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  1. ARSEN

    Charlotte City Council

    Doesn’t matter. Everyone knew protests were coming 2 years ago and they could not stop them. I will never forget walking thru uptown at 630am the following morning with mass destruction and almost no humans in sight. When you get a crowd of 40,000 angry protesters, were little anyone can do.
  2. ARSEN

    Charlotte City Council

    I think it will get nasty. Charlotte is mostly liberal city. Trump will stay at Ballantyne resort and commute to Uptown and back.
  3. You’re. And no, I’m not military but I did played call of duty for 5 years.
  4. Think about it... if he admits the election was rigged? Liberals demand immediate resignation and likely the justice system would have to remove Trump and hold emergency reelection... Him supporting Putin is like saying he has no idea of his evolvement in rigging. Him supporting Putin is him saving his own ass.
  5. ARSEN

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    Alexis Sanchez has accepted 16 month prison sentence that is postponed I guess until after his career for tax evasion in Spain. He is not allowed into US for MU preseason as US laws prohibits visas to tax fraud evasion convicts awaiting jail.
  6. Trump had no choice but to side with Putin. Siding with FBI and everyone else would literally be him agreeing that his election was fixed. Liberals are losing their poo but if you guys just think and process the facts, you will realize why he said what he said.
  7. ARSEN

    Charlotte City Council

    There were a ton of Trump supporters and news crews outside court house on my way home. They were all waving Trump and elephant flags.
  8. ARSEN

    World Cup General Discussion

    France has been clinical today. 6 shots, 5 on target 4 goals. Usually France does not see stats like that. Good game to show up.
  9. Not sure if any of you follow local news but North-West Charlotte area has seen an insane jump in shootings, murders, robberies and home invasions. It seems at least one person gets murdered in that area every day. Two nights ago a 6 year old girl and her 2 dogs were shot in drive by. This is not the first child to be involved in the drive by in that area this month alone. Few weeks ago a guy got sprayed with bullets while driving on Harris Blvd in University area at 11am in heavy traffic. Police said it was preplaned execution. Shooter was never found. Is there a gang war going on or something?
  10. ARSEN

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    Look like Kante might be on the way to Barca... Barca is trying to sell André Gomes to Arsenal... Gomes completely flopped in Barca while being amazing playing for Valencia.
  11. ARSEN

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    West Ham is on a shopping spree... They got Filipe Anderson, Jack Wilshere, Issa Diop, Yarmolenko and others and they are not finished yet. They spent around €100M so far. Love it when buttom feeder team splashes cash like that. Probably makes all Spurs fans wonder lol
  12. ARSEN

    Advice for young men coming out of highschool

    Step 9 Ignore previous 8 steps from Ludwig
  13. ARSEN

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    You have a solid starters but not much behind. Spurs have been very successful developing young talent so who knows.
  14. ARSEN

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    Arsenal is starting season strong... first preseason game... Aubameyang scores hattrick in first 16 minutes of the game.
  15. ARSEN

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    Jorginho is in... I guess Kante on the way to Barca? Kante was actually one of the brightest players last year if I remember correctly. Willian was very inconsistent.