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  1. If Jackson and Searcy are out, who are our DB's? Doss? Jones? Yeah no thanks. How are we supposed to stop this passing attack.
  2. Nope. DG really fuged us on those 1st round pick selections. Kudos to Hurney for nearly always hitting home runs with them
  3. amcoolio

    Josh Gordon!

    Dumb. With the general disregard we have with 5th-7th round picks (especially under Hurney) and Gordon's non-existent cap hit, its absurd we didn't trade for him on this one. If he causes trouble, just cut him. Who cares. Our late round picks never make a difference. Its the equivalent of a 2nd rounder in the NBA.
  4. CMC needs to be in every play not just passing downs. He needs to lineup at slot more and he can when CJ Anderson is in the game. He can be our Jarvis Landry that also runs the ball. Also the two back set has confused Dallas and Atlanta so far, so run more of it until teams can stop it. Even if CMC is never great as a pure RB up the middle (he still can, IMO) he is one of the best short range receivers in the NFL, so we should utilize that more.
  5. amcoolio

    Kudos to O-Line

    Van Roten looks good and Moton looks great for a rookie. Still think we need to draft 3 or 4 offensive lineman next draft to get a talent infusion.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it the WR coach's responsibility to sub Moore in on plays or does Norv really control what WR's are in each play. I thought the playcalling was great, the game would look a lot different if Funchess and Smith executed the way they are supposed to. Funchess killed 3 drives alone if you go back and watch the game. Smith was really bad until the 4th quarter when he made some good plays.
  7. Thats three drives killed by Funchess now and we are only partly into the 3rd quarter
  8. amcoolio

    1st Half Observations

    Funchess really fuged a few drives there. How you can blame it on Norv is beyond me. Torrey Smith is equally awful.
  9. First few weeks of the season, you care about wins, not how you look. There are less practices in the offseason now, new schemes and more player movement, that it is impossible to judge what teams are what. Our 15-1 season, we looked terrible the first two weeks but still won. Last season, the Saints looked liked the worst team in the league and were 0-2 after 2 weeks and look how that turned out.
  10. I was 6 rows behind the Panther bench and while he did great for his first start, he was getting away with a ton of illegal contact and the Cowboys clearly have the worst WR's in the league by a wide margin. He still needs a lot a growth. He wasn't the best player on the field at all, but it was a good first impression
  11. amcoolio

    Watching without cable

    I have to second YoutubeTV.
  12. amcoolio

    Final Roster - Biggest concerns

    I would trade what Seattle wants for Thomas, would glue our secondary together
  13. amcoolio

    Panthers waiver claims

    Davis Webb, QB Carl Nassib, DE Alex McGough, QB David Amerson, CB I would take a look at these four.
  14. amcoolio

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    Nassib is only a 3rd year player. Cleveland is loaded at DE. Wouldn't mind having him either.