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  1. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Lowkey should have been on the chopping block, I like stew but he’s barely had more than a couple good seasons
  2. You guys are blaming dak but fail to realize even when thrown the ball,dez quite often either dropped the ball or tipped it in the air for a int....who does that sound like ? Yeah no, his routes are garbo and he can’t create separation to save his life. Nearly everytime he faced a upper level cb he got locked up. hard pass
  3. No, dez is regressing quickly
  4. Some Safety Options

    Said it at the time and now releasing Boston was fugging dumb
  5. Michael Crabtree?

    Sanders if he’s cut should be priority 1 imo, if not Crabtree would be a decent backup plan
  6. NFC Possible cuts

    Hoping we go hard after one of the Denver WR’s if cut, big if
  7. Top 25 Free Agents

    Keeping norwell and making a run at de seems the most bang for you’re buck way in fa. Add a vet cb, and a draft that yields a WR ,S, Ot, Te, Rb and I think we are golden
  8. It’s a shame that we can’t wait for due process nowadays before crucifying someone, this could cost him big, granted im not the biggest hurney 2.0 gm fan, this is still bs if he loses out because a faluty accusation
  9. Yeah but if he’s innocent that’s going to cost him an big opportunity, if he’s guilty he’s out, but shouldn’t be automatically thrown off the list due to accusations that can be false.....can ruin someone’s career with something like this
  10. What the hell is this guilty or not bs? If he’s guilty see ya,if not this shouldn’t effect the hiring process, continue as normal.
  11. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Eagles coaching staff have been and still are coaching their ass off
  12. I swear you guys don’t read..... I’m simply comparing people who defend cmc, hell even Samuel being labeled as bust in there 1st year but call another rookie a bust.It’s assinine to label any rookie anything after one year of football, period. Vice versa just because you win Roty doesn’t mean you’re not a bust, RGIII says hello, gotta at least wait 3 seasons imo before passsing judgement
  13. You’re getting off track, not comparing their seasons, I comparing how early on people were saying cmc is a bust, which is stupid, along with calling Ross a bust. Clearly mismanaged by the coaching staff in cincy
  14. He’s moved around, and does see some teams #1 cb depending on scheme, top slot guy in the leauge and top 15-20 WR in the leauge. Due to how FA is nowadays he’ll get overpaid