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  1. David you bald, beautiful son of a bitch
  2. Norv is trying to keep what Cam has had sex with in the past? Damn
  3. PandaMan

    Jarius "got me feeling" Wright

    Meeeeeowth, that's Wright!!!
  4. Gettlecrack is a helluva drug
  5. Good move. It was one of those cheap, “high quality” jerseys so that made it easier to put it in the back of the closet
  6. Didn’t Sir Purr pounce on a live ball in the end zone? He should be #1 by default
  7. PandaMan

    Deangelo Williams piles on

    He’s one of the worst posters on this board. And I remember TheRealDeal... yikes
  8. I fuging love this man. I’m drunk and should stop drinking. I need an 88 jersey. My best friend got me a Benjamin jersey awhile ago for my bday and I’m disgusted in hindsight. Whenever he’s an announcer I’m going to be his biggest fan. The third leg is real
  9. Greg Olsen is the fuging man. I’d let him fug my girl. But he wouldn’t do that, because he’s a loving family man. Why can’t we all be like Greg
  10. PandaMan

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    Love it
  11. Well, Brees is an amazing QB. If he was lighting it up with Jameis I’d agree
  12. PandaMan

    Observations from camp today...

    Donte is gonna take that DJax nickname from DeSean at this rate. All aboard the hype train!!
  13. I think it’d be a mistake if we let Byrd go. I’m all for keeping 6 WRs
  14. PandaMan

    Bucs extend GM Jason Licht

    Bucs are really buckling down on the “trade up in the 2nd round to draft bust kickers” method of team building