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  1. Squad

    'Twas lit my friend indeed anyone come in here with bs I'm roasting your ass
  2. biggest problem is rivera and his sit on a lead, passive nature. 2nd. is the secondary 3rd the execution in run blocking by guys who are suppose to be considered top guards. a feasible trade can be made for secondary help, the run blocking however, it's all up the the players to do there job.
  3. yeah but i'm unsure how comfortable they feel about cam's shoulder, that dive he did last game is probably the reason the coaching staff dial back his running early in the season. Might also be the reason we still try and establish the run to reduce wear on cam's shoulder. We're still a shifty, speedy wr away from being a team that can pass all 3 downs IMO, stacked box with immense pressure being put on cam he need's a quick outlet or a speedy shifty guy, CMC may be that guy by the end of the season i'm hoping. Also when teams stack the box i feel there's a bigger chance of breaking off the homerun run if blockers wouldn't wiff every run play
  4. either run blocking gets better, or one of the wr's is going to have to make opposing defense play for stacking the box, funchess so far has been doing a good job lately
  5. i'm down, more offense is good. we need to make a trade for secondary help also, unless a ot comes available which i highly doubt
  6. 49ers looking to trade Carlos Hyde

    Hyde is a very underrated back, can catch out of the backfield also, I don't know how we could make it fit but he's a upgrade over Stewart. Doubt we take a shot at him.
  7. Worley

    I'm not gonna lie i'd take a look a DRC from the giants since it looks like he's about to be released soon, just gotta make sure his behavior can be held in checked, which i think is doable. send them a very late draft pick, im not entirely sure how the 9 mil cap hit would effect us however this give worley a chance to be depth, which he should be
  8. Speedsters and no Ginn

    Blame the former gm, relied to heavily on a rookie hybrid rb/wr to come in an replace a 8+ year vet, we've seen this time and time again
  9. That Final 4th and 1

    After the space jam dive stretch out can you really blame the coaching staff for not running him those last two plays ? im perfectly fine running him in a playoff game or later games that have a little more at stake, but cams also gotta be able to make these plays also. Bad execution but this lone play didn't cost us the game, the o line getting bulldoze as always in important games, making us one dimensional is what ultimately cost us
  10. I'm convinced the shaq and butler picks are going to be minimum improvements to the team....to much complacency in positions of value. Too much complacency by the coaching staff, it's frustrating to go several seasons with out addressing prime needs on the team year after year. As far as Stewart getting the tosses or that pass play, that's strictly on the players, if cmc ran some of those tosses he's getting dropped behind the line also, piss poor run blocking
  11. Production is fine but I was under the assumption he was brought in to help the run game. Hooker is looking like he should have been the pick, already has 3 int. It's really a fine pick if we did the necessary things to fix the poor secondary but I expect more out of him as a runner.
  12. Cmc is a hell of a receiver, converting him full time to wr could be an option, I like the way he is used right now but like I stated before and after the draft he's not worth the top 10 pick lattimore or hooker helps this abysmal secondary out.
  13. Cam Newton

    being overblown, multitude of things he could have meant by what he said, I will say he needs to do better being careful, especially with how media and world is today.
  14. So Who You Got? Panthers @ Lions

    Underrating the lions a bit, i'm saying a close game, whether we pull out the close win depends on if rivera doesn't go conservative or try and sit on a 7-10 point lead late in the 4th. regardless i think 24-20 final panthers
  15. Panthers sign S Jairus Byrd

    I like the move but would have like it better if he was signed and on the roster before injury, now he's got to get acclimated with our playbook,etc. this is why releasing tre boston was a head scratcher, good depth if anything