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  1. Bears Extend Fox for Five Years

    "It is what it is" "we picked a bad day to have a bad day" "sometimes a punt is a good play"
  2. Derek Anderson with a veteran move

    Feels weird not seeing Webb in that picture.....the pains still real to me damn it!!!!
  3. So you're saying there's a chance
  4. Luke rebounding nicely after last week's game
  5. Run game non existent
  6. Luke Kuechly

    Gonna chalk it up as a bad game, but man that was brutal to watch. Everyone has one I guess (see Cam week 3)
  7. Leadership........gurantee they won't get another td
  8. Well at least it's good seats
  9. You can STFU about Funchess now

    He's on pace for 68 rec, 864 yds, and 8 td's....I'll take it
  10. Funchess no question
  11. Our next GM hands down....

    No way J.R will get rid of his boyfriend a second time. Hurney is gonna be gm until Jerry expires..
  12. Matt Kalil is not worth the money

    We got ourselves a lemon boys....gonna be a long couple years