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  1. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    I miss ground and pound. It never gets old if done right.
  2. I'm gonna say something that's unpopular to say on this board. I though Ryan is an all pro, I can't help to think him being so undersized is a huge factor in our lack of a power running offense. I can remember Ron commenting on it after the 49ers beat us in the playoffs in '13, when he didn't call a QB sneak.
  3. Thank you all mighty one.
  4. Norv would be good for Cam.

    Norv makes too much sense. It actually pretty much his playbook that we’re using.
  5. For those that don’t like Wilks, quick question. Why do you think he’s so sough after? People complaining about the blitzing, but seriously it’s better than the alternative. Our zone defense sucked because of our personnel. Corners sucked. So hey why not blitz. Wilks vibe just screams leader of men. I have no doubt he will be a really good HC.
  6. I'd fire Gano right now

    Don’t forget OL
  7. Wilkes is a really good DC and he’ll make a even better HC. It’s easy to see, plus he coached J. No to a first team all pro. That’s probably the biggest thing on his resume to date.
  8. I've decided I don't want Bradberry on this team. He has no fire and doesn't like to tackle. Heck can't tackle worth a damn.
  9. Our route combination sucks. Geesh
  10. Not sure what's up with Luke. Kamara picked up a blitzing Luke, head up. Didn't take out his legs or anything.
  11. The corner had a good chance of jumping it. sailing it was the best thing to do there.
  12. I don't want us blitzing any unless it's 3rd down or 2nd and long, like 2nd and 22.
  13. Line up under center for a first. Then we do two read option plays in a row after that. smh
  14. Lose!! Atl would have to win twice for us to get a home game and I’m definitely not rooting for that ish.
  15. I’ve thought CMC was a Richardson pick all along as well. Just doesn’t fit what Gettleman stands for. Ron too as a matter of fact.