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  1. 2007 easily the biggest screw job by refs i could remember in a cowboys game, I hope we murder this team, here's to a repeat of this past Sunday's game Thursday 
  2. Cam MUST be protected from Hardy....

    ........this speculation is stupid how many times has hardy just intentionally try to injure someone? 
  3. Thinking back to the draft...

    DGB will be just find, Him or Funchess doesn't matter,both are match-up nightmares........i don't understand the point of this 
  4. Since Greg Hardy left us

    one player doesn't make the team, so saying we're playing better without him is inaccurate   truth is if he still was here we'd be and even better team media circus or not,also let's just ignore the fact that the cowboys starting qb and wr have been out majority of their games.......   I wish the hardy threads and any former panther threads would stop, it seems every single one is some kind of "I told you so" whether good or bad 
  5. Aaron Rodgers

    Wow calling Aaron Rodgers overrated is crazy.......the only qb i would possibly take over cam....and that may change by years end 
  6. Super Mario Rodgers

    I'm a fan of rodgers but that's hilarious, wish i could pie more 
  7. Offense is carrying our defense

    I would agree but there's only two qb IMO that can pull what gb almost did today off......Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, 
  8. Ref Discussion Thread

    moving the spot back was ridiculous, then the funchess no call pi was even worst ad even on the td int,no flag on the blatant pick that they love to call when olsen does it    refs ruined a good game for panthers fans 
  9. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    ok fug peppers now........
  10. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    I hope some of you never serve jury duty, there would be a lot of innocent people in jail 
  11. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    as always rash bastard can't keep my name out his mouth............   fyi this is why i'm glad some of you are not judges or serve jury duty...........if anybody could do this kind of self harm and win majority people over our legal system would be fuged, how about getting the full story before going off half cocked as always