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  1. What makes the Huddle so special?

    Haven't posted this yet, from the Cards game!!! NFC CHAMPS!    
  2. What makes the Huddle so special?

    I love each and every one of you!!   I started on this forum back in 2009 when I didn't have anything better to do at my job. Prior to that, I had been posting mainly on and Charlotteobserver, what a joke that was. As a person who cares very much about this team, I struggled to find people or places where everyone felt the same way.   Teh Huddlez helped me find my Panther home and I was so clever, I managed to keep all of you thinking I was just some random dude or possibly Jangler creating another fake female avatar. Fast forward a year and I was tailgating with the old school guys over there off 3rd and Poplar in the lot when we had the big tents and Skew used to come around. From there I basically forced myself into the social coordinator role and helped mush with some random things for tailgates. When they decided to stop doing the tailgates, it sucked. I didn't like hanging with my normal friend crowd and needed those other people that were just as passionate as I was about this team. Zack and I got together and formulated a plan where we were going to get the Huddle tailgate back together using my planning skillz and his connections at Draught and in the parking lots uptown. The Huddle Tailgate 2.0 was formed and you all were gracious enough to support us from the very beginning by "sponsoring" us before the season to make sure we had the funds to bring it back. We had a kickass year and I got to know so many of you much better and we had the ability to keep the Huddle tailgate alive. You don't know how many people approached me that had come in from out of town and didn't have a place to tailgate or forgot about the alcohol rules and told me how appreciative they were that we were able to include them and let them take beers out of our coolers. I couldn't have done that without every single one of you, even the ones who sponsored tailgates and didn't come in to town for the game! Zack approached me this year about combining our tailgate with RR being the dominant name (RR was a Huddle TG sponsor last year) and we worked together to pick the spot where the RR would be (on the railroad tracks) and make sure that we were absolutely able to include all of you. We actually do have a "Huddle Tent" to whomever referenced that back a few pages, but its like back in the corner towards the DJ and it was never in a good spot :D I have made so many friends on this site, and Jase has gained too many feet pics to speak of from me....I don't remember if the pic with my foot on the table actually started it or that was just a lucky coincidence for you, but either way, you're welcome. Don't think I can name everyone, but honorable mentions to the following: @Darth Biscuit you know you're my buddy! this guy helped me have the courage to walk up to my fiancee in a gym and introduce myself, never could have done it without you ;) You are one of my best friends on the Huddle and Riley and I love you very much <3 @Jeremy Igo you've been my homie since the beginning, helped me with coordinating the tailgates, pinned my threads when I needed them, took me to TC on my birthday and made it the best birthday ever when I touched Luke, got a helmet, got Riley's jersey signed, and took home many sigs, I've been a guest on your radio show and we even hung out at the airport in Baltimore. One of these days Im going to find the courage for a boudoir shoot with you :) @RoaringRiot THANK YOU for all the help you gave me with tailgates, its been absolutely amazing watching the RR go from where it was just 2 years ago to where you are today. I'm proud to call you a former business partner, fellow Panther fan, and most importantly, a friend. @bleys we have our history too of course :) Lucky to have met you and your sister both, no matter how annoying she can be and show up late for games. You've always supported us through the years of tailgating and Im glad you finally got smart and figured out how much better Charlotte is than Raleigh To all of you that supported our tailgates and that used to chill with us in the lounge back in the day from random threads to Huddle Jamz,  @MadHatter, @Kurb, @j2sgam (and you getting hammered at games and yelling at people), @BMorgan, @Alvarez, @Brit-Panther, @chknwing, @JakeFlake, JT, @Panthro, Parks, other Scott who's Huddle name I forget,@Carmen, @brandontruesdale (dude flies to every single home game from FL and some away games), @ARSEN, @Hawk (seahawks fan but I still love you), @PhillyB Jangler, Salty, @PanthaSan (i miss you), @MPF (you know I love you and dem titties boo), @mush, @Kyle82, @Cat, @lola, @CosmoGirl, @Dpantherman, (Vance), @LifeisaGarden, @KBRed, @pstall, @dirtymagic, @ZCustom @YourMomsFavHuddler, the list goes on and on and ON and Im sorry to all of you that Im forgetting but it stop letting me tag people anyways :)   Love you guys, I can't believe we are in the freakin SuperBowl and my QB is all I see on ESPN. ITS ALL BEEN WORTH IT!        
  3. Playoff ticket thread.... GOOD LUCK to all

    I didn't get a ticket, had 2 computers going too :(   If anyone wants to take Boo to the game, I'm available! Fiancee is out of town too, party time!!
  4. Inside the NFL - Giants/ Panthers

    wow. the Inside the NFL is a roller coaster of emotions, its so much better watching again when you know we come back to win. Can't believe they didn't include the BADASS shot of Cam nodding his head to the OBJ Touchdown in the 4th quarter. Then its just tears and feelings of pride when you see Cam run down the field, that pass to Greg, just wow. And the kick for Gano to finish it off, pure artwork. The Braylon clip, can't really hear the sound that well, but man that kid is great. He is just as up front and friendly in person as he is on TV. You forget he is so young because he's so outgoing and well spoken with his cute little southern accent. "Hey Luke, on the next play, you need to blitz" ....i die from the cuteness of them both, this team really believes in this kid. I love the voice of whoever it is that narrates 'Inside the NFL', not sure if its the same guy that does Hard Knocks, but I love both their voices.
  5. REALLY wish I could be there this weekend, but alas, I am teh broke and somehow got roped into another activity for the second week in a row that doesn't involve me drinking mimosas and screaming at a TV. Sometimes being a woman is very frustrating, I'm sorry but scheduling a bridal shower during a Panthers game should literally be a cardinal sin. I ask for one season people, one sport dammit.  Relying on you guys to get down there and be loud for us! Know I will be on WFNZ next week after we win telling all the local Falcunt fans to put their Panthers bandwagon jerseys back on. As Cam said to me (since we are basically BFFs now) a few weeks ago, when you hear someone say "Rise Up", just yell back "SIT DOWN" with an added motherfuger at the end that Cam was too classy to say in front of the kids. Nice write up, SCP, always enjoy your immense detail :D      
  6. Periscope link to Cams entrance.

    Good time, great to see you and Sammi bud! 
  7. Oh... She mad.

    Hahaha naaaaah not me   Shes not very cute   Is that what I look like?!?!
  8. Just want to mention, 1st place with my work competition and 2nd place with my networking group only because the guy who beat me owns his own go cart! Props to the Panthers name that's badass i challenge you any day! Ready to kick your ass :) 
  9. I met Cam Newton last night......

    thanks everybody, I honestly didn't expect such a huge response since I figured I was one of many that have been starstruck and met Cam. We chatted with the ED of his foundation for a bit, she's super nice and sets up all these events for him. He really does a lot of good in this community, especially for younger children, and we all know Braylon's story. I know he may not be in our eyes, but to a lot of these kids, he truly is a hero. As a original against drafting Cam-er (was screaming "Nooooo" at the Draft Party at the stadium), I can say that he has truly captured my heart over the past 5 years and I wouldn't want to see him go anywhere else!! Plus, he brought us out of the dark age that was Teh Era of teh picklez and I never NEVER want to go back there! One thing I was disappointed about that I was telling biscuit about, was the amount of tags and Dick's Sporting Goods bags I saw. They were telling me they had this event last year before the bye week when we were on that losing streak and no one showed up- those fairweather assholes. Secondly, I was trying to give people the benefit of the doubt that maybe they wanted to purchase something nice and shiny for Cam to sign instead of any of the gear they may already own, BUT there sure were a lot of footballs being pulled out of boxes and a few people who legit showed up with Dick's/Sports Authority bags like cmon bro we know you just came from the store and hopped off the Seattle bandwagon last week. Most of the people in the room besides myself and a few little kids had their own jerseys signed, all the others still had tags on them. WELCOME ABOARD FOLKS.
  10. I met Cam Newton last night......

    I was sure to wear heels, so that's even making him look a bit shorter than he actually is since I'm cheating ;) There is a picture of us talking about our height difference since I wanted to make sure his head didn't get cut off in the pic   My fiancee commented on my pic and said he was pretty sure I was smiling bigger than I was in our engagement photos.....I mean, I've almost gotten more likes in 12 hours than I did on our Facebook post after we got engaged hehehe
  11. ...and it was amazing. Those of you who follow me on FB or Twitter (or even Snapchat) Im sure have already seen my pic posted :) I was lucky enough to be invited to a Time Warner Cable event to benefit The Cam Newton Foundation. This is the 2nd year they've had this event and my godmother is a client of theirs so I was the first person to pop into her head when she got the invite. This was greatly appreciated.   The meetup was at Sullivan's Steakhouse on South Blvd. so we got there around 630 and had a couple glasses of wine before Cam arrived. He immediately lit up the room when he walked in, shaking people's hands left and right. First question asked of the group was "How Does it Feel to be 12-0?". He answered with it felt amazing, but they wouldn't be here without the work of the entire team, etc.   They opened up the floor for questions and the guy who was speaking selfishly wanted to ask his question first which was pretty dumb IMO "What did that ref really say to you", because Cam is totally going to reveal that in a room full of people with cameras ;) My godmother asked "How's your head, you gave us all a scare last Sunday?" He replied with, oh its great, do you want to feel it? Everyone laughed as he leaned over so she could rub his head. He admitted he may have been a little lax on that run and that he absolutely didn't see the defender coming that hit him so hard, and it caught him off guard. There were some more questions, but a kid maybe about 5 years old raised his hand and as soon as Cam saw it he walked over to hear his question. He was so shy he immediately turned and hugged his dad's legs and wouldn't face Cam, so Cam went around behind his dad while the dad mentioned that the kid had heard Cam's hands were half the size of his body, so Cam held out his hand so they could compare. Adorable. I died from cuteness in that moment.   A girl around 12 asked "Do you ever play Madden, and if you do, do you play yourself?" His answer was that he never plays anyone BUT himself. He spoke on how he was a kid just like all of us creating that profile on Madden to match yourself as QB and how cool it is now that he's already loaded into the game.   After questions, they walked around and everyone had a chance to chat quickly with Cam, snap a photo, and get their stuff autographed. My turn came and we shook hands as I walked up. Of course, his hand completely enveloped basically my entire forearm. We took our pic and I thanked him for the great season. Also told him I was a part of Carolina Huddle and Roaring Riot and we have always appreciated his love and support. His eyes lit up and he quickly responded back with "I've been so curious to know how you guys set up all these game trips and get there so quickly and in one group". I explained to him how Zack and his team set up the trips and he high fived me (low five in his case considering I'm 5ft tall)   At the end, the little girl was able to take a picture with him and they totally dabbed in the pic. I got it all on snapchat, he even said "Dab on dem folks", it was great considering he probably gets asked to do that roughly 50 times a day.   He thanked everyone for their time and donations to his foundation and for our support this season. He also said he couldn't wait to play ATL Sunday and take it one game at a time as he has all season. At that moment I yelled "Rise Up" in a sarcastic manner and he immediately looked at me, smiled, and said "SIT DOWN!!" I LOVE IT. That's my qb. The most genuine, kind, laid back, humble NFL player I've ever met and I'm proud to say he's the QB of my team. Great night, great experience and wanted to share it with all of you :)  
  12. Whew!!! Relieved to know I passed!   Some of those questions are on the other end for females, and let's combine TWO of the questions together....   My spouse is already aware that Luke gets me tingly in all places, and I totally would get the pass if he didn't have a pretty cute girlfriend it seems he's replaced the other one with (that or she did some good work).................... fact, I'm fairly certain at this point (esp after the Dallas game) my spouse would offer to join in or at least watch
  13. Mike Dobs... the sign guy... oh my

    hahaha they just completed roasted him on Highly Questionable, just laughing about it and calling him a total loser. They're giggling at the idea of police actually trying to charge Cam with something so stupid, and that this guy would bring it on himself even after his team lost. Bomani at one point said he was the "saddest fan in the entire NFL"   They think its hilariously ridiculous, I love it.
  14. What's Spanish for "nickname"?

    Ahhh so that's why he kept yelling mayonesa, I thought that was some sort of slang term for "its gravy" or "so slick" or something. The best was Gano's winning FG in the MNF game when he yells "Gano" (the verb ganar= to win, so I win or win in the past tense=gano) So, he yells.....Gano! Gano!, Gano.....lo gano?! Gano lo gano!! so hilarious.   To answer your question Mr Scot.....I think apodo or sobrenombre, but I'm sure it depends on the dialect.
  15. National Crow Thread

    This win goes out to all the haters, but more specifically and recently: To the douche bag who was nice enough to let me go in front of him in line at Starbucks yesterday morning who then proceeded to loudly proclaim (in a Stbx in midtown Charlotte I might add) "Oh no, you got a Panthers shirt on? I don't know if I can let you in front of me" Our conversation continued like so: Me: "Oh really, what do you have to say about my undefeated team?"  *standing at register and literally every Stbx employee stops to watch our exchange*  Doucher: I mean, they suck. and they goin lose today. Me: "WOW, what an analysis. Any reasons to why we will suck or just you spewing nonsense and not knowing what you're talking about?" Doucher: "Nah man they just suck and Cam Newton is worthless. Y'all wont have a chance against the Seahawks today and you goin be eatin your words tomorrow." Me: (assuming at this point he's probably a bandwagon Seattle fan) "Awesome in depth explanation there of my 4-0 team, I gotta know who your team is since you live here and love to talk so much smack?" ***Look at the guy that prepares the food behind the counter and loudly yell "MAYBE YOU GUYS SHOULD PREPARE SOME CROW SINCE THAT'S WHAT THIS GUY WILL BE EATING TOMORROW MORNING"*** Douche: "Yeah, my team is NY baby, all day. Boo ya" Me: "OHHH the Giants, what do you guys have like, 1 win on the season? Planning to follow that up with Eli Manning choking once again like he always has done?" Douche: "I mean, I think we got like 1. Don't matter anyways, that's alright we good where we are. Oh, by the way I work at Crisp next door, feel free to come by tomorrow to tell me how right I was about your team after you lose today" Me: "Obviously you don't pay attention or even follow football or it would matter a whole lot more to you, cuz 4-0 feels PRETTY DAMN GOOD RIGHT NOW." ****we walk to the counter where our drinks are being made and we are waiting for them. Girl making my drink winks and me and laughs as they are all following this conversation and our voices are raised to the point where everyone in the store is watching or taking their headphones out in interest*** Cleverly whip out my sparkly Panthers koozie which I just happened to be carrying in my purse (if u tg with me uve seen it) "Hey, hey, you see this? Mighty sparkly isn't it (as I put my coffee into the koozie and start to turn towards the exit) BRIGHT AND SPARKLY JUST LIKE THAT UNDEFEATED RECORD, GOOD LUCK TO YOUR GIANTS!!"   This one goes out to you, douche that works at Crisp. If I have time today, Ill be by to personally rub it in your face on how wrong you were and how you embarrassingly got owned by a female talking football in the middle of a Starbucks on a cold Sunday morning.     /rant   Go Panthers.