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  1. This is zero my comments related. I wanna see some top clubs at 12:30pm and I want to see some top clubs on Sundays. So far 90% has been neither.
  2. Who ever made EPL schedule should be fired immediately. The prime time games and some Sunday game are just plain idiotic.
  3. Morata and Lacazette currently have the same rating in EPL for 2017 season. Neither is playing very well right now.
  4. Manchester United schedule for the next 2 months is insane.
  5. Morata has been struggling a little as of late.
  6. Evaporated People - Japan

    No clue if legal or not (doubt it’s legal) but something like 100,000 people evaporate themselves each year
  7. Evaporated People - Japan

    In Japan apparently you can quit your current life and start from scratch with new identity somewhere else for a price of about $18k. Pretty Crazy... Watching on NetGeo right now. Some people go in crazy debt and then evaporate themselves...
  8. Scrambled Eggs

    6 brown organic eggs green onions, spinach, green paper, mashrooms and spices. It was enough to feed 4 people. (2 adults and 2 small kids).
  9. Scrambled Eggs

    My Sunday breakfast
  10. Our country been hurting for over hundred years. Why such a delay?
  11. Good. I hate when athletes go broke. I honestly have no issue with Colin. I just don’t think he will win. Big industries have some of the best lawyers. The company I work for have around 300 lawyers in our building alone.
  12. Lines to pick up girls .

    Hi Chris
  13. He’s property tax alone on NY appartment is about $50k a year. You take other things in to consideration and I can assure you, he’s not as loaded as one might think. He will run out of money within few years. He owns many luxury cars and at least one boat. I mean... look at his shoes closet. Worth more than foot locker store lol