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  1. faninsc

    Who is going to training camp?

    This morning the weather app for the local TV station in Sptbg has high on Thurs 84 and Friday high of 86. Not sure what the humidity forecast is. A lot better than temps in the 90s for sure. I'm hoping this cooler weather hangs on for awhile! I have Fanfest tickets also!
  2. faninsc

    Who is going to training camp?

    I agree. If TC is moved from Sptbg I see TC as it has been - gone. Mainly the 'free' part. Living in Sptbg it has been a blast to be close by. I definitely have missed the evening practices that were a norm before the new CBA. I would grab my supper to go from somewhere and sit on the hill watching practice.
  3. faninsc

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    I haven't seen it. I go in the East gate and out the South gate!
  4. faninsc

    JR Statue to remain

    Then maybe they asked JR to make sure it stays. They spent a lot of money on it just 2 years ago. I can see them wanting it to stay.
  5. faninsc

    JR Statue to remain

    JR didn't put the statue up. It was a gift from the partners on his 80th birthday. Maybe the minority owners wanted it to stay. The Carolina Panthers partners honored founder Jerry Richardson's 80th birthday with a sculpture Monday. As a gift, the partners presented a sculpture of Richardson and two roaring panthers, designed by California artist Todd Andrews, to Richardson and his family. “We are honored to present this extraordinary work of art to Jerry on his 80th birthday,” Panthers partners Steve and Jerry Wordsworth said. “It will always represent a symbol of heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the Richardson family for everything they have done for us as partners, fans and the community.”
  6. faninsc

    JR Statue to remain

    I haven't seen the statue and go to every home game. I go in the East gate and out the South gate!
  7. faninsc

    JR Statue to remain

    Maybe he is contractually obligated to the minority owners, not JR. The Carolina Panthers partners gifted it to the Richardson's for his 80th birthday in 2016. Steve and Jerry Wordsworth were quoted in an article about it.
  8. I don't think so. Sweat just as much at preseason games and September home games as I do in Sptbg! LOL!
  9. faninsc

    Training camp resource

    Ike's is temporarily closed for renovations. Article in the paper had reopen date this week. They have posted pics on FB. I live a couple of miles from there. Here is part of article Ike’s Korner Grill on Archer Road in Spartanburg is temporarily closed for renovations. Owner Neil Rodgers said he plans to spend up to $40,000 to upgrade the restaurant’s equipment and interior. The restaurant closed Saturday afternoon and will remain closed until the renovations are completed. Rodgers said he expects to reopen regular business hours June 12. Some of the improvements will include a new french fryer, stand-up freezer and new paint on the ceiling. Rodgers said he also plans to remove a seven-foot vehicle hood out of the building and replace it with a larger hood. The improvements are being made to make Ike’s more efficient, he said. “I needed to get more efficient with our service,” Rodgers said. “I had been thinking about doing the renovations over the past three years, and now is the time to do it.” Rodgers plans to paint the ceiling black and an air-conditioning tube in the ceiling gold in honor of Wofford College. Ike’s serves a lot of Wofford students throughout the school year, Rodgers said.
  10. faninsc

    Training camp resource

    Ike's? In front is a RR and bridge?
  11. faninsc

    psl ticket sales question

    We go to every game sitting through every season and every game to the bitter end. 2010 was a hard season but we went to every home game! Whew! I have 4 PSLs so can have extra tickets and still be at the games. For family and friends I don't ask for reimbursement. Or if I do (usually because they insist) it is at a very reduced rate like 2 tickets for the price of 1. I love providing the opportunity for fans to experience a game especially those with kids that might not be able to afford it otherwise. It is alot of fun to attend games with a kid at their first NFL game. Making memories. I will use the service when I can't find anyone that can use the tickets. One of my great-nephews is almost old enough to come to as many games as he wants. He will be 5 this season. Came to one game the past 2 seasons with one of his parents with him. He is a die-hard!!
  12. faninsc

    psl ticket sales question

    I am a PSL owner that wants Panthers fans in the seats at BOA. I have sat through too many games over the years surrounded by opposing team fans. I have always tried to sell my unused tickets to Panthers fans and have kept the cost at face value or not much more. This season I will be putting my unused tickets on the RR ticket exchange to help the RR mission of Panthers fans owning BOA and helping Panthers fans obtain tickets without being scalped. As long as I get what I paid for the tickets it is fine with me. By the time the season rolls around the $$ for the tickets has been long gone!
  13. faninsc

    psl ticket sales question

    Roaring Riot is going to implement a ticket exchange for RR members this year. Purpose is for Panthers fans to sell to other Panthers fans at face value to keep opposing team fans out of BOA.
  14. There has definitely been a "poo-fest" on SC this week. Different posters gave their shots at SC and Spartanburg in the 'Will Tepper move training camp thread'. Shoot the thread started with a shot at Spartanburg. It gave me a laugh because I agree with you. There isn't much of a difference. Both have their good and bad. I forget if it was in the same thread but there was a post where cities in SC were listed and noted if a 'dump' or not. Sptbg is a 'dump' by the way. It does get tiresome to come on this message board and there isn't nothing but attacks instead of decent, civil discussion about the topic. As a native of SC and Spartanburg (lived here my whole life), the poo-fest is mostly around TC time but has started earlier this year because of the sale. In a few weeks it will start again. SC Panthers fans unite! LOL! Thanks Rayzor for stopping this one.