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  1. ok2h8pep added a post in a topic Not panthers related but IDGAF...   

    Can't believe I made it to page 8 and no one has asked "Can she play left tackle?"
    She looks like Norwell's twin.
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  2. ok2h8pep added a post in a topic Completley unimpressed with Bucs Cheerleaders   

    TOTY contender.   Pie sent.
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  3. ok2h8pep added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread   

    This has been my favorite game so far this year.  First time it won't come down to the last play of the game.  My heart appreciates it.
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  4. ok2h8pep added a post in a topic Kuechly Officially OUT for Third Straight Week. We Need Answers.   

    Hippa regulations are federal law.  ERISA regulations may also apply.   Any contract that stipulated mandatory employee disclosure of protected health information to the employer would be both void and illegal.
    It's an interesting point though - It's routine for coaches to discuss player injuries.  In the real world, my employer isn't even allowed to know what I'm seeing my doctor for, much less to disclose it to the public.  Health insurance pays an employees claims but there is supposed to be a firewall between the employers H.R. department and the health insurance company.
    The only questions that a typical employer is allowed to answer regarding an employee is to confirm whether or not the employee works (or worked) there.
    I wonder how the NFL gets around this?
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  5. ok2h8pep added a post in a topic Shula called a better game today than McDermott   

    "What do you guys think is different this year?  Sure AF isn't the talent."
    Shula isn't doing anything different.  The difference is that the O Line is providing the extra 1.5 seconds for Shula's 'takes forever to develop' play scheming to work.
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  6. ok2h8pep added a post in a topic Week 3 WIN against New Orleans - Stats & Analysis   

    Ronde said during the broadcast that "70 or 75%" of games in the NFL are decided by 7 points or less.  I don't know where he gets this information but this week only 6 of the 15 games (40%)  were decided within that margin.  It might have just been Ronde being Ronde.
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  7. ok2h8pep added a post in a topic Charles Johnson Injury   

    I don't think CJ ever got back to 100% after being leg whipped (if memory serves) .. was it against the Patriots in the 2013 season?
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  8. ok2h8pep added a post in a topic GoFundMe Campaign for dear friend   

    Little known fact is that if you pay the healthcare providers (not the insurance company, the actual care providers) as little as $1 per month they cannot do anything to you in terms of credit nor garnishment.  It is the law but it isn't advertised for obvious reasons.  As long as you make a good faith effort to pay your bills they cannot take action against you.  Just don't miss a payment.
    LOL at people blaming the evil insurance companies.  If Car insurance was like health insurance your oil changes would be covered but you would be paying $500 per month for the coverage.  Blame congress.
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  9. ok2h8pep added a post in a topic Why do Officials hate us?   

    I have long been skeptical of penalties in the NFL.  I think rather than say "they're calling the game against us" it might be more accurate to say "they're calling the game for the spread" or "the story".
    If you recall the last regular season game of the 2013 season when we beat the patriots - Keek clearly mugged Gronk in the endzone - no call.  I don't bet but I wish someone who did would start posting results versus the spread for all NFL games.
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  10. ok2h8pep added a post in a topic Is there a way to watch the Panthers live overseas?   

    USTVNOW.com  free trial.  Need to register with from an IP outside of the US.  Gives you local channels including NFL games.
    I've used it and it works as advertised.
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