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  1. steve had a horrible temper and he still does. but the thing that made him great was how much he demanded that his teammates around him be great. nobody took blocking assignments like a joke when smith was here. he was the captain of the WR squad and everybody bought in. with revisionist history, it's clear that smith was the engine on those early 2000's playoff teams and almost took us to the championship by force of will. the times he got physical on his teammates were childish and a total embarrassment. there's no apology for that. with that said, a lot of steve's tactics were designed to test these dudes man to man to get the best out of them. when people made stupid mistakes on those teams, defense or offense it didn't matter, it wasn't fox they didn't want to see on the sidelines, it was steve. the reason he could do that is because you NEVER caught steve out there dragging ass. he could check you all day because you could go over the tape ten times and never find that man at half speed on anything. some people would call that veteran leadership. the dudes that went out there and wore the game, he never got in their jersey. he was always, always on the bums. did that make him a "fun" teammate? probably not. did that make him a "bad" teammate? probably not. sometimes you need a presence in the room that holds the players accountable because they're already used to tuning out coaches by the time they get to the league. when you have a guy that coaches can't reach, you need steve. he crossed the line on that sometimes. the thing that steve didn't like about cam, cam needed to grow out of. we can frame it however we want, but cam in those early years would check out of games early. hang his head on the sdielines. just show way too much weakness. cam has grown into the type of quarterback that steve would respect in the years since, but let's not act like cam coming into the league was as team success driven and as focused as he is now. he quit a few times in a few of the early challenges of his career. but as he grew into a man here, it was a visible transformation. steve knew his job was to help him get there, but it doesn't seem like cam was receptive to that kind of tough love. he needed to get there on his own. you can love them both and still not hate this story.
  2. agreed. this looks a lot like the onset of schizophrenia to me more than some weird drug induced trip. there aren't a lot of drugs that would cause this kind of reaction. talking about "going to fight with Jesus" in particular seems concerning. those with severe mental health issues at times believe they're being divinely guided. nonetheless, there's a lot of embarrassing poo on the first few pages of this thread. people are cold as hell.
  3. Vagrant

    Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    And a big fat fug you to everybody that was apologizing for this mother fuger with your "derp he wasn't technically found guilty derp" bullshit when the facts of the case were so overwhelming against Hardy. Hopefully some of you blind ass homers learned a lesson from this. Just because a dude wears black and blue doesn't make him a Panther that deserves your respect and admiration. This thread is full of the same back biting people who were defending this cat tooth and nail and calling for Goodell's head for having him on the exemption list, which I'm sure at least half of you will deny.
  4. Vagrant

    Final Panthers Cuts

    Do we have to read 30 pages of garbage before finding out who the cuts are or do we have a real thread with a running tally?
  5. Vagrant

    Hardy Case Dismissed

    Correct. A settlement would mean nothing in a criminal case. However, paying off the star witness of the prosecution to take a vacation and not be available to her lawyers or to the court means that they have no recourse but to rule against her in the proceedings. Hardy being able to buy himself a not guilty verdict means a hell of a lot more to his career than however much it cost him to have her disappear. Because if you'll remember, this "flake" made every single one of her other court dates before mysteriously dropping off the face of the earth. Not just chilling at home, either. She's making it damn sure that she isn't going to be found for this.
  6. Vagrant

    Hardy Case Dismissed

    All evidence suggests that they haven't been able to get in touch with Holder for many, many months. Last contact being in October. Looks like he did exactly that. But you can't get a case dismissed until the accuser actually "no shows" on the trial date. That's why the trial date being bumped past the end of the season meant that we weren't going to see Hardy on the field this season.
  7. Vagrant

    Hardy Case Dismissed

    It's funny how people think this means none of this happened. What you're seeing is Greg Hardy taking some of that cash he didn't work for and paying Holder to make it go away. Jerry Richardson's money going towards some woman's blow habit is just as insulting as Greg being found guilty in the first place. I still have zero doubts he did it, or else this "civil settlement" to make her leave town wouldn't have been required. Greg made a smart financial investment. Take a few million and leave town, let me get my not guilty verdict, and we'll all be happy. That's why you pay the lawyers.
  8. Vagrant

    Ted "Born A" Ginn

    I won't say it's a fluke, because dude is fast, but 7 catches over 3 games isn't all that much to get excited about. The fact that we haven't been moving the chains effectively enough with Steve, Brandon, and Greg is a problem. Ginn is good for a surprise deep route every game, and to his credit Cam has been delivering the ball on time for the most part, but if he gets too predictable on those routes we lose that weapon too because Ginn simply can't make tough catches in traffic or over dudes. Better teams aren't going to let Ginn do this all season especially with our other guys underperforming and dropping catchable passes. Remember that time Armanti Edwards was supposed to break out this season too? Damn.
  9. I can't believe how useless Person is at reporting cuts. He's literally finding out after players post it themselves and citing "league sources", when he should be the league source. You're the beat writer. Talk to somebody.
  10. Nahhh... that's way too high of a score (gets way too diffcult at about 25k points). I don't have the time to put into it. OK, I have the time, but I'd rather use it for more... engaging games. :P Congratulations though; I want an autograph!

  11. LOL! It got a little laggy on my screen for some reason I think it worked to my benefit. More reaction time. I guess in some way that is cheating.... but hey, it gives you something to shoot for now.

  12. rep when it comes back!

  13. You're the man, Dan. Thanks for engaging with the Charlotte community.