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  1. True. But may not matter if something really bad happens....may have to have proof of ticket exchange, or that there wasn't a sell, etc.
  2. I reported an incident several years ago. Was told by acct rep to make note of seat as well as name of security person, etc. I understood they notify PSL owners.
  3. I'm one and it is in contract that owner and invitees abide by all laws, rules, etc. PSL agreement can be revoked.
  4. PSL owners are held accountable whether it is PSL owner in seats or not.
  5. No -- I have 4 seats. Sometimes I only use 2 of them. I will be there along with my brother.
  6. I have a separate post in the forum - 2 tickets. And they are sold!
  7. 2 tickets - Section 537, row 24 $80.00 each / $160.00 for both Send a message if interested. Payment through Paypal and transfer from my PSL account. (I miss the Ticket forum)
  8. Important Update

    This is what I had to do on my Samsung.
  9. In 2015 it was hot when Miami was here. I roasted those two practices.
  10. Panthers.com has a section with schedule, parking, etc.