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  1. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    Apparently Wenger is still refusing to sale. I would tho. I have a feeling Alexis is getting close to breaking down.
  2. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    That is way too much money for him. The guy will be 29 soon.
  3. New to Soccer

    Arsenal is not boring... some of the prettiest soccer in the world. Your team finished 10th 2 seasons ago and lost to Burnley at home in Saturday. Psssshhhtttt
  4. New to Soccer

    Welcome homie! Arsenal displays some of the prettiest soccer in the world but seems to always get hit with insane injury bug and fall apart around December.
  5. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    BVB wants some crazy money for him tho... around €140M
  6. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Jamie is wearing around 100lbs of armor and has one hand, yet he swim half a mile underwater. Michael Phelps is jealous.
  7. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Sooo Cercei accused Bronn of treason and treason is punishable by death...
  8. tonight's nazi rally

    That's fugin stupid... Hitler did not considered Slavs to be white. He called Slavs the dirty breed because we had too much Jews in us.
  9. tonight's nazi rally

    I'm part Jew, I'm sure they don't like me. Ha!
  10. tonight's nazi rally

    If they come after me and my family, I won't be using my fighting skill. I got something else for these occasions.
  11. tonight's nazi rally

    I'm an ex professional boxer and done few years of MMA. We were raised not to abuse our fighting skills. I only used it in self defense and I have never lost.
  12. tonight's nazi rally

    I found ways not to fight. I used my brain and not my fists.
  13. tonight's nazi rally

    It's funny seeing him run.
  14. tonight's nazi rally

    Wow... someone need to teach this dude how to punch. That's how u break ur fingers