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  1. philp

    Cmc for Fournette trade?

    48 poops and counting.
  2. philp

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    When you consider what we’re getting out of Benjamin, Thompson, and Butler, I’d so go ahead at this point. The question is whether Tepper will want to take away draft picks or not from his own GM next year.
  3. They should just tell Breeland that Richardson didn’t want to bring him back.
  4. philp

    Concept uniform, good, bad, or ugly?

    Looks like a bobsled suit.
  5. If this is the kind of talent they’re targeting, then it has already failed.
  6. philp

    Uber/Lyft on game days

    Take the light rail out of uptown. Have the Uber driver pick you up at one of the stations/park n go’s I use the Woodlawn station because I live in south clt.
  7. I'm sure having an mvp qb in place also had something to do with it.
  8. You guys sound like you got ahold of some mid 2000's midwestern mdma
  9. Put it on the top shelf, where the kids can't get it.
  10. It's come down to lining tolbert up as a receiver
  11. As long as funchess doesn't run out of the tunnel waving a KB jersey, we should be ok