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  1. The refs are all in on New England this game.
  2. If you are a fan of football you almost can't help but be a fan of the patriots. 44 nobodies and they consistently whip ass. Do I hate them? Absolutely.
  3. Caption This Pic

    His Dad couldn't win the superbowl with Dan Marino.
  4. Let's not forget age demographics. There is a substantial difference in number of consumers between the baby boomer and the Gen Xer's - something like 2 boomers for every 1 Gen X'er. There are almost as many millennials as there are boomers but maybe they aren't as fanatical about football as the boomers are. Put simply, it's possible that a lot of NFL fans are dieing or getting too old to care and there are not enough physical bodies to replace these numbers.
  5. These contracts are really going to suck when the CAP decreases. When does the next TV deal get negotiated?
  6. Got PSL's?

    Also, @BigCat Someone was telling me that in the lower sections (where I am not) your PSL's are only a 5 year lease and have to be repurchased every five years. Is that true?
  7. Got PSL's?

    meh, I've already mentally prepared myself for this. At some point the Panthers will get a new stadium and the only value my PSL's will have is to entitle me to be the first in line to buy new PSL's.
  8. Jordan Gross : "The Barista"

    I think I'd rather read his diet book. Cause I need to lose 85 lbs in less than a year. Step 1: Stop doing roids. Step 2: Quit eating meals with Ryan Kalil
  9. I Expect A Big Game From CJ Sunday.

    Yup he never came back from that.
  10. McCaffrey has crazy eyes. It looks like he's deciding who to shiv on the way out the room.
  11. was that a seahawk chewing on an eagle on the QB bench scene?
  12. DG (Grille not Gettleman) used to offer free shuttle rides to the games from their location on East Morehead. We did this a couple of times last year and it was great. Free transport to and from Morehead and free beers on the way all for the cost of a pretty good brunch (if you weren't one of the cheap scum bags that just walked up to the shuttle without patronizing the restaurant). I don't see any mention of it on their website this year and we haven't seen the shuttles when driving up Morehead on game days this year. Does anyone know if they have discontinued this service? I was planning on going there tomorrow night. TIA.
  13. Gettlemagic?

    Gettle also brought in Jonathan Martin the same year he got Oher so he doubled up on a starting left tackle that year. Unfortunately Martin was 'going through some stuff' and never did make it back to the NFL but if he had worked out that really would have been gettlemagic.
  14. I wonder if his coke whore girlfriend has spent all of that money yet?
  15. Air Coryell

    Serious question ... why isn't Samuel a 'deep threat' receiver? His 40 time was better than TY Hilton's and only 0.03 seconds slower than Ted Ginn's. Surely he can catch 'as well' as Ginn? Is it just a matter of establishing his credentials with a few deep completions? Also, what happened to the 2015 Cam that would hard count the defense one or two times per game and audible out of plays if the defense had an obvious tell. I mean if I can see the that the safety is going to blitz from my living room couch with 10 seconds before the snap why can't Cam? It's almost like he is refusing to change the play call to spite Shula. Of course that's on those rare occasions when we don't snap the ball in the last 2 seconds on the play clock (and I think I just answered my own question).