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  1. Mike Dobs... the sign guy... oh my

    hahaha they just completed roasted him on Highly Questionable, just laughing about it and calling him a total loser. They're giggling at the idea of police actually trying to charge Cam with something so stupid, and that this guy would bring it on himself even after his team lost. Bomani at one point said he was the "saddest fan in the entire NFL"   They think its hilariously ridiculous, I love it.
  2. What's Spanish for "nickname"?

    Ahhh so that's why he kept yelling mayonesa, I thought that was some sort of slang term for "its gravy" or "so slick" or something. The best was Gano's winning FG in the MNF game when he yells "Gano" (the verb ganar= to win, so I win or win in the past tense=gano) So, he yells.....Gano! Gano!, Gano.....lo gano?! Gano lo gano!! so hilarious.   To answer your question Mr Scot.....I think apodo or sobrenombre, but I'm sure it depends on the dialect.
  3. I finally get to meet you! You don't know who I am if you haven't checked my name history. King Klong. See you Sunday!

    1. boo7382

      Holy Crap Kris!!!! you're actually coming to a game! I can't believe it! yes! totally excited to meet you!

    2. Kettle

      I've been to two a year pretty much. We just aren't ever in sync.

  4. Im gonna miss you too buddy! We will keep up though, and you WILL be coming here at some point for a game, mark my words.

  5. haha well that's gotta be the only thing you can fit all the kiddies in! ;)

  6. LMFAO about the bus! Great pics, you are definitely owning that thread.

  7. Got a little treat for yous before the game... What was the first single from Weezer's Green Album? Yeaaaaa...:D

  8. Sounds good! Let us know, we would love to see you

  9. definitely considering the skins game. its hard though cuz i only have 8 weeks left on my contract. i have no idea what will happen after that. could be offered a full-time gig, a contract extension, or could be put on a 90 day break in service meaning unemployment. i'm pounding the job sites lately.

  10. And a nerd! good for you! It's hard to find buff nerd.

  11. haha well thank you m'lady....he is definitely a delight....a nerd too, how I like em! But yeah, his upper body is very aesthetically pleasing, to put it lightly ;)

  12. Saw your facebook pics and I have to say well done :)

  13. Lying out on Hilton Head right now then down to Pawleys on Fri :)