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  1. if the urgency to draft WR help wasn't here before, it's certainly here now. samuel's fragility/bad luck with injuries have been a storyline in his early career.
  2. XFL (Fans Above All)

    conspiracy theory/tinderbox theory: trump put him up to this to try to create a competing league and is going to say all kinds of good things about this.
  3. I'm less concerned about Norv than I am about the nepotism involved with filling the staff with his relatives. I think Norv himself is a great hire, but I have no idea about his son's qualifications to take over for Dorsey as position coach. That might have been a condition of his return regardless of location, as we certainly weren't the only ones interested, but it's a weird dynamic. there's nothing quite like the NFL's incestuous coaching structure. Hell, we just unburdened ourselves of one such dud that had his path in coaching carved this way.
  4. love when players play the family card. sounds like he's already packed his bags. good luck, man. go have fun being lambasted next season for being paid like an elite DT when the counting stats will never justify it. we didn't mind star's role here because of what KK is able to do, but I can already predict fans aren't going to be happy with the return wherever he signs because his game isn't explosive. we can't afford the luxury.
  5. what helps cam be as productive as he is on the ground is not the fact that he's an elite ball carrier, it's that he's an elite ball carrier for a quarterback. cam is at his most productive when the threat of his feet forces teams to spy him on every passing down and opens up the field in ways that our WR can't because they just can't consistently get separation. our WR are given 1 on 1 matchups on the outside every week because opposing defenses want to take away the middle of the field from Greg and they want to take away the run. if we just come out running draw plays for Cam, they're going to stack the box even more. one thing that is annoying about statistics is that they don't always take the right factors into account. it's like saying when X quarterback throws for 400 yards his team is undefeated. well.... yeah? when your quarterback plays well you're very likely to win. that isn't news. it doesn't mean that you can go out there and force 75 attempts so that your QB hits 400 yards and expect to win the game regardless of all other factors. so when Cam has X amount of carries, what it usually means is that our offense was moving the ball and we were getting first downs. it also likely means that many of those carries were drive extenders or red zone carries, not the primary reason we got down there if that makes sense. without the element of surprise as to when Cam's runs are coming, he's not nearly as effective unless you need a yard or less. you can just see by how many 6'5" runningbacks we have in the league that using your blocks is a small man's game. Cam's usage as a runner should come as a natural part of the diversity in play calling, not be the focus of it.
  6. the entire nba is on this weird ass downswing because all the great players refuse to play against each other. it's a generational thing. the only way you can successfully develop now is to get lucky in the draft and snag a star player that will attract other star players so that they choose your team as a destination in free agency. team loyalty is toast. the NBA has become an arms race and the best separate themselves from the field by such a wide margin it's ridiculous. the rest of the league ends up with a team full of role players on good teams and the occasional B+ player like Kemba who as good as he is just isn't enough to get his team to 40 wins alone. we all get excited about our 8th, 11th, 15th overall picks and hang the hopes of our franchise on that player becoming the star to get us to the next level but mostly they're just frank kaminsky, d.j. augustin, and adam morrison. this is the depressing reality of the nba and how the best players in the league are slowly killing what the previous generation worked so hard to build. the only solution is to clear enough cap space so that when the time comes you can compete financially for those high profile free agent tandems that come up once every couple of years and hope like hell you can draft and develop at least one all star to play with them. that or find the next generational talent in the lottery by some miracle. rebuilds suck but they're easy to get through. when you feel your team has a fundamental and unalterable disadvantage that barring an absolute miracle they will be terrible for an indefinite but not insignificant period of time it's just wholly deflating. nobody on our team starts on the warriors. how can anyone watch that 82 times a year?
  7. it's wild how easy people think it is to move a team. these things are seen coming years in advance in most cases. you can't just pick up a $2.6 billion dollar asset and plunk them down in the middle of some other place. there's contractual obligations, stadium deals, taxpayer money.... there's so much red tape it's preposterous almost and that's even when the team is actively trying to forward that process. relocation applications, league approval.... here's the thing. even if he's not an owner anymore, Jerry Richardson is one of the most powerful men in football. if he doesn't want this team to move, if he wants this to be a part of his legacy, it won't move. it will be sold to a party that has keeping the team in Carolina as a condition of the sale. I do think it's important for Richardson's legacy that the team doesn't move as a result of his impropriety. that would be the last dagger into his public image.
  8. everybody thinks society is so sensitive until it's your wife or daughter that richardson is standing up to look at her ass and making inappropriate comments. then he's an asshole. but until it hits close enough to home, it's just social justice warriors rallying around baseless claims trying to bring down a good man who has done a lot of good in our community and fed us biscuits. everybody is so damn fast to call bs on sexual harassment claims until their girlfriend comes to them with one against some random dude in the club. then you're all hot and bothered. well welcome to the society that your skepticism created.
  9. if funchess took a blindside block like that in front of you with clear contact to the head, you'd want cam out there saying the exact same things. don't be blind to what was an absolute dirty play by a very good man and football player. he got caught up and did something dumb and nothing that was said wasn't true. also, this is for y'all with the long ass memories. remember terrence murphy? he was drafted in the 2nd round the same year rodgers was drafted in the first by the packers. TD damn near killed that man on a kick return. ended his career in his 3rd game with a helmet to helmet contact hit.
  10. you haven't even heard what he was being accused of and you're already calling it a result of overly pc culture in which we live. you're writing the narrative in your mind already that this is some overblown misunderstanding and you know nothing of the facts. your defense is already constructed to dismiss this because you "admire" him. welcome to the ideology that has hidden predators in power for generations. there's nothing wrong with waiting to hear how this plays out before you decide how you feel on it, but your post is screaming the opposite. there's no guilty until proven innocent in my heart, but if he did something egregiously over the line then there's no defending that. what is being done here is just as reactionary as "shredding" him. you're forgiving him in advance.
  11. did anyone in the segment point out that this is a grown man that voluntarily watches wrestling?
  12. the coach and the gm are fighting for their jobs. they're not going to develop a player for the next guys if it means losing a few extra games. there's no eyes for the future in leadership roles. it's win now on the bench and in the front office and they're not sure about Monk's defense or what to reliably expect from him. lamb's development has also been a surprise addition. that's where a lot of his minutes have gone.
  13. He needs to figure out how to run routes to the first down marker. I have been really encouraged about everything about his game except field awareness.
  14. then you need to admit you cheer for a jersey and not for the guys wearing them. your jersey has a blank back, captain loyalty?
  15. it always surprises me, even though it shouldn't, how quick fans are to turn on players once they no longer deem them useful to the team. it's so weird to see Julius Peppers who left us and returned be treated with more dignity than CJ who signed on to stay with us and was with us through the lean times. it wasn't a personal sacrifice because he was paid very well, but he's also probably the 3rd best defensive lineman to ever play for the team and the one that spent the duration of his prime here. if you don't retire on top you eventually become the villain. john kasay of all people experienced the same thing. steve smith. jake delhomme. tomorrow it will jonathan stewart. then cam newton after that. oh well.
  16. 38 yard run and you guys let some troll rustle your jimmies about the 10 he didn't get. if this play disappointed you in the slightest, you're looking for a reason to be disappointed. that's no way to live.
  17. not to mention this angle is deceptive as hell. there's no way he was beating that safety to the corner. but yeah dude, he sucks so bad look at this 30 yard run from a draw.
  18. positional value really screws up the ranking list. it would be more fair to compare CMC to the 2nd RB taken in every draft the past ten years or so than to make a list like this. 2016 - Derrick Henry 2015 - Melvin Gordon 2014 - Jeremy Hill 2013 - Le'Veon Bell 2012 - Doug Martin 2011 - Ryan Williams 2010 - Ryan Matthews 2009 - Donald Brown 2008 - Jonathan Stewart 2007 - Marshawn Lynch
  19. LMAO

    if you knew how many marketing hours, social media shill accounts, and how much financial backing it took to have catchphrases like that take hold it probably wouldn't feel as cool to say it. if your sense of humor is a bud light commercial that's good for you, you must laugh a lot. i guess i'm just a killjoy
  20. LMAO

    we live in a culture that as opposed to intervention whips out their cell phones so they catch the next viral video.
  21. the fact that someone is proud they started this makes me laugh more than whatever this is supposed to be.
  22. Charlotte @ Minnesota

    Frank had a horrible defensive game yesterday. -31 plus minus. Kemba was next worse at -18. That's hard to do.
  23. Was Cam possessed yesterday or What

    There are a few reasons for what happened yesterday in my mind. Cam always loves to play the Falcons. That's his childhood team. He wants to ball out on them. Plus, when we traded away KB I think Cam took it personally. Cam has been under constant scrutiny this year. The love fest that was 2015 is clearly over. He's said a few things that alluded to the fact that he's not feeling very appreciated. "I doubt they'll throw a parade for me when I leave." was one of the more telling quotes in my opinion. He feels like the Charlotte media is out for blood against him and the national media has literally always been. He's conflicted about the front office stance on protests and the "us vs. them" dynamic that has been fostered this year by the politicization of the sport. Then the team decides to trade his best friend and primary target. How many franchise QBs would have this done to them? Cam said it himself. No concerns about self-preservation yesterday. He wasn't playing a style that was interested in prolonging his career. He was going to go out and give the most dynamic performance we've seen out of him in a couple of years. He delivered on it. I hope it's just more to come. Cam against the world.
  24. Cam said no

    Cam pushed Rivera's special teams unit off the field. Can you imagine someone doing that to Bill Cowher? Parcells? Bellichek? Probably not, because Riverboat Ron wet his pants and caved.
  25. I'm just going to ignore every thread started here that opens with a self congratulatory sentiment and assume that was the reason the post was made. we should have a sticky thread called "things I was right about" and make it a gigantic circle jerk.