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  1. Josh already knows how to tame a bronco!

    It was on the news that he keeps a horse at a Huntersville ranch and hangs out there. nice interview here
  3. Poll for the psl owners sb lottery

    A guy I work with won tickets and I think he as been a PSL owner since 1999. After learning he won I hurried home today to a empty mailbox. :(
  4. What time will you start tailgating?

    Our lot opens at 8am and if roads are permitting we'll be there then. Last home game and the first Championship game hosted here? Damn right I want to make it a full day!
  5. To get there tomorrow

    Hello tailgate friend! My wife is reluctant about us getting there at 8am but we're going to try. Hopefully they'll let us safe your spot. See you there!
  6. If Cam really has a baby.. He won't be the same player..

    Did the rest of the team have a kid also this week cause they all looked like crap?
  7. Playoff date?

    I know the feeling cause I have PSLs but need to take vacation so really need to know soon.
  8. I know what you're saying but its hard to tell. He did get fat and lazy here then once he got fired he lost 20# and got a change of scenery. Might've motivated him but it doesn't matter. He gone now. Double Trouble is just a hard thing for me to let go of. So fun.
  9. I never doubted his ability to produce just the ability to stay healthy all year. I still wish DWill was with us and playing like he is in PA right now. Double Trouble would be on tour.
  10. Redskins Rally in Charlotte

    Fug Jr.
  11. Cam Newton Tearing Up Packers Banners at BoA

    I'm sick of being called the most polite fans in the NFL. We now have a QB with pride in us and this team and let other fans know it. Damn I love or QB!
  12. It's his "what Andrew Luck would look like without that ugly ass beard" costume.
  13. Star sings a lullaby

    Two in the pink one in the stink.