ACC defensive player of the year and would be a significant upgrade over Horton, Addison, and Alexander. The possible move does make quite a bit of sense. A rotation of Johnson, Ealy, and Morgan would go a long way in making up for the loss of Greg Hardy.  
    It is a weird, wacky world we live in folks. You never know where the next news will be coming from.
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  3. Sam Mills Fan added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Jimmy Clausen vs Supercuts
    From Twitter:

    @JimmyClausen: Never going to @supercuts again. #awful

    @JimmyClausen: @bcmayfield @supercuts was eating and needed a cut thought if give them a try but they failed!

    @GreatClips: Sorry to hear about your experience. We'd love if you gave us a shot next time!

    @JimmyClausen: @GreatClips where r u located in Charlotte

    @Supercuts: @JimmyClausen Hey, Jimmy. Sorry to hear about your experience. Our haircuts are guaranteed, so let us know what we can do to make it right.

    @JimmyClausen: @Supercuts can't dm u unless u follow

    @JimmyClausen: @jgray_ND25 @derekglasser12 @michaelmfloyd MEATTTBALLLLLL!
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  4. Sam Mills Fan added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    What Will The Saints Implosion Do For The Panthers In 2012?
    Coaching staff gone, draft picks for years to come gone, player suspensions still forthcoming, Drew Brees may not return. I think the Saints are done, even the Tampa Bay Greg Schianos will have a better record than they will.

    So, 4 free wins against the Saints/Bucs to start with. If we don't make the playoffs in 2012, it will be a terrible season right?
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