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  1. Scrumtrilescent added a post in a topic Brandon Ingram   

    That's a start.
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  2. Scrumtrilescent added a post in a topic National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin   

    Great game, overcame the inconsistent officiating on both it has been all tournament.  It was fun to watch the kids grow up this season.  
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  3. Scrumtrilescent added a post in a topic UNC Academic Scandal   

    As someone looking through this thread, he's right.  Your grammar is severely limiting the understanding of your intended ideas.  It looks like a halfway drunken monkey posted the last three pages.  
    Or maybe you are just trying to be this obtuse to obfuscate the point and the seriousness of what this scandal could develop into in the near future.  If that is the case, kudos.  
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