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  1. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    Ginn has been good for us but as a Gm you should always look to get better, if we can find someone who fits ginn's mold younger and a more reliable catcher i don't see what's bad in bringing him in for competition. the guy we drafted last year could be the answer 
  2. Joe Webb and Aqib Talib Received Fines

    guy's a dick no doubt, one of those players you hate when he's not on your team but the calling for suspension is a bit much, i don't want suspension's to come down to judgement calls, they need to first establish wtf a catch is before implementing PF suspensions 
  3. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Hardy coming here is a pipe dream unfortunately, but i find it funny some are leaving out the int he had along with 6 sacks  
  4. he should have replace harper this past season, now going into the off-season if we can get better at the position it will make it a real uphill battle for him. 
  5. Boldin is a free agent

    sign him fug what people are saying about age, did not effect his performance,qb play did, plus boldin is true veteran leadership, which imo is leading by example unlike cotchery. One of the more physically wr's in the league and his toughness is up there with TD. Signing him would solve majority of the wr issues besides the "can KB come back healthy'. Also has experience working with a mobile qb, Signing him makes too much sense hopefully he's on our list 
  6. Is Kony Ealy the next great Panthers defensive end?

    kony ealy biggest obstacle is kony ealy
  7. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    about damn time, what positive play has harper made all season?
  8. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    need a homerun back 
  9. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    shits not happening but this locker room bs is getting out of hand, it's the excuse made for nearly every player released.....i'm sure the broncos locker room had to be A1 with guys like Talib,Harris and Ward.....
  10. Getting Benji Back

    if were in the 3rd round and we see a guy that can outplay ginn and maybe even philly i say pull the trigger, ginn still leaves much to be desired. wouldn't mind grabbing Travis Benjamin in the off-season 
  11. We need a DE... so whom?

    Vernon.dude is a beast set to peak real soon that would set us up to go bpa for OT,S,CB at 31 
  12. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    2015,if we give the effort like in 2003 we would have blown the broncos out    a lot of things went our way this season, we finally got the best of sea. and were the clear best team in the nfc. we blew a prime opportunity, one that will haunt a lot of people 
  13. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    agree completely, this is my grip with ginn, he needs perfect ball placement to even catch the ball and even with that still drops the ball at times, that's all forgivable if you are bustin ass whenever you do make a catch but that's not really the case for him.......that play philly made i could never see ginn make, not because he can't because i'm pretty sure he wouldn't try to
  14. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    not even a dot on the blimp of fug ups we had but it's the SB leave no doubt. Give it all up, i understand running out of bounds on punt returns but in the future i hope ginn tries and get those extra yards, you need every edge you can get in the superbowl    again a non-factor but something i'd like to see him do in the future against good teams/close games