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  1. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    Nah, having the towel over his head is something to which Earl can relate, but for very different reasons obviously.
  2. Panthers color rush uniforms leaked...

    Someone get that Panthro Tron pic.  Stat.
  3. Anthony Bourdain Goes to Waffle House

    Sean Brock rocks...but that Waffle House pales in comparison to the Huddle House that used to be on King's St. downtown.  Now it's some hipster joint I think.
  4. The Ginger Dalton is upset by Watt's Comments

  5. The Ginger Dalton is upset by Watt's Comments

    Andy, I'm going to need your Daywalker ID card back.  It's nothing personal, promise.
  6. One year ago...

        WTF did they do to the Candyland board?!  And where are the generic single-colored pieces?  This looks like someone had Skittles diarrhea on a game board.
  7. I hate my major

    Very few have a linear career path.
  8. New Star Wars Trailer...

    L&L=JJ+Padme     Fact.
  9. New Star Wars Trailer...

    What I got from this thread:   People hate America, optimism, and kids.  Also, I seem to kowtow to Jeremy.  Well, at least now I know and knowing is half the battle.
  10. 24 hours out - Official Packers Game Weather Forcast

    I used a laminating machine to dry them all out, actually.  Life hack!       :|  
  11. New Star Wars Trailer...

    Like Cartman, I drink the tears of the haters' unfathomable sadness.  This shit is going to be great, already have plans to see it 3x within the first 3 days.  
  12. 24 hours out - Official Packers Game Weather Forcast

    My wallet still hasn't dried out.  Srsly.
  13. Just my soul.  I lurk more than I post nowadays, just don't have the time to deconstruct peoples' ridiculous arguments against butter in the cupboard.
  14. Brandon Ingram

    That's a start.
  15. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    Great game, overcame the inconsistent officiating on both it has been all tournament.  It was fun to watch the kids grow up this season.