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  1. Couple key things, same race murders are high among all races. Second, the reason more white males are killed by the cops because they are the majority(for now at least). Third, there shouldn’t be a witch hunt everytime an unarmed poc is Killed by and officer, regardless race, but lets not act like this hasn’t been a problem for decades, and causal sweep that part under the rug, it’s a legit concern, just conclusions shouldn’t be jumped too, but again would help tenfolds if the “bad” cops got what they deserved, fired and time on prison, instead of paid leave and top defense lawyers, etc.thats the problem, if you see a guy same age same race as you get killed, wrongfully, and no justice is served idc who you are that’s not going to sit well with you, parents, relatives, or a community.
  2. difference is one is a profession, a choice, the other isn’t. Everyone receives some kind of discrimination do to there profession, face it everyday. People have been giving cops a hard time since forever, all races, doesn’t excuse them to act out of line or any different, cops have the power in 90% of traffic stops, disturbance calls, etc. if someone walks Into your place of work or mines and proceeds to cuss one of us out, we shouldn’t be act a fool with them, we are the professionals. BEIng a officer is a hard job, just like numerous other jobs, but in no way should the powers a officer holds be use out or line or abused.i agree issues on both sides but ones a little more lopsided then the other
  3. This is true however, I’ve encountered over the years since we got pulled over for rocking those bomb ass Steve Smith and Peppers Jersey, and Wes with his Michigan jersey, hella issues with law enforcement and judge system. Do I think my skin played somewhat a factor? Yes. Do I expect every cop or judge offices to do the same ? No. This logic is lacking with both sides, and will remain at a stand stil until both sides condem officers involved in unarmed poc being murdered, instead of diving on the sword for officers and Poc not assuming every officers is trigger happy now nazi looking for blood. If these rouge cops would receive the punishment they deserve I guarantee there would be a big difference amigo.
  4. Difference is 10/10 times if you murdered a cop your ass is going to fry, and rightfully so, however back to my original points, we see time after time cops caught on camera with what is murder or assault, paid leave and found not guilty, this behavior does nothing but piss the masses off, and future cops don’t feel the extra pressure to perform there job ethically went they see others getting away with murder and assault. Fixing that problem will go a long way in repair the relationship with cops and citizens
  5. That’s a narrative being pushed by the media, cops in general are the issue citizens have been having a problem with, the guy who shot castle was Asian if I’m correct, and there’s are some female cops also getting heat, not just Caucasian males. Idk where you are getting the notion that it’s just white male cops, now it doesn’t help that they are the majority involved anytime an unarmed person is killed, but issue is law enforcement in general. People sucked in by the media’s agenda aren’t worth the time of day, you know that.
  6. Also being judge for your profession and being judge for your color of your skin TWO big things people
  7. Exactly, sharing memes on fb isn’t going to spark any real change. Just like people running to dive on the sword for law enforcement like they can do no wrong. It’s a big pissing match between the two that’s not going to get anyone anywhere, meanwhile in real life there is meaningful convos etc going on to at least move the needle in the correct direction.
  8. Lol you answer your own question, didn’t get farther then memes, social media is mind garbage amigo. The select group sharing it are either blowing it out of proportion or just sharing for laughs, wouldn’t look too deep into that meme. Social media having a field day after the Starbucks incident, which was a problem that the company looked to fix immediately . To answer your question, no unless they truly believe every white lady on a phone is calling the cops, and start harassing any white female on the phone.
  9. You know better then this *wags finger* , it’s not the badge it’s the authority and support system law enforcement has over the common cilvian. More times then not, if a offIcer is in the wrong, they have overwhelming support from judges, district attorneys etc at no cost, meanwhile John Doe is stuck paying a 2500-10000 retainer to prove innocent, in which if said officer is proven to be wrong, you just spent a pretty penny just to prove innocence that 8/10 times you won’t receive back....more then just a badge my friend
  10. Cpt slay a ho

    Matt Moore as a backup option

    Bring in Matt Moore, not only because he looks like the qb in blue mountain state but because he’s a good option, besides the playoff game vs the Steelers he filled in well for the oft injured tannerhill
  11. Cpt slay a ho

    JStew is good people

    The human being not the football player
  12. Cpt slay a ho

    Why haven't we signed Tre Boston Yet?

    I think there’s a lot exaggeration on how “bad” he is, solid player and very good depth of anything. Chargers probably would have resigned him after the draft if they didn’t land Derwin at 17, it’s the market not the player
  13. Cpt slay a ho

    NFL.com Draft Class Power Rankings

    Nfc is super competitive, puts pressure on coaches, players and the fo to be on point each year
  14. Boston would be a nice addition, he was a victim of very poor cb play in 2016, worst case he’s very good depth. Had a good year with the chargers, shocked he’s still a fa this late. Plus we still have team cuts, this group on Paper is better than last year
  15. Wanted Keenan Allen, and wanted to trade up for Evans. Did want Jalen in the later rounds and some of the other bums but those two were the only guys I wanted in the first.