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  1. Is Norwood the worst Gettleman move to date?

    Why is this happening??
  2. Finnegan will start off as a nickel CB

    Misleading thread is misleading. Quote doesn't imply he'll start out wide or even be the starting nickel. Just that he will play nickel when he does play
  3. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    We had to make a move, we can't keep playing Colin at nickel. Fine by as long as he keeps his mouth shut and stays in line
  4. Last man standing pie!!!!

    You and me both....time to hit the at 8     #keeppounding
  5. We're the worst undefeated team in the league!!!

    Fixed it...not to drunk for proper grammer
  6. Fug you media, haters, and analyst.......11-0 keep pounding!!!       Dab on them folk   I'm drunk
  7. Panther's should fear Bucs

    The Giants are horrible!! You guys should really stop buying into the media hype regarding the NFC East, that whole division is trash. Just because their talked about excessivelly doesn't mean they are to be feared. Bucs are the only team that have a chance remaining, because for startera their the best team we'll face and we have a possibility of resting players. 
  8. I always thought Lane Kiffin was an @hole

     Cam will slap the s*** out that kid
  9. Cam to Bama Hater:"I'll slap the S*** out of you"

    I knew this was coming...tmz at its finest
  10. Fine Art

    Pretty sure it's a Chris Gamble jersey....note the old logo
  11. A Proud Mother

    One of my all time favorite pics....bravo
  12. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    I had to read it twice myself.....Ohhh and I forgot to include Dwayne Jarrett on my above list of horrible Hurney picks and no list of Horrible Hurney picks is complete without him. My apologies
  13. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

    Wow I love it. My favorite player....give that man a statue when he retires
  14. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    Not sure if your joking or serious. Of that list Johnson, Norman, Kalil, Nortman, Capn, Wharton and Witherspoon and Hardy were impactful play FOR Carolina. Mathis and Barnidge after they left, most of those other players are marginal players at best, and/or don't have any business on a championship level team ie: Nick Hayden, Jeff King. I got a list for you: Everrette Brown, Jimmy Clause, Sione Fua, Terrell Mclain, Amanti Edwards, Attiyah Ellison, Kilah Pilares, Eric Shelton, Duke Robinson, Corvey Irvin,  Sherrod Martin,  Eric Norwood, Brandon Hogan. A lot of the players were 2nd and 3rd rounders and lasted less than a year.....He literally hit on 12-15 players out a possible 60+, that means 75% of the players he drafted after the 1st couldn't make the team. For a team that doesn't do much in free agency that will cripple your frannchise for example the 2011 season.
  15. Johnson and Hardy

    You can can tell he misses our guys and not just because of our record. Don't get me wrong he put himself in this situation, but you can tell he's not getting the help he needs in that circus. From his first press conference to Jerry Jones statements that place is a dumpster fire. Hopefully he get's himself together.