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  1. I am just a wee working peasant and couldn't afford those golden tickets to the great game!I did spend all of me livestock to go to the ones against those terrible birds,,please tell tales of great lore to me yearning ears and eyes!A picture or 2 would be nice also!
  2. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Only thing that concerns me is their D and the Panthers heads getting too big!Defenses win championships but we have a D too and Payton is going to have a hard time against our D!
  3. I hope their heads don't get too big,confidence is good,thinking you already won it before stepping on the field is foolish!I hope Ron Rivera keeps everything even keeled!
  4. An omen from Chinatown San Francisco....

    That horse looks pretty gay!
  5. Sweet Carolina

    Sweet Caroline,duhn duhn duhn,I can't believe the Panthers are so good....SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD...!
  6. Panthers Practice Update - California Knows How To Party

    Are those guys trying to sweat a lot or are they cold natured,it wasn't that cold this week?
  7. I read some of the posts from Friday saying tickets were going as low as 150 and below,now from all the ticket selling sites,it is rare to see one below $200!Hopefully I can haggle w/some of the scalpers!
  8. Weather Impact?

    The weather is a tad warmer than I thought it would be,i still hope  some folks wimp out,I need a ticket!
  9. Maximize Your Gameday Volume

    It being in the 30s w/no wind is not as cold as you think(I was night skiing last night w/temps in the low teens and 25 MPH winds,30s will feel downright balmy)but bring an extra layer you don't need just in case!If you get cold just jump up and down,bang on chairs(Panther D on field) and yell!Drink more this will make you forget about the cold and motivate you to make a ruckus!When the Panther O is on the field that is your time to get another beer,when the Panther D is on the field your duty is to be in your seats making noise!
  10. Somewhat cold temps=chance for me to get tickets!
  11. I drove my Honda Civic up to the mountains Saturday and came back late at night,conditions were a lot worse than here BTW!Don't be like those idiots down in Atlanta you are better than that,just be mindful of the road and get to the tailgate,you will be fine!
  12. Non American NFL teams

    CT is in New England,WA=SeaHawks,Al has their own pro team-Alabama,OK-maybe but Oklahoma City doesn't seem very big!
  13. Non American NFL teams

    That would be a Chinese expansion team!
  14. Non American NFL teams

    NFL Europe was around for several seasons and by the last season,5 out of 6 teams were in Germany!If there was to be an expansion team anywhere in Europe,I'd say Duetchland(sp)(Germany)!Yeah the German crowd is kind of weird they all whistle making it sound like a swarm of angry crickets but hey,they seem to love football!
  15. Non American NFL teams

    Either Montreal or Toronto,of course Toronto probably has some Bills fans!