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  1. KB is on my instagram. He's actually looking better than he did last year.
  2. When Ron was in San Diego, they used a lot of screen passes to make other defensive coordinators think twice about blitzing. Screen passes are also deadly against edge rushing defenses. QB usually gets rid of football within 2 seconds on screen plays. Big advantage on screen plays? Our massive WRs and their blocking. Please watch this and expect to see a lot of this in 2017
  3. KB... I had high hopes for him, I still do.
  4. Lol... I'm tired of your poo posting just like other mature members of this board. You are getting grilled right now by RR in Allpro and by me in this thread. Get a clue.
  5. Lol, you are a clown that no one takes serious. Everyone hates your ass in all pro section and makes fun of you. RR basically told you to get the fug out because only an idiot like you could question him and call him out.
  6. Possible. Need to have enough speed to force opposing defenses to use safety over the top. That creates space
  7. Unless we get speed at WR and move safeties back, no one will open up anything. Olsen averaged 30 yards a game with other defenses putting 9 in the box.
  8. Greg played every snap for the past 3 years. If you expect 32 year old to continue to do that then you out of touch with reality. But considered you got called out by RR for your stupidity, I do not expect anything better out of you. Most people do not take you seriously here, even Real Madrid fans did not took you seriously in soccer forum. I hope you see the trend.
  9. Huh? I insulted Greg by calling him 32 year old? You ok dude?
  10. Greg is way past his prime. If you rely on him to carry your passing attack, you will fail.
  11. He's been severely overused over the last 3 years... dude is breaking down. If you expect him to kick into new gear at age 32 after being severely overuse, you better take your high hopes down a notch.
  12. Might want to check Olsen stats... he hit a wall last year and averaged only 50 yards a game in second half of the season while averaging almost 90 yards a game in first half.