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  1. Bruh, its an academy player.....
  2. What about private? If I pay to get in?
  3. Is there are park or beach where you can legally drink alcohol?
  4. "I got this new tool where liberals can voice their opinions"
  5. Looks like Lemar is Arsenal bound. First offer is rejected but Lemar said he wants the move.
  6. Lots of unprotected sex with lots slutty women by very horny man
  7. Liberals watching CNN be like
  8. Reports are Mbappe rejected Real Madrid for the 5th time...
  9. Liverpool wants Oxe for £30M. Arsenal want around £50M. Should be interesting. Arsenal might be forced to sell Ozil, Alexis, Oxe and Giroud.... That might be £180M in revenue.... Wilshere, Cazorla, Gibbs, Perez, Mertesacker, Ospina, Sezcny are also for sale... Arsenal can make £260M this summer just in player sale... on top of £160M available... £420M in possible transfer funds.... fuging insane.
  10. They don't really care for Trump. They want to make money and GTFO. The ones who got stuck in Brazil, hate Trump.
  11. Matic got exposed last year. He struggled against speed but finished the year strong.
  12. 50 shades of grey