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  1. Cam Newton disappointed me

    So this is what it feels like to be entitled....
  2. Awesome love seeing that. The future of our franchise is in good shape
  3. Such A Tease...

    If only it was true.....don't worry peanut we'll win this one for you. KB you'll star in next years
  4. Epic.....m'fn epic. I watch all of those 'hitler reacts' videos and that may be the best one ever.
  5. Colin kapernick was right

    Fug Colin Kapernick.....
  6. That's the first time I've ever heard that brought up that I can recall. It's always been a dirty little secret the team never talks about....with that said I doubt any of our guys would be dumb enough to do that or anything else illegal this week anyway.
  7. Can we just consolidate these into one thread, this poo is getting really old. F'ing up my mood for superbowl week.
  8. I was never a big D will fan but I've been to really dislike him after his release. The exaggerated story about no one came to his mom's funeral(lie), his comments after being released, and how he tried to turn it into a circus....Go spend those millions you didn't earn and keep your mouth shut
  9. Maybe I'll watch it just for that. I just turned it to the game and they showed players on the sideline taking selfies with self
  10. Why Dave Gettleman isn't GM of the Giants

    An other reason I think we have an advantage in the Superbowl is Gettleman. People forget he "turns off" his typical Gm duties during the playoffs, like scouting free agents, college players, etc and takes it back to he's Director of pro personal scouting days. In other words he helps Ron and crew review and breakdown down film for the post season and create gameplans. By all accounts he was the best in the league at doing so.........May God help Denver
  11. The 12s just won't let it go...

    To echo the points of @alliesend their like the Pistons walking off the court against the Bulls and not shaking their hands. Their mad because their time is over and our has just begun. When they signed up to be Seahawks fans in 2013 they probably thought they'd be going to the superbowl every to be them
  12. Yep

    Awesome you deserve it so capitan.....Can't wait (bart star voice)
  13. Anyone else going to watch the SB alone?

    People at work keep asking me where I'm going to watch it at. I told them probably by myself, because I want to be alone with my emotions. They asked me are you going to cry.....I said probably   I'm kidding                   No I'm not
  14. Marques Douglas

    Thanks for the update,  I was dying to know what he was up off to Google I go to see who he is.
  15. Beware...

    If your not married your single...btw Cam has great taste