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  1. Miracle

    In house fire, most people die from smoke...  Not actual flames.  I figured it was a common knowledge.
  2. Post a pic, any pic.

    How they go to work on Norway
  3. Gun show loopholes

    Please don't.  
  4. Gun show loopholes

    I never been to a gun show... So I have no clue.  I bought my guns online.
  5. What makes the Huddle so special?

    Who are the two Asians in the middle in first pic?
  6. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I think Cam is just tired of all the pictures and etc... It gets annoying... Next time you see Cam, just yell " What's up AceBoogie" I can bet ya  he will respond.  Why?  It's different and almost no one knows it's his nick name.  
  7. Check out how pussified the Broncos board is!

    Holly poo... I just head a flash back to long long time ago..........
  8. VICE: Fighting ISIS

    Yep, VICE covered that as well... By the way... Did anyone see movie American Sniper?  Remember terrorist with a drill killing people?  Well, he's Shiites leader in Iraq now and US supports him. Yes, they same guy that been targeting and killing American soldiers, committing mass murder is now US ally.  
  9. Anyone had a pet diagnosed with osteosarcoma?

    Dang... Horrible age to be so sick... He should have at least 3 good years in him.  If he was 5, I'd say do the surgery, if he was 9 I'd say put him to sleep.  
  10. Anyone had a pet diagnosed with osteosarcoma?

    How old is he and how much he weights?