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  1. faninsc

    Cowboys fans

    Totally different experience today with Cowboys fans around us than previous times. They were very quiet. No trash talking. Didn't cheer that much for their defense. They finally woke up on the scoring drive. A lot more pleasant experience than I expected based on previous times.
  2. faninsc

    "Two States, One Team"

    I live here now and have my entire life. I was here way before the Panthers existed. I know A LOT of Panthers fans and see A LOT of Panthers gear, etc. Good grief. I think members of the Upstate Riot chapter will disagree.
  3. faninsc

    "Two States, One Team"

    On the survey I put Keep Pounding as my first choice for slogan.
  4. faninsc

    "Two States, One Team"

    NFL shield, Panthers logo, 2 states 1 team logo
  5. faninsc

    "Two States, One Team"

    This SC Panthers fan doesn't sell to opposing team fans. Sold extra tickets to Sunday's game to Panthers fans on RR ticket exchange today....face value.
  6. faninsc

    Upgrades by Tepper

    PDF ticket chg is league-wide per info on Panthers website...... As part of a league-wide initiative, the Panthers are replacing the print-at-home PDF ticket option with mobile ticketing. PDF tickets will no longer be valid for entry. PSL Holders will still receive printed tickets in the mail and can enter the stadium using their printed tickets or mobile tickets via the free Panthers Official App. Single-game ticket buyers through Ticketmaster can download the free Panthers Official App to access mobile tickets for entry or request that tickets be left at will call or mailed to them for a minimal fee. PSL Holders and single-game ticket buyers through Ticketmaster will also be able to manage tickets via their online accounts. Mobile ticketing will allow ticket holders to conveniently manage, transfer (forward), or sell tickets and will aid in efforts to reduce the risk of lost or counterfeit tickets.
  7. They might be giving them away on the 13th!! LOL!
  8. Last week the Panthers souvenir truck at TC had one rack that was full of #13 jerseys. Might be packing them all up when head back to Charlotte.
  9. faninsc

    Season ticket surge pricing

    Finally received my tickets today! So this is the break down of the price of my tickets for the games: Preseason games - $23.61 ($22.00 + taxes) Cowboys, Giants - $83.66 ($78.00 + taxes) all other games (6) - $75.07 ($70.00 + taxes) Invoice for 2017 was $610.00 for 1 seat for the season plus NC taxes. Invoice for 2018 is $620.00 for 1 seat for the season plus taxes. This is upper level, corner of endzone.
  10. faninsc

    Season ticket surge pricing

    Not yet...not at PO when checked a few minutes ago. Guess mine are in last batch mailed.
  11. faninsc

    Season ticket surge pricing

    Not yet. Hoping at PO when I stop by on way home from training camp practice in a few.
  12. faninsc

    Season ticket surge pricing

    That is why I haven't put tickets up for sale yet. I know what my invoice had per ticket but waiting to see actual face value for each game. Hoping my tickets are in the mail tomorrow.
  13. faninsc

    Season ticket surge pricing

    Yep that is what I said in last stmt. My post was to give history - when and why.
  14. faninsc

    Season ticket surge pricing

    For preseason tickets the Panthers made a change in pricing beginning in 2016. The letter with tickets stated "As a result of annual fan surveys, a new pricing structure has been adopted to better reflect the market value of preseason games compared to regular season games." I remember complaints about paying the same price for preseason games as regular season games. I didn't like it. Panthers implemented tiered pricing in response. Total cost is same for the season on the invoice. Don't know actual face value for a ticket for a game until receive the tickets.
  15. faninsc

    Who is going to training camp?

    Tonight (Thurs) practice will take place in Gibbs Stadium (Wofford's stadium) so fans sit in the stands. Also Kickoff party this evening. All practices not held in Gibbs Stadium you need a chair or blanket if want to sit. Rest of practices should be on practice fields.