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  1. Now that I'm thinking about it, it's probably better I'll be out of town missing this one otherwise I think my husband would be bailing me out of jail, this is gonna be an intense game.
  2. damn. thought my disguises were working, but now they got me banned from practice AND games?! WE WILL BE TOGETHER EVENTUALLY CAMERON, ITS FATE. DONT DENY OUR LOVE. Also does anyone know a good lawyer that specializes in harassment defense? asking for a friend.....
  3. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    I called her a girl for a reason, she's acting like one. If she was a woman, she would have taken the insult, and moved on. Not continued to whine on Twitter about how she tried to catch Cam before he walked out and speak to him again because she expects some sort of apology. I'd highly doubt you would qualify that as ridicule....I didnt realize we as women should be victimizing ourselves daily when someone is surprised we know what we are talking about....we should be proud that we are making headway in industries where traditionally women have been not welcome. Are there going to be mis-steps? Hell yeah, if you dont expect that, then once again- you're being naive and unrealistic. If a guy came up to me tomorrow and said "hey did you see that new Michael Kors line with the arygle patterns and gold buckles? I really love the argyle in fall, it certainly accentuates the quality of stitching in his bags" Guess what my answer would be....WOW, its weird to hear a guy talk about purses competently ....so I guess his immediate reaction should also be to freak out on me for assuming that he as a man doesn't know anything about accessory fashion bc thats just un heard of , right? Now you are comparing race...and this is getting blown out of proportion, which seems to be exactly the motive here. yes, these things are completely different. so yayyy, this can go further and further into argument which will eventually mean nothing come Sunday or playoff time to any of you.
  4. The email I sent to Scott Fowler

    As a female, I find this distracting and unneeded. If that girl went into sports writing with intentions to play with the big boys in the NFL, and didn't think her sex would ever be considered or that people wouldn't be surprised that she actually knows what she is talking about, then she's just a naive idiot IMO. Deal with it homie, it comes with the territory. Get over it, put your big girl pants on, and go report about something legitimate on this team like how we are going to womp the Lions in Detroit this weekend. Sincerely, A woman who works in a male dominated industry and can competently speak on football with other adults
  5. @SCP And this is exactly why I nominated you for Huddle Team captain this year. Thanks for coming through! #pullyourheadoutofyourassShula
  6. I'm really not sure what happened with Derek. Up until this year, I felt pretty confident with him as our backup. Even defended him multiple times because I truly believed he was one of the best backups in the league. But the preseason was just flat out ugly. Am I missing something? I mean, our Offensive Blocking cant be THAT BAD, right? He's been inaccurate and made easy mistakes, very unlike him to this point.
  7. Im surprised and impressed you got it right- I can't tell you how many times I've heard @ARSEN yell "I am no damn Russian!!" :D :D
  8. Starting to get REAL suspicious that @Jase and @Jangler just might be the same person after all these years....
  9. Bro- get with it. Get yaself on the Twitter ASAP, very entertaining during games, and yes @SCP is on there and keeps me entertained :D I vote Jase for Huddle '17-'18 feet referee
  10. I vote @SCP for 2017-2018 season Huddle team captain
  11. Luke and Pep, Pep and Luke

    hahahaha this perfectly explains my rollercoaster of emotions in those first few drives. So proud, so excited, so pumped, and so so scared!
  12. Luke and Pep, Pep and Luke

    Gets me all hot n bothered just LOOKING at the emotion in that picture. SO HYPED. I said this in another thread, but that combo of them both last night....wow. Pep gets em first, but they get away, and think they are free, immediately turn around and BAM you run right into Luke. There is no escape. Matt Ryan is probably peeing his little bitty pants right now.
  13. hehehe Im okay with the eggplant hey buddy! nice to see you as well. yes, will be there for sure! Might be doing something for work for that game, but will have to see how things shake out. I was just talking about the old school Huddle tailgates in a thread this week.....made me think of your famous turds hahaha Congrats on the new gig btw! Loved seeing that.