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  1. He represents interests of all 32 owners. He probably tells Tepper about the details of today’s vote and other proceedings.
  2. Tepper is selecting which SuperBowl the panthers will win.
  3. https://protectyoungeyes.com/snapchat-introduces-cosmo-after-dark-its-prn/
  4. DEs and DBs. Obada if you could please.
  5. ARSEN

    The Big Kid

    Sugar Puss?
  6. ARSEN

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    Unai Emery is a new Arsenal manager. Major troll job with Arteta... lol Pretty pumped. One of the top managers in the world. Won’t have the same transfer budget he had in PSG tho that’s for sure but he did an amazing job with Sivila with very little financing.
  7. ARSEN

    The Big Kid

    I think his nick name should be Sugar Bear.
  8. ARSEN

    Gun laws I’d like to see

    The reason I own a gun is not because I’m afraid of the government. I own a gun because I don’t trust government to protect me. I believe most people own guns for the same reason I do.
  9. ARSEN

    Gun laws I’d like to see

    Huddlers, changing the world for the best one post at a time on a forum that everyone avoids.
  10. ARSEN

    Pads off. Funch.

    Funchess is a good humble dude
  11. So RBs cannot lower their shoulders when hitting the hole? That would mean power backs will get poo on by the league.
  12. ARSEN

    Dear city of Charlotte

    Charlotte is low on police officers and have difficulty hiring from outside because CMPD pay garbage.
  13. ARSEN

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

    All guns should be restricted. No reason for 18 year old to own a firearm. I got my first gun when I was 26 and had my own house.