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  1. Romo overreacting again
  2. Just because Romo knows football doesn’t mean he’s a good live commentator. He overreacts and often calls the play before the dust has settled. He’s another one of those “this is how I’d do it” booth guys.
  3. Not surprising. They didn’t want a first time GM, so why would they want a first time HC.
  4. Yeah because Rivera hit a guy already out of bounds, dropped a pick, botched a punt, and fumbled a punt return.
  5. It’s not funny to hear a female reporter talk about a-skips.
  6. I'm sure having an mvp qb in place also had something to do with it.
  7. You guys sound like you got ahold of some mid 2000's midwestern mdma
  8. Put it on the top shelf, where the kids can't get it.
  9. It's come down to lining tolbert up as a receiver
  10. As long as funchess doesn't run out of the tunnel waving a KB jersey, we should be ok
  11. Looks like the bills are outta luke
  12. Why use a towel when you can use teddy ginn's sweaty jersey