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  1. I was more so replying to people calling Smith a bonehead, he did what he was suppose to, luckily no one got hurt. People acting like smiths 15 yard offsetting penalty was a back breaker is revisionist history
  2. Did anyone watch the game? Smith’s penalty was offsetting so we kept the yardage cam gained before the hit and several plays later scored. Guarantee if that hit knocks cam out for weeks everyone would have wish someone put his ass in the dirt. No ones saying hurt the dude or hurt Matt Ryan but it needs to be establish that poo don’t fly and we won’t take that......I swear some of you act like if you saw your friend getting stabbed to death you call 911 instead of intervening(I know and extreme metaphor). In a much dire situation yes this would have been a bad play by smith
  3. Idc finally someone other then Olsen who can catch damn near anything thrown there way, if he can get the rushing yards with it, whipcream, if not Cj Anderson step right up
  4. Cpt slay a ho

    Sean McDermott in the hot seat

    I said it in a thread week 1, better have the bills on speed dial, next contestant to go into full on rebuild mode, that means vets and etc are about to be traded for picks in the up coming draft
  5. I don’t remember which qb is the backup but you get to the gist, I’d agree if we didn’t score it or we lost yardage but his penalty really didn’t cost us anything
  6. I hope people realize that without Torrey retaliating it’s very likely Gilbert gets a couple snaps before cam is ready to be back in the game, also the 15 yards or not we still scored and cams first down run still was uneffected.
  7. Cpt slay a ho

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    Hence why we need to be in the running, this conference is already stacked, don’t need the Rich getting richer
  8. Cpt slay a ho

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    If they are actually going to trade him then we need to be as aggressive as ever.downside is are we willing to put up with the diva in ab ?
  9. Cpt slay a ho

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    Just rumors, he’s frustrated but in no shape or form will be traded, they held on to martavis as long as possible, not including the potential cap hit they would take by trading him. only trade remotely feasible for the Steelers is Luke for ab, that defense needs to replace shazier ASAP. But of course this would be a horrible deal on our end. Simply put just rumors
  10. Idgaf about the yardage or off setting penalties, a hit like that knocked Flacco out a portion of the season. A hit like that too our qb could literally derail our season, good job Torrey and he’s lucky turner wasn’t out there cause he would have leveled his ass, I distinctly remember turner being one of the few guys sticking up for cam when he was getting blasted in 2016
  11. Love luke and this is not a knock on him but Mack is the better defensive player for today’s league, with the bradys, Rodgers,brees ext and passing league we’re in, Mack is more valuable. We’ve seen teams in our division just attack downfield instead of throwing mid range in luke or td’s area.
  12. Couple things I think attribute to that, for one I’m sure having guys running butt naked wide open didn’t do the d line any favors, multiple plays where the d line were seconds away from either sacking Ryan or hitting him and causing an off throw. 2, Shaq although not very great in coverage is a pretty good pass rusher, and I hope when td is back he is used more in games where our d line cant create constant pressure. When we are rushing four there shouldn’t be any reason in the world why someone is wide tf open with no defender in sight
  13. Cpt slay a ho

    Monday Night Football: CHI vs SEA

    I will say it now even tho we couldn’t beat the bears offer, But damn we should have tried tradinng for Mack
  14. at least dg got us moton and Williams
  15. Cpt slay a ho

    Corey Coleman...

    The sooner you guys realize we don’t take high reward low risk chances the better you’ll feel at night, all the reasoning in the world doesn’t help if that’s not the mind set the fo has