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  1. Madden 16

    10-8 with the Bills online yet i'm still in the top 22% of all madden gamers. Something tells me they have really figured out a great way to match up opponents. I've crushed Broncos and Packers yet have battled it out with Rams and Eagles. I can easily tell that players with less talent max out their potential and EA has found a respectable measure to even things out. My last game against the Rams. I lost 2 fumbles early. This guy had a killer run game with Gurley and Mason. I only lost 16-6. My last 4 games against Packers and Broncos players I've outscored them easily.
  2. Madden 16

    deep zones and user adjustments will stop the deep bomb..also zone blitzes with and variety of a 7-8 man box will stop most of that, Its up to yall to figure it out though.
  3. Madden 16

    8-4 with the Bills online ps4: coachmitchell86 Ive had a tough time against seahawks, texans and steelers so far. I don't know how the hell i'm off to a good start. Tyrod Taylor is awful but I won't change it up, too much fun having 6 players running the ball and my defense is always nasty. Its awesome going into a game not knowing who you play....only to find out its a monster team like the Broncos, and then kicking their ass.
  4. What Are You Listening To Right Now.... TRUST company Back from a 7 year absence....great band that not too many have heard of.