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  1. Gameday Menu

    We are doing a low country crab boil at the bar I co-own
  2. Classy....

    Pretty sure hotels who deal with athletes / celebrities already are on a little higher alert.
  3. https://saintsreport.com/forums/f2/panthers-staying-377024/
  4. Yes, BUT you run backwards and then throw a deep bomb out of bounds instead of Cam giving them a chance to have a Hail Mary
  5. Hi, I am Jbro and have a question... On the last play of the game, why not give it to your fastest player and run backwards? I have been saving my first thread started in years for something hard hitting and I believe this topic is it.
  6. What did I miss in this thread and all others over the last 4 years? Please summarize in 10 words or less. Thx
  7. Google Fiber is a go in Charlotte

    Ok... I will take your word over Google executives.
  8. Google Fiber is a go in Charlotte

    This is not true.....
  9. Google Fiber is a go in Charlotte

    Met with the head of this phase of the Fiber rollout today... That map is not accurate. Unfortunately it will be much smaller than this (at first).
  10. 910 754 7057

    1. Floppin


      Ahh yeah, my name is Aaron hah.