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  1. He did have a catch against Dallas and I don't recall it being called back.....maybe I'll go rewatch it for the hell of it
  2. Ummmm that was his SECOND career catch......impressive, but second none the less
  3. Clicheking

    I Think We Will See More of DJ Moore

    Its been going on longer than Ron's era. When is the last time we signed a young draftee to a 2nd contract not named Smith or Muhammad
  4. Clicheking

    Curtis Samuel

    Not coming back until after the bye...deal with it
  5. Yep sounds like all fans are invited, pretty cool idea. I wonder if there's a entry fee??
  6. Clicheking

    Where was C.J. today

    Didn't really make a case for more playing time. Soon as we gave him a chance, he let us down twice.
  7. He'd rather turn down 5 million dollars in salary than play one more second for the Bills.........he made the right decision
  8. Funchess so inconsistent...makes a great catch but will drop a easy one
  9. That reverse weak side roll out been whooping our ass all game
  10. DJ Moore!!!!!!!!! Holy fug That's a grown ass man
  11. Cj needs to give us our money back
  12. They should of lit Matt Ryan the fug up.... Three defenders converged on him and he out muscles them into the endzone
  13. Got Matt Ryan looking like Michael Vick out here