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  1. 2015 Draft

    Shaq, Mayo, Williams and CAP are all four picks that were used for the future. Shaq to replace Davis, Mayo to replace Klein, Williams to replace Oher (at the time) and CAP to work into the #2 role. Funchess' growth was stunted by the need for him to learn different positions.
  2. Kia is generally reserved for a part-time bartender.
  3. Joe Person is dumb

    I saw the original tweet and just read it as disappointed. Use to having to do that with Joe, lol.
  4. Joe Person is dumb

    Or...could be a typo? Sure it could be a terrible oversight but we're all human. Especially Joe Person.
  5. Eric Davis


  7. Who is in your playoff

    I would be incredibly surprised if Fedora isn't offered a HUGE raise after this season.
  8. Look closely...

    Michael Oher giving that "Surprise Butt Sex" look.
  9. We should be able to clinch a spot if we beat Dallas.  I'm just speculating though, I know nothing.
  10. Going to be a long one guys

    No worries, the league will make a change and give us either smaller padding on goalies or bigger nets.
  11. Fallout 4

    I see everyone playing it and I'm just like....
  12. Julius Salty Zebras on the payroll I love shredded cheese.
  13. Luke on Total Access tonight

    People gotta be popular on the internet bruh.
  14. What is your wrestling walk out song?

    Black Label Society - Funeral Bell