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  1. XClown

    22 now. 2001, go with Dad to local gas station. I pick up a Bud Light NFL Season Preview packet thingy. (Born in LA), liked the Lakers, but no NFL team. "Damn, that team has a cool logo." For the next few years, I'd follow every game on sh*tty dial-up internet through NFL gamecast. (Lived in Texas)
  2. Panthers United will be banned pie....

    For all the flack that PU gets for being "reactionary", I find it equally fascinating that other posters are just as, if not more, reactionary to PU threads. Find his threads annoying?Don't open it. I feel maybe 10% of our population actually feels disgust towards him, but the other 90% are a bunch of try-hards trying to fit in. I've read his stuff, and sure, the content isn't always great, but it's nothing that would rile me up. Lay down the pitchforks, and enjoy this win. This is Seahawks' fan behavior.
  3. So it's even more irrelevant LOL
  4. Seahawks fan criticizes others' reading comprehension skills, then notices his own reading comprehension mis-hap. Proceeds to continue insulting other poster, calls him a dumb-ass.
  5. The fact that we're 15-1 helped propel your team to the #4 SOS. Plus ours is inflated, since we beat everyone. Overrated? Cool opinion.
  6. 12th Man

    So I went to an interview in Seattle in Oct. They had a huge 12th man flag in one of their main buildings downtown. Cringed so hard from the try-hardness.
  7. See you guys Sunday

    Why I want to see more Ealy.
  8. Panthers should beware the Seahawks according to nfl.com

    I keep recalling you mentioning the Facebook fan page lolol. That, and Youtube comments sections are the sh*tstain of the internet for rational discussion.
  9. What do you expect when you go to an opposing teams board and talk sh*t? Also Vegas lines, lol, come on dude. Seattle is getting support due to their past two strong seasons. I honestly revel at the fact that any Seahawks fan would come here and talk sh*t after that pitiful showing. Seriously, I mean, it was a gimmick 27 yarder. I could go to the local high school around here and pull a kid, and he'd probably make it. Figuratively you lost, but technically you won. I would really shy from all this arrogance, as its clear who, at the moment, is the better team.
  10. In the last game of the season.
  11. I really hate using this argument, but the Qbs they faced? Jimmy Clausen, Manziel?, Gabbert, Teddy, Keenum?, and Palmer.Throw in the fact that barely any of these teams had any semblance of a run game, I'm not surprised that Seattle dominated.
  12. See you guys Sunday

    Not too sure about all the Lynch buzz. Had him on my fantasy team, so I caught a few games. Didn't look the same, only looked semi-Beast Mode in one game, and did nothing in all the others. Not the same back, plus, I don't think he wants to be in SEA anymore, so not surprisingly, he sat out the last game.
  13. AFC Wild Card games thread

    "Clear". Debatable. Stop watching it in slow motion, and come back please. Intent is the debate.