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  1. He came in like a wrecking ball
  2. ARSEN

    Where are you from?

    So I’m Czech and Polish on Dad side and Central Asian and even Korean on Mom side.
  3. If we want to bring him back... Buffalo sucks so bad, Vontae Davis retired at the half. He just packed his poo and went home at halftime. Looks like Sean might be done in Buffalo.
  4. Ryan has all day looking for open WRs.
  5. ARSEN

    Norv Turner

    Limp Dick offense
  6. Haha. Good win! Big test next week! Chelsea had a favorable schedule so far. 3 of their 5 wins came against teams with zero wins and 2 teams that had wins, Chelsea played against them at home. Chelsea plays Liverpool twice next week. West Ham looks great... their attack is top class. I knew it was only matter of time before they clicked.
  7. The Carolinas are getting smashed by Florence. One thing that unites us are the Panthers. The team will be emotional tomorrow, playing for both states.
  8. ARSEN

    Wtf? Charlotte is out of gas?

    Yea, seems like gas got send to Charlotte.
  9. ARSEN

    Hurricane Florence

    Looks like 50mph wind gusts tomorrow night in Charlotte... good bye power and you know no one will repair it until Monday...
  10. ARSEN

    Hurricane Florence

    This... hurricanes are known for collapsing a bit and rebuilding. It’s actually scary as it hits warm waters in few hours and can strength back up to Cat 4 or even 5. Something to watch for.
  11. ARSEN


    Florence has been downgraded to Cat 3... keep on dropping. No longer a major hurricane. Charlotte is expecting 50+ wind gusts tomorrow night so get ready for power loss.
  12. ARSEN


    Ventusky changed model, says Florence will move inland 12 hours earlier than predicted with eye passing over Columbia, SC.
  13. ARSEN


    NC East Coast is going to be totally fuged... Hurricane for 2-3 days with almost 40 inches of rain? Is this real world?