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  1. Getting Benji Back

    if were in the 3rd round and we see a guy that can outplay ginn and maybe even philly i say pull the trigger, ginn still leaves much to be desired. wouldn't mind grabbing Travis Benjamin in the off-season 
  2. We need a DE... so whom?

    Vernon.dude is a beast set to peak real soon that would set us up to go bpa for OT,S,CB at 31 
  3. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    2015,if we give the effort like in 2003 we would have blown the broncos out    a lot of things went our way this season, we finally got the best of sea. and were the clear best team in the nfc. we blew a prime opportunity, one that will haunt a lot of people 
  4. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    agree completely, this is my grip with ginn, he needs perfect ball placement to even catch the ball and even with that still drops the ball at times, that's all forgivable if you are bustin ass whenever you do make a catch but that's not really the case for him.......that play philly made i could never see ginn make, not because he can't because i'm pretty sure he wouldn't try to
  5. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    not even a dot on the blimp of fug ups we had but it's the SB leave no doubt. Give it all up, i understand running out of bounds on punt returns but in the future i hope ginn tries and get those extra yards, you need every edge you can get in the superbowl    again a non-factor but something i'd like to see him do in the future against good teams/close games
  6. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    get rid of both we can do better, can't look up to veterans that are constantly getting outplayed.   Jericho was signed for leadership and hands, but barely has either dude had like 4 drops in the superbowl. give me boldin at least he would have beat talib's ass for man handling philly 
  7. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    going by how we treat former players he'd receive as much hate possible if he wasn't a panther 
  8. shula didn't call a perfect game.......but if jericho catches the ball and ginn catches or at least doesn't let it go completely through his hands we win   if tolbert doesn't fumble and gano makes the fg we win   if punt coverage doesn't suck ass and fozzy and dickson actually chip block we win   shula is the last on the list of why we lost but hate on 
  9. respect for philly he showed up, ginn idk man did good but the running out of bounds business made no sense, the alligator arm catch that led to an int, ginn's a player that requires perfect ball placement to make a catch.    i'm a philly believer now, dude made plays and save cam on a would be int 
  10. Who Should Go or not resign

    again i ask what positive play has roman harper made all year, boston came in on limited snaps and made more plays then harper. Harper gone cj gone allen gone unless come backs cheap jericho gtfo, veteran leadership my ass  tilman gone, good damn player though teddy williams gone tolbert gtfo, but seriously may he can stay stewart if we keep him tolbert gtfo, but i rather find a homerun back, a rb that needs that one whole per game to break off a 50 yarder td  edwards/love come back cheap depth mclain depth cortland depth    
  11. what magically adjustments could be made ? i'm eager to hear ?   in a alternate universe we neutralize denver's pass rush and wr's still drop the ball, same result    tolbert still fumbles trying to be marshawn lynch    gano still misses a fg