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  1. He needs to figure out how to run routes to the first down marker. I have been really encouraged about everything about his game except field awareness.
  2. then you need to admit you cheer for a jersey and not for the guys wearing them. your jersey has a blank back, captain loyalty?
  3. it always surprises me, even though it shouldn't, how quick fans are to turn on players once they no longer deem them useful to the team. it's so weird to see Julius Peppers who left us and returned be treated with more dignity than CJ who signed on to stay with us and was with us through the lean times. it wasn't a personal sacrifice because he was paid very well, but he's also probably the 3rd best defensive lineman to ever play for the team and the one that spent the duration of his prime here. if you don't retire on top you eventually become the villain. john kasay of all people experienced the same thing. steve smith. jake delhomme. tomorrow it will jonathan stewart. then cam newton after that. oh well.
  4. 38 yard run and you guys let some troll rustle your jimmies about the 10 he didn't get. if this play disappointed you in the slightest, you're looking for a reason to be disappointed. that's no way to live.
  5. not to mention this angle is deceptive as hell. there's no way he was beating that safety to the corner. but yeah dude, he sucks so bad look at this 30 yard run from a draw.
  6. positional value really screws up the ranking list. it would be more fair to compare CMC to the 2nd RB taken in every draft the past ten years or so than to make a list like this. 2016 - Derrick Henry 2015 - Melvin Gordon 2014 - Jeremy Hill 2013 - Le'Veon Bell 2012 - Doug Martin 2011 - Ryan Williams 2010 - Ryan Matthews 2009 - Donald Brown 2008 - Jonathan Stewart 2007 - Marshawn Lynch
  7. LMAO

    if you knew how many marketing hours, social media shill accounts, and how much financial backing it took to have catchphrases like that take hold it probably wouldn't feel as cool to say it. if your sense of humor is a bud light commercial that's good for you, you must laugh a lot. i guess i'm just a killjoy
  8. LMAO

    we live in a culture that as opposed to intervention whips out their cell phones so they catch the next viral video.
  9. the fact that someone is proud they started this makes me laugh more than whatever this is supposed to be.
  10. Charlotte @ Minnesota

    Frank had a horrible defensive game yesterday. -31 plus minus. Kemba was next worse at -18. That's hard to do.
  11. Was Cam possessed yesterday or What

    There are a few reasons for what happened yesterday in my mind. Cam always loves to play the Falcons. That's his childhood team. He wants to ball out on them. Plus, when we traded away KB I think Cam took it personally. Cam has been under constant scrutiny this year. The love fest that was 2015 is clearly over. He's said a few things that alluded to the fact that he's not feeling very appreciated. "I doubt they'll throw a parade for me when I leave." was one of the more telling quotes in my opinion. He feels like the Charlotte media is out for blood against him and the national media has literally always been. He's conflicted about the front office stance on protests and the "us vs. them" dynamic that has been fostered this year by the politicization of the sport. Then the team decides to trade his best friend and primary target. How many franchise QBs would have this done to them? Cam said it himself. No concerns about self-preservation yesterday. He wasn't playing a style that was interested in prolonging his career. He was going to go out and give the most dynamic performance we've seen out of him in a couple of years. He delivered on it. I hope it's just more to come. Cam against the world.
  12. Cam said no

    Cam pushed Rivera's special teams unit off the field. Can you imagine someone doing that to Bill Cowher? Parcells? Bellichek? Probably not, because Riverboat Ron wet his pants and caved.
  13. I'm just going to ignore every thread started here that opens with a self congratulatory sentiment and assume that was the reason the post was made. we should have a sticky thread called "things I was right about" and make it a gigantic circle jerk.
  14. My biggest gripe with this situation is the idea that your offensive play caller is so inept that he can't discern this on his own, but you don't fire him. You let him run into the same brick wall every week and hope he just "gets it." Instead, the realization never comes and in order to force him to diversify his playcalling you give up an asset and get nothing tangible in return. Nobody was forcing him to run these two players as WR1 and WR2. You're trying to make a playcaller less stupid by taking AWAY options rather than giving him more. Let me know how that goes.
  15. Jimmy deserved to go somewhere and play. I think there are times when you realize as a GM that you're holding a guy's career hostage to have him sit behind an entrenched option at QB. One or two years is fine, but when you start trading backups to the backup like Jacoby and they go on to play competently it's just a bad look to continue to deny a player an opportunity to start somewhere. Since Tom isn't close to talking about retirement, you probably would have to sit him at least 2 more years.
  16. U-G-L-Y

    this was a straight up gimmick play and probably what Shula classifies as "creativity." pulling the interior line to the other side of the LOS to sell an end around that was designed to send the defensive momentum to the other side of the field. unfortunately that means that Ed Dickson and Matt Kalil are in charge of identifying the most immediate threat to the ball carrier which is going to end badly for you. knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your players and designing plays that emphasize those strengths is what makes an OC great. not much more to be said.
  17. Cam's Beef with the Local Media

    the issue of sexism was a story because Cam Newton is a celebrity and a well-known name. random two cent reporter having something racist in her twitter history isn't exactly high profile. in short, it wasn't news because Jourdan doesn't have the celebrity to make it news. she herself was only news for being in the orbit of Cam and without him as context, her story isn't interesting to anyone. I don't see it as an elaborate ploy by a malicious media outlet that someone unimportant nationally said some stupid things a few years ago and it didn't get the BREAKING NEWS treatment. oh well. can this die already?
  18. Panthers are working out Roberto Aguayo

    wouldn't this feel like an open admission we bucked up with futker
  19. For the love of all that is holy

    it's what the stats will never tell you about Smitty and they say a lot. he raised the effort level of every WR in his orbit because he was not only the most talented WR on the roster but he was the one with the most heart. there are people that play football that aren't football players and then there are guys like him. I still feel like the reason he didn't work well with Cam is because Cam isn't the type to gain respect from someone checking him. Smith was insistent on effort from every player on offense. They were scared to not execute because they didn't want Steve in their face on the sidelines. The defense has a ton of that accountability and there's precious little on the offensive side. Greg is pretty aww shucks, KB wouldn't know fire unless it burned his steak. Cam just pouts when things start going badly. It would be refreshing for someone to be like "No, that's not how we're doing this. Pick up your purse." A coach, a player.... anyone. Zero accountability on that side of the ball. Cam is so affected by the swings of the game it's ridiculous. When things are going well he's unbeatable. When things aren't he's just not able to get out of that mindset that everything sucks and I can't help us.
  20. the similarities between CMC and Reggie Bush are eerie. similar size. similar games. CMC will be very reliant upon his offensive line for push on his designed runs and will always be more valuable as a receiver. he's not a dive play running back. he needs space and he needs pulling linemen. the problem is that we don't have a strong road grading tackle to run behind on either side and our interior linemen are more suited to straight line blocking than pulling because they're insanely strong but not quick enough to get around the tackle for tosses and sweeps. the real idea should be to get him in a bunch formation behind Funchess and KB for quick hitter screens and let them go one on one with corners in matchups they should win no problem.
  21. people still denying this was a concussion need to face facts. it sucks. luke doesn't miss games for hurt feelings. if they found a way to keep him off the field, it's a concussion. putting your fingers in your ears and humming isn't going to make it any less real. the good news is that his recovery rate appears to be shorter this time. hopefully they give him all the time he needs.
  22. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    It literally sounds like something a teenage girl would do. I love Cam to the end of the earth but that's corny as hell.
  23. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Rivera is scared shitless because he's in the middle of JR who is probably about as right of the dial as Jerry Jones breathing down his neck about what he wants the players to do and not do about the issue of protest and the players who feel they have every right to participate. So what does he do in this moment of manhood defining challenge? He turtles up and takes the absolute middle lane. The path of least resistance.
  24. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    as far as I am aware, contracts do not explicitly outline behavior during the anthem the way they do directly with media obligations. it's non-negotiable due to the symbiotic relationship between media for promotional purposes. there might be some future terminology built into contracts about protests in uniform, but the NFLPA will fight that to the very end of the earth. that would make the answer to the question that this isn't an issue of rationale, but one of contractual obligation where no grey area exists.
  25. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    A racism doesn't negate a sexism (and other stupid shat I never thought I would type). Neither negate the other. If he's pouting because he said something stupid, that makes him unrepentant for it. Which is stupid. It's on Cam to be a better man and it's on Jourdan to be a better woman. The fact that they both said and did stupid things doesn't make either of them entitled to the high ground here.