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  1. So let me get this right. A woman, who is supposed to be a role model for all the young women out there, wants to kill herself for losing 1 fight. Really....where is all the backlash on this. Cam newton walks out of a press conference after getting beat up at the super bowl and all hell breaks loose. Imagine what would have happen in the press if cam said he wanted to kill himself after losing the superbowl!! http://www.foxsports.com/ufc/story/ufc-ronda-rousey-had-suicidal-thoughts-after-suffering-loss-to-holly-holm-021616
  2. what to do....

    yeah . i haven't watched nfl network or the like, since also.
  3. what to do....

    i burned every game this season to dvd in hopes of a historic ending. do i add the super bowl to the collection or end at nfc championship?
  4. Pink Pom Poms

    not a fan of those uni's
  5. Win a framed and autographed print of "Luke in the Rain"

    the man is a beast @glennma01
  6. cam vs jake

    fu people. i am not nitpicking cam. jesus. just wanted thoughts. you wanted jake when he was here!
  7. cam vs jake

    as i said i did not get snubbed. just wanted to hear your thoughts on the difference of personality. i am not slamming cam in any way. i have been to camp for the last ten years and just wondered what triggered one to stay until the end and one to just sign a few.
  8. cam vs jake

    watching the fan fest and they showed cam signing autographs. he grabs one, walks a few feet and signs another. what would it hurt to be more like jake? jake walked down the hill with sharpie in hand and signed until they made him leave. jake was a popular figure as well and drew crowds but he was there for almost everyone. i would think that if cam was same way, crowds wouldn't be as bad. i will say that i was able to get him his rookie year but extremely lucky to do so. just a thought. what say you?
  9. Players, Role Models, Fathers

    good stuff
  10. Huddle custom emoticons

  11. Brenton Bersin continues to impress

  12. Panthers Wide Receiver Depth Chart - OTA Week 2

    ​speed also needs to catch the ball. let us not forget that k.b. had many drops that were wide open. i cannot recall bersin dropping anything that was not tipped. the team needs clutch receivers that cam can count on, bersin is that guy.