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  1. People act like this is the fugging NBA where one player can effect the outcome of the game. News flash - talent isn't that important. There's 11 guys out there and it doesn't matter if 3 of them are the best ever to play the position - if the other 8 don't know what they're doing or where they're supposed to be it's still going to be a train wreck. If you have 11 JAG's that are disciplined and well coached and in a system that they can handle then you will beat 11 superstars without those things 99 times out of 100. It's not like the difference between the best player in the NFL and the worst player in the NFL is the difference between high school football and the probowl. I'm not even saying that Ron and Co. are terrible coaches (OK , I am saying that) ... the problem is the same as we saw with FOXY. When you have an average or below average coaching staff sticking around TOOOOO DAMN LONG it leads to stagnation. These players have tuned out the coaches and who can blame them? Sometimes it's not that the coach is bad, , sometimes it's just time for them to go. Ron, it's time for you to go.
  2. Discuss.....

    If he keeps this up we won't be able to afford him.
  3. Perfection Defined

    I don't know which I liked better ... this one or the forward flip to CMC.
  4. Cam Newton in the last 2 games

    Cam could do this every week if he's getting "pressured" like today. Then again, most NFL QB's could too. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing Cam playing this well but I couldn't help thinking that he was having all day to throw. He's hell-a accurate when he has time. The playbook on Cam hasn't changed. Hit him early and often. Same as it ever was (and it's true for every NFL QB).
  5. There's plenty of empty seats at BOA. However not nearly as many as in that picture of Atlanta's stadium. It's a running joke in our section because the PA always thanks the fans for "Xth consecutive sell out" and we're looking at a whole bunch of empty seats.
  6. Watching the bears packers game last night reminded me that Rivera is basically Fox 2.0 Blind loyalty to his vets over more talented younger players. Stupid personnel decisions. Poor in game decision making. Jerry's got a "type" that he likes and that's what we are always going to end up with.
  7. Inconsistency of rule enforcement, selective timing of enforcing holding and PI, inconsistency of what a completed pass is ... these are bigger issues that are dooming the future of the NFL than the flag/ anthem issue (IMO). Goodell et al are destroying the integrity and purity of the sport.
  8. I was cursing Shula last week for every 3rd and short situation where Stew wasn't even on the field. Stupid is Stupid.
  9. Do you trust the Players?

    I don't trust the coaching. It shouldn't be up to the players. You don't execute, you don't play. With Hurney back I don't see the degree of accountability going up, either.
  10. Who was the bills quarterback again? Pretty easy to stop McCoy because it was literally the ONLY threat Buffalo had.
  11. I'll know after we play a real offense. Probably week 4 will be the first real test.
  12. When is enough enough

    Cam's going to have to get a hell of a lot WORSE before I will consider him the problem. Does no one recall what we had at quarterback before Cam got here? I recall with Delhomme I would always cringe when he dropped back to pass - unless he was going to smitty it was a 50/50 proposition (in my mind) of which team was going to get the reception. Cam is extremely talented and he's got talent in his wide receivers and running backs. The problem is scheme. We couldn't block Shaq Lawson and Dareus yesterday and it didn't seem to matter where they lined up. Good OC's will see that and send in plays, ON TIME, that negate the pass rush. All I saw yesterday was 3 or 4 wide outs on deep or medium routes. Very few slants, screens, or crossing patterns from our best slot receiver. Big contrast watching Matt Ryan last night getting to the line of scrimmage with 18 seconds on the play clock and having a chance to actually see what the defense is showing. Cam usually gets to the same point with 8 seconds on the play clock.
  13. We buy a big drink (unlimited refills) and fill it with ice. I use the ice to cool the back of the neck and it makes the heat pretty manageable. We are on the West side of the stadium though so the sun is mostly at our backs. I can't imagine being on the East side it looks like people are getting cooked over there.
  14. Peppers having the time of his life

    Well ... it's too late to change my handle ... I'd hate to lose all that rep!
  15. Cam Newton | The Field General

    It would help if Shula could get the play in with more than 8 seconds left on the clock. Not a lot of time for studying the defensive alignment.