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  1. Time to grab your helmet and hit someone! It is GAMEDAY!! 98642182.jpg

  2. lol contact an admin B52!

  3. It wasn't sarcasm man, no need to neg rep.

  4. you might wanna contact a admin or something. All your reps are greay squares instead of green which i believe is negative.

  5. lol you just negged me twice now. Its ok though. you can leave it.

  6. NO! I was trying to positive rep you! sorry I'll rep you again positive when i can.

  7. did you know you negged me?

  8. So what is it like being ignorant? judging from your previous posts i can only determine that you are not a panther fan, rather your a troll posing as a panther fan.

  9. Welcome to the Huddle! I went to Portsmouth, England a few years back. It was really nice there in Jolly Old England! I was surprised how nice people treated us there. Between England and Canada those are my two favorite places I have been outside the US.