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  1. Are blankets allowed in Bofa

    Blankets are allowed. Hand warmers and toe warmers are a must for me!
  2. Roll Call for NFC Championship Sunday

    Section 537 with my brother, nephew, and sister-in-law! Go Panthers!
  3. Tickets

    Upper rows in sections on stadium diagram that are pink (corners) are 76.00 each (that includes the NC taxes) for divisional. Championship game is 136.00 plus taxes.
  4. Ticket Exchange Forum Rules

    I'm not sure that many are re-selling tickets just purchased. Sad that it looks like there is some scalping in a place for Panthers fans to sell to other Panthers fans. I am one of those that has sat on extra tickets rather than putting them online to possibly be purchased by opposing team fans. Glad to have this section to hopefully get more Panthers fans in the seats!
  5. Ticket Exchange Forum Rules

    Looks like some are ignoring #2.
  6. DAY 6 - Training Camp Tweets (Aug 6)

    Original in Spartanburg......built a new one across the street.....old one still there.
  7. Visiting camp at Wofford/Spartanburg - just ask

    Wade's for a meat and three....... www,