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  1. Are blankets allowed in Bofa

    Blankets are allowed. Hand warmers and toe warmers are a must for me!
  2. Roll Call for NFC Championship Sunday

    Section 537 with my brother, nephew, and sister-in-law!  Go Panthers! 
  3. Tickets

    Upper rows in sections on stadium diagram that are pink (corners) are 76.00 each (that includes the NC taxes) for divisional.   Championship game is 136.00 plus taxes.
  4. Have 2 tickets in Section 537, row 24 for Tampa Bay game.  $130 for both.  (Face value is $60.06 each) Payment via Paypal, when payment received can transfer tickets from PSL account to email address.
  5. Panthers Practice on Monday/Tuesday

    Last week they practiced T-W-TH and had Friday off for Christmas.  Maybe will do the same this week for New Year's Day??
  6. We did this at the Saints game a couple of years ago.  It was the first time for the full field flag.  If it is the full field flag then it is a lot of work or at least that day it was.  We were on our feet from around 10:30AM until well into the 1st quarter.  A lot of walking.  We stood for a long time outside the stadium then after going through security we walked to the practice fields.  The full field flag was spread out.  They divide everyone up around the flag and practice -- then you carry the flag from that point until after the national anthem.  I am glad we got to do it for the first time using the full field flag.  I was in a blue Panther shirt on the 10 yard line.  I found a picture on tweeter and saved it.  I know that the blue dot is me!
  7. My brother and I helped with this one also.  It was fun but a lot of work carrying that full field flag!  Plus standing from roughly 10:30AM until well into the 1st quarter when we got to our seats.  We are in the upper deck, opposite side of the stadium from where we left the flag so had a trek to get to our seats (this was before escalators!)  I did make it running across the field without falling.  I have noticed that the full field flag is now carried off the field in the opposite direction from that day.  I haven't submitted an entry for the flag since then!  I would like to do the smaller flag(s) sometime.
  8. ll ask you this- 1- do you notice how lame our home crowds are for Panthers games? the empty seats, the subdued noise, the thousands of opposing teams fans ext. Yes, I do notice the home crowds since I have been at all but a handful of home games since 2005.  I can only answer for me.  See my earlier response.  I do my part as a fan and a "PSL people" and my seats are in the upper level where we say the "real fans are (LOL!)". 2- if you acknowledge this, how do you account for it?...surely PSL owners deserve a whole hell of a lot of blame for this...statistically I can prove they do. I have no clue personally.  I can only answer for me.  I have read posts on CH that offer explanations and all have seemed reasonable. Once again, I do my part as a fan.  I do believe that one reason is that the organization is very young compared to other NFL organizations.  I was very excited when JR was awarded the franchise - I finally had a football team to pull for!  My nephew is a Panthers fan because I took him to training camp and then to games.  He is 30 years old now.  From day 1 there was no question the Panthers would be my team.  3- do you care about any of these observations? I am a fan and would love to see a Panthers fan in every seat.  Realistically that just isn't going to happen.  I can't control what other PSL owners do.  I can't control who purchases the single game tickets when they go on sale.  I can control what I do.  So when I sell or give my extra tickets to Panthers fans then I have done all I can do. seriously I want to know how PSL people feel about this 
  9. I am a "PSL people".  I have been a Panthers fan since the beginning. I decided to purchase PSLs in 2005 so this is my 11th season as a season ticket holder.  Before this I would purchase single game tickets each season usually for 1 or 2 games.  First off I didn't purchase PSLs as an investment.  I purchased PSLs so I, along with family (and sometimes friends), can go to all the games and playoff games.  I also enjoy being able to provide an opportunity for someone, especially children, to attend a game - PRICELESS.  The Sunday afternoons, SNF, MNF, TNF, playoff games shared with my family/friends ---- PRICELESS! In the years we have been attending games --- we are in our seats way before player introductions and we have never left a game before the end of the game.  We suffered through the 2010 season, sat through the Arizona playoff game, stay in rain, stay in the heat, etc. I can only answer for me - I can't answer for all the other "PSL people".  As for me, I have let extra tickets go unused when I couldn't find a Panthers fan to purchase them  - at face value and sometimes even below.  I probably could have sold them if I offered them up on a bulletin board, FB, etc.  but didn't want opposing team fans to get them.  I want Panthers fans in every seat but can only control what I do with my seats.  I can't believe I am the only "PSL people" that does this.  
  10. Ticket Exchange Forum Rules

    I'm not sure that many are re-selling tickets just purchased.  Sad that it looks like there is some scalping in a place for Panthers fans to sell to other Panthers fans.  I am one of those that has sat on extra tickets rather than putting them online to possibly be purchased by opposing team fans.  Glad to have this section to hopefully get more Panthers fans in the seats!
  11. Ticket Exchange Forum Rules

    Looks like some are ignoring #2.
  12. Face value - $60.00 each.  Plus the transfer fee if use that option from my account on