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  1. Cpt slay a ho

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    That last part works both ways, even though I highly doubt donate was struggling this bad. I’m similar and tip regardless the service, but I consider myself pretty rare compared to others in that aspect. Basically I agree a better tip should be made BUT you, as a server are not entitled to what “generally” is fair, people with our mindset are rare and most times you’ll get shafted on a tip than you will get fairly or overcompensated on a tip. That’s all, go in with that mindset and you won’t be upset with bad tippers
  2. Cpt slay a ho

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    I wouldn’t amigo, not one bad apple will ruin the the batch of apples. I wont let one bad egg stop me from doing my job at an acceptable level due to this behavior. Granted I’d be pushed but just like qbs in the leauge I’d have a short memory and get back to the task at hand I know you, you wouldn’t pull this stunt
  3. Cpt slay a ho

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Idk if that last part is directed at me in quotes but that’s a big flip of what I was original saying. I wish it was as simple as shaming them on social media but it’s not, they’re not the greatest of people but I’m pretty sure disclosing a recipe that and customer name on social media is far pass breaking company guidelines etc.
  4. Cpt slay a ho

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Yeah you’re also not going to call the person out on social media either, and you should understand before hand that’s one of the cons when being in customer service, just like waiting tables, one of the cons is garbage tipping. Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has waited tables for over 6 months to a year. So calling someone out on twitter or whatever is unprofessional and immature, and really looks like the person is looking for attention.
  5. Cpt slay a ho

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    same people saying don’t eat out if you can’t tip sound silly, that’s like saying don’t call customer service if you can’t be nice. Don’t enter a car dealership if you can’t afford a car, etc. bottom line is if you’re tired of dealing with shitty tippers find a new profession, or accept the fact that EVERYONE isn’t going to tip what you or others deem fair. You should now not everyone is the same and you shouldn’t except them to be either. Jackson definitely could have tipped more we all agree but him not doing so isn’t some act that should be publicly displayed
  6. Cpt slay a ho

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    This is like getting an angry customer in the customer service biz, you wouldn’t run to social media and give out the name of the person who acted an ass, a mature person would chalk it up as one bad apple out of a batch of apples and keep it moving, and if it became too frequent, eventual find a better job.
  7. Cpt slay a ho

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    I don’t understand the issue, people are not required to tip and waiters aren’t entitled to what we deem a fair tip. If you ever waited tables you get shitty tippers, just like any other industry has its cons. Don’t run to social media to call someone out if you’re not calling out ALL shitty tippers, just messy
  8. I’m not taking anyone serious who thinks Chris bosh was ever a top 5 player in the leauge, especially using per soley as reference. So sit down again....wait wait stand back up, it’s convenient you leave out the draymond green, you know the other all star on the warriors, even so you leave out iggy, you know finals mvp. You are cherry picking something typical lebron haters do, this ain’t about defensing lebron it’s about this weak ass narrative fake nba fans as yourself spread like cancer. The fact that lebron faces the ONLY scrunity in joining Miami and not bosh, you know another fa who left his team for Miami, is laughable and clearly proves the narrative. If any real basketball fans know how bad of an owner Dan Gilbert is they’d understand why lebron left. Karl Malone still was averaging 20 ppg before joing the lakers, old or not. Come back with some real facts instead of this BS you read in fb comments.
  9. Somebody beat me to the kd argument, but you still had unguardable dirk, powerhouse Dwight Howard and melo and guys like Duncan. Again he was never the clear cut top 3 player in the leauge.
  10. Wade has never been consider the 2nd nor 3rd player in the nba, maybe and big maybe after the 06 finals but I’ll give you too 5 player. Malone was still averaging 20 points per game old or not. Point is acting like lebron made some break through move by joining the Miami heat is absurd when it had happen plenty of times before him, even more absurd that people credit lebron so much with forming the team in Miami instead of the gm or front office. https://www.nba.com/amp/league/article/2017/07/01/nba-super-teams-and-history and article proving lebron didn’t start the trend
  11. *rubs hands* how did lebron create superteams when guys like Charles Barkley, Karl Malone and Gary Payton have been doing well beforehand lebron left for Miami ? SIT DOWN! oh wait stand back up, anyone so called nba fan who is dumb enough to believe ray Allen or kyrie saved lebron should stick to WNBA. Only a clear lebron hater would utter such when Ray Allen’s shot sent the game to overtime, where lebron took over and it was a game six, they still had to win game seven. Kyrie shot is irrelevant if lebron doesn’t drop 39 In back to back elimination games and if he doesn’t block iggy’s shot it’s irrelavant. So on that note SIT YO ASS DOWN AGAIN!
  12. I can tell some of you don’t watch basketball..... lebron didnt create superteams even with losing to arguable the greatest team ever assembeled he still will be in the goat convo, just because your bias for mj and his 6-0 record is blinding you from the competition Jordan faced compared to the competition lebron has faced. The only black mark on lebrons Career is the 2011 finals. Everyone is quick to look finals record but want to leave out who he played and who he had on his team.lebron has been in the goat convo for the last couple years, individual as a player, at this rate he will be a better player than Jordan when it’s all said and done
  13. Lebron will be the goat once it’s all said and done, can’t hate and athlete who is striving to knock off the goat instead of motivated by money, rings, etc
  14. Cpt slay a ho

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    Smith is the most deserving of a statue than any other recent panther player
  15. Cpt slay a ho

    Report: Players league wide may be staging a coup

    Hell of a movement if they can’t get enough key players In unison to force a change.