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  1. Any interest in Kenny Britt??

    That’s fair criticism, I’m referring to posters calling him a thug
  2. Any interest in Kenny Britt??

    yeah we are crucifying a dude for a incident years ago and labeling him a thug, that doesn't fly, doesn't have a steady behavior of it like talib and pacman jones, it's retarded to take one incident and let that define someone for and entirety.
  3. Any interest in Kenny Britt??

    Thug word gets thrown around loosely, think aquib talib when referring to someone being a “thug”
  4. They have got to be retarded to pull something like this after sharper and sapp, of course I’ll wait til things play out and I hope she’s not lying, but not understanding why famous/wealthy football players continue to do stupid everyday creepy office cubicle worker poo. Pretty sure irvin got accussed before as well
  5. PLay is damn near impossible to stop unless the snap is fumbled, thats highly due to the “ball break the plain” rule
  6. JNo not happy could he come back?

    Redskins defense in total is a dumpster fire, swearinger even ccalled out the preparation this past sunday. Wouldn’t put too much stock into normans play
  7. JNo not happy could he come back?

    No brainer if hes cut, bring him back for a team friendly deal, draft safety, pickup a mid tier wr, maybe clear space to make a run at a de? If not grab one in the 2nd -3rd rounds, maybe even 1st.
  8. 18

    Yeah, if we can get olsen back healthy, I think we’ll be ok with cmc being an occasional receiver
  9. This. i go into one thread and hear about Cam’s lackadaisical supporting cast, wr and o line issues, then I go into another thread where it’s all shula’s fault.....that don’t add up. Literally listen last year to people bitch about not switching to a short passing game, and those same people bitch this year because we aren’t taking deep shots. spagnolia led the saints to a bottom 5 defense and turned around and led the giants ladt year to number 2, the difference you ask? Way better talent.
  10. Not referring to his game plans or inability to adapt, those are legitimate reasons to put him on the hot seat, but objectively looking at the roster I cant expect more then a middle of the pack offense, the myth that he doesn’t know how to use players, when in fact he does coupled with the atrocious job done to not only give cam weapons but overall give the offense a talent boost im not buying it. I’ve stated a long time ago whoever’s responsibke for the offense going into safe mode when up a couple scores is another big issue, if that’s his doing than I’m on board for dindibg a new oc but I’m pretty sure this is Ron’s doing
  11. Coaches have input of course but doesn’t seem like dg cared too much about it, if you’re willing to think shula has a significant input so be it but the moves the team have made don’t show it until this previous draft
  12. you may have a point if this issue didn't occur on defense as well, so that leads me to the head coach making these decisions, and who's picking these players? that would be DG before he was let go. Honestly can't say i believe shula has much authority in deciding game day personnel, i could be dead wrong also. I'm saying i've seen fair share of bad play calling mixed with good play calling that ends in not be executed properly, but ultimately it's been due to a under-performing wr core that has been the issue since cam was drafted, followed by the in ability to replace gross, if you think a new oc is able to make this current roster top ten on offense that's fine i;m eager to see, but i guarantee he gets a hc gig the following year if he pulls that off with the current talent.
  13. So do you want Kenny Britt?

    I would, Taylor Garbriel sucked with the browns apparently, but doesn’t look like his attitude is any good. Plus if funchess goes down this wr core is ugly
  14. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    Im all for getting cam weapons but that was dicked up in the previous two drafts(butlet, Shaq), and we still could have gotten him some weapons in the later rounds of 2017
  15. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    Pushing for lattimore before the draft big time, was pissed we passed on him, I understand getting cam weapons but not at the cost of passing on a possibke shutdown corner