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  1. Bill Voth on Breeland coming back

    Mr Scott called it #legend
  2. Wow... colts f robbed them
  3. Is a huge concern.... Our #1 CB is less than below average corner, Bradberry, who was ranked 109 by PFF last year and our top safety is 37 year old Mike Adams. Hurney need to address this or we will get shredded in 2018. PS: Worley was ranked 89th.
  4. Star vs. Poe, comparison.

    Star was one doentional. Good against the run but zero pass rush.
  5. Star vs. Poe, comparison.

    Poe is a pass rusher, Star is not. Having Short and Poe in the middle is crazy. If we add DE and safeties, watch out.
  6. Giants Sign CB Teddy Williams

    One man trash is another man trash
  7. Thomas Rawls Visiting Carolina

    Every week. That’s where my teeter is
  8. He was on Johnson and Ardrey Kell today near SC boarder.
  9. Thomas Rawls Visiting Carolina

    Dude was less than .25 miles from me...
  10. No poo.... the salaries are insane. Even my turd can go fo $1 million a year right now.
  11. Almost $8M to a guy who did way less and almost the same age.
  12. We lost some top notch talent. Def worse
  13. Kalil have busted back, his playing days are over
  14. No no... it means annal bits