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  1. amcoolio added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    Allen still has a lot left in the tank. You have to remember the Bears have literally no talent on the defensive side of the ball. 
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  2. amcoolio added a post in a topic CJ is OUT for week 4   

    DE Options (FA):
     Dwight Freeney  (2 stars) Age: 35
     Da'Quan Bowers (2 stars) Age: 25
    John Abraham (2 stars) Age: 37
    Corey Wootton (1.5 stars) Age: 28
    Tim Jamison (1.5 stars) Age: 29
    Mathias Kiwanuka (1.5 stars) Age: 32
    Shaun Phillips (1.5 stars)   Age: 34
    Really picking at the bottom of barrel at this point. With how poorly Ealy is playing I would prefer a vet over bringing up someone from the practice squad. Freeney was actually decent last year according to PFF despite the low sack total.
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  3. amcoolio added a post in a topic Bias Confirmed   

    Anyone have a clip of the hit?
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  4. amcoolio added a post in a topic Is it a two horse race or will Atlanta fold?   

    Look at their schedule. They're a near lock for 11 wins at least. 
    We're the only winning team left on their schedule and its week 3
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  5. amcoolio added a post in a topic Death by a thousand cuts..DE position on the ropes   

    I thought Ealy was garbage today and I'm sure his PFF grade will show it again. He didn't even try on that last Saints TD. 
    Our d-line is in big trouble, IMO. Even though we won and are 3-0 im not drinking the "oh we won so stfu and enjoy the win and don't be negative" coolaid. We'll probably be fine next week against the Bucs, but that Packers game will be brutal. 
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  6. amcoolio added a post in a topic Interesting Stat From PFF   

    The line will be fine this season. Jacksonville and Houston are two very physical D-Lines and both top 5. (St. Louis, Jacksonville, Houston, Miami, Buffalo the top 5). The Saints, Falcons, and Bucs have horrid pass rush so we should be able to dominate those games.
    However, I would still go OT in the 1st round of the draft. Kalil could pull a Gross and Oher is a replacement level player who would be good depth. To me, there are three glaring holes on this team preventing them from being Super Bowl contenders, and we need to shore up at least two of them in the draft and pick the other for free agency...... OT, WR, and DE.  However the league has never seen such a dearth of OT talent right now so the only way to improve that position will be the draft.... Likewise, the league has a giant surplus of WR talent so we might be able to shore that up in free agency.
    It's amazing and depressing that the league has never seen so much WR talent yet the Panthers currently don't have a top 60 WR on the roster.....Which means that every other team in the league could pick two WR's before the Panthers could pick their first.... Benjamin was a huge blow. 
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  7. amcoolio added a post in a topic what the ain'ts fans are saying   

    I have a strange feeling we lose this game, like New Orleans spent all training camp and the first two weeks to prepare for this Carolina game out of spite.  However if its Luke McNown I don't see how they score any points.
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  8. amcoolio added a post in a topic Could the Panthers Possibly Run the Table?   

    Our defense is still top 5 but our offense is bottom 7. I think we will struggle to score if we get behind 2 scores in the 2nd half. We have the worst receiving core in the league, and there's no way a 16-0 team can overcome that.
    I am fully confident about 10-6 now though, considering the NFC east could conceivably be won by the Kirk Cousins Redskins.
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  9. amcoolio added a post in a topic The Bucs   

    Also, I had the game on the big screen in my bar (there were a few tampa fans who wanted it on) so I caught most of it. Tennessee gave up and started running out the clock near the end of the third quarter. Mariota only played three quarters. Thats gotta be insulting and embarrassing if you're a Tampa fan!
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  10. amcoolio added a post in a topic The Bucs   

    To be fair the Bucs D is mind blowingly awful.... in all phases of defense. Good job SI putting David on the cover as the best linebacker. Its probably not his fault but Tampa Bay might be borderline legendarily terrible in the secondary this season. I'm licking my chops starting whoever plays them in draft kings, and also I can't wait when Cam destroys them (and we also play them the last game of the season, what a bonus)
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  11. amcoolio added a post in a topic The Bucs   

    Even if its the first game, there is so much bad tackling and missed coverage going on, Cam could have a 48 fantasy point game against them again. How does a Lovie Smith D look this putrid? Mariota looks like Aaron Rodgers
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  12. amcoolio added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    The Bucs
    Holy crap, they look awful on both sides of the ball. And Barnwell picked them to win the division again 
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  13. amcoolio added a post in a topic USA Today: Cameron Artis Payne will be OROTY   

    They are gonna run Stewart into the ground then release him after the year, even if he puts up all-pro numbers. Unless multiple injuries I doubt CAP gets close to OROTY
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  14. amcoolio added a post in a topic Panthers - Jaguars - What Jaguar Fans Are Saying   

    Its going to be very low scoring. Probably something like 12-6. Two of the worst offenses in the NFL and two top 10 defenses. Start the Jags and Panthers D's in fantasy.
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  15. amcoolio added a post in a topic My final 53 man roster projection   

    Not a chance we keep 7 LB and only 4 CB, especially with those CB's injury history
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