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  1. It doesn't matter what CMC or any running back does,if there are two defenders in the backfield immediately after the ball is snapped. Are you guys watching the games? And its not just talent, its scheme. Opposing teams KNOW what we are doing. Our own coaches are saying time and time again "Its execution, not play calling". Our coaching staff is basically expecting our players to just will their way out there. Its the exact same scheme since 2013. Its embarrassing and the players are getting their poo kicked in because of this.
  2. That was one of the only times we asked McCaffrey to run post patterns, and it worked. Let McCaffrey get out wide and run down the field. He can make those catches and break one with his agility.
  3. If someone told you that you can get a player with 90 receptions, 900 yards and 5 TD's right off the bat with the 8th pick, you'd take it, no? The Panthers have terrible run blocking offensive lineman right now. On top of that, our passing scheme is broken because we can't protect longer than one full second. What do you expect him to do?
  4. Look a the film.... McCaffrey is open a ton. Cam just misses him. And the coaches are idiots for not splitting McCaffrey out wide more. Also they aren't using him the right way. McCaffrey should never leave the field....he should always be either at WR or RB.
  5. Eh, he has checked out. His attitude is fine most of the time on the field. Can you really blame him when all of a sudden hes down 14-0 on two fluke plays and his best two offensive lineman get injured? That's why we need a coaching staff shake up more than anything. Same thing happened in Cinicinatti...team checked out, they fired their long time o-coordinator...galvanized the team.
  6. Its unbelievable that we continue to do 5 step drop backs from the shotgun with the offensive line issues we have. Either the coaching staff is absolutely retarded, or Cam is too slow to run a hurry up offense
  7. Can we have a redo on this season. Offseason included. What a disaster. Apparently Gano can’t hit more than 50 yards. So why did we keep the two worst kickers out of the four again?
  8. I like Butker's moxie. We are gonna miss him. In the end though, he's just a kicker.
  9. John Fox won last week rushing 40+ times to only a few passes. Since he won, he is probably giddy in the pants and wants to push it further and run 50+ times. He’s a lot Iike George Lucas, stubborn as hell. So we know Chicago is going to run 50 times in this game. It will be very disappointing if we lose knowing they will only run the ball.
  10. Shaq should play the Von Miller role. He'd be so good at it. That TD was on Byrd not Shaq. Byrd was an idiot on the play.
  11. Their DL is sick. Cox is an all-pro. He looks like he ate another man. Doesn't matter because we weren't in position to draft him, but I know we were high on him. Can you imagine a Cox/KK duo at DT?
  12. It lingers because our best player's career is in jeopardy. I could care less about the loss at this point. We got outplayed and got manhandled on the offensive line and still had multiple chances to win without our defensive quarterback for the 2nd half. Coaching is partly to blame, but for the first time in a while I can see where the coaches are coming from when they preach execution. Some players ran some lazy routes, or didnt fight enough for yards when they caught the ball. Multiple drops. Some terrible safety and linebacker reads. On the Nelson Agholor TD, Byrd decided to triple cover someone instead of help Shaq. Trai Turner got destroyed by Cox most of the night. Cam played well most of the night but missed a few wide open players again. Its crazy how much you see when you have seats a couple rows from the field. I wish I could go to every game.
  13. 4-2

    We ain’t winning poo if Luke is done for the year Honestly I don’t know how our defense is this bad WITH Luke. Teams are easily getting 3 to 4 yards a rush even when we make contact in the backfield since the Bills game. Our safety play is also really bad. On the Agholor TD Byrd took one of the worst cuts I’ve ever seen in my life.
  14. We won but Ron Rivera is a LOSER

    Great game but what was the deal with Samuel kneeling on a kickoff at the 14? Why does our special teams continue to be dumbassery every single year?
  15. What Lions fans are saying

    I just dont see it. The Lions have one of the league's best D's, our offensive line is trash with the injuries, and we haven't exactly stopped the run the past few weeks either while they are actively trying to run the ball. They remind me of the 12-4 Panthers team from 2013. I think this game is one of the hardest we have left this season. Not feeling it