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  1. There is a way around it... I'm using VPN. No one knows where I go and what I do :) I even change my address to Khazakhstan sometimes to fug with people in video games when they are trying to trace my IP.
  2. Hey, don't tell me a black man never tried a dirty sanchez before!
  3. A woman and black man (or any other race)? :D
  4. This is like a broken record lol
  5. Why bringing up something irrelevant? Plus he did not poisoned him. No one knows who did except you I guess. People blame Russia but no one knows even if Russia did it. Everything you said is irrelevant and does nothing to my original argument.
  6. My initial comment before Rodeo jumped in "Ukraine has been Russian puppet since the collapse of USSR. It's not like Yunokovich was the only corrupted one." Thanks for proving nothing, Rodeo
  7. Yunukovich did not run against Yuchenko in 2010 election. He ran against Timoshenko who became super rich for some reason after 2005 and was arrested in 2011 for embezzlement. Timoshenko was basically Ukrainian Hillary. PS: Timoshenko actually got bribed by Russians in gas deal. Yushenko confirmed himself at her trial. He was still president back then. There were hundreds of phony deals with Russians under Yushenko.
  8. And he won right? So what is the point are u trying to make here?
  9. Might want to check Rodeo facts before quoting him.
  10. Of course after... 6 years after. Yushenko was poisoned in 2004 and Yunukovich became president in 2010.
  11. So anyone who works with Russia or Ukraine or any old USSR countries works against US interests? That would be like everyone...
  12. Manafort was working for legally elected Ukrainian government actually. Then poo went bad when US tried to intervene and instole new government. Ukraine has been Russian puppet since the collapse of USSR. It's not like Yunokovich was the only corrupted one.
  13. Cam tore rotator muscle due to extre mustirbation. Happens to the best of us.
  14. Jerry is super cool. I've seen him in Phillips Place movie theater. Hospital few times. I even chilled with him in pick up area at CMC Main when my son was born. He kept looking at my son and smile. Will never forget that.