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  1. Russell Sheppard in the beat of a heart. Might even take some from Funchess for stylistic reasons. Have Benjamin and Funchess sub for each other at times to keep them fresh. Similar styles.
  2. the answer on 4th and 1 is to run the ball on 3rd and 1 and then kill it. there was an hour and a half on the clock.
  3. Philly Brown is available again

    Cam sees him. He doesn't trust him. Big difference. It was the same thing with Ed Dickson. He didn't magically get better. Cam won't throw to targets he doesn't trust even if they have a step. It's stubborn and it hurts the offense, but it is what it is.
  4. Shaq is expected to be inconsistent. The man hasn't had a position full time since arriving in the NFL and even here he's been asked to do a ton of things that most players aren't asked to do. 3 years ago he was playing running back at Washington. Similar to Thomas Davis, it's going to take some time before he really looks the part. It's not an easy position to learn.
  5. I still believe, no matter how many Myles Garrett and Mario Williams the NFL will see, that Pep was the most freakish athlete I have ever seen entering the league. The fact that he's still doing it at 37 is only a surprise in the sense that his body has held up. I believed the rhetoric at the time that Peppers wasn't the hardest worker in the offseason and that turned out to be total trash by people who were frustrated that he wasn't getting 3 sacks a game. You saw Garrett getting the same treatment in the predraft process. Peppers has created a HOF legacy and there are still so many "what if?" scenarios for him. He's just a pretty mellow dude and people couldn't justify that against the beast he is on Sunday.
  6. Brady crying about the officiating

    that was the biggest blown call of the entire game and I think the officials hit the Pats with some ticky tack stuff to make up for it. That 4th and 2 would have become a 4th and 7 and a field goal attempt. Instead it was a TD drive.
  7. couldn't make it past the first self congratulatory prediction we'd lose today. next time you know you're right go place a bet, don't come here after and told ya so to everyone who actually believed in the team.
  8. Cam's Reads and Pocket Awareness

    The problem with Cam right now is much too layered to really pin on one thing. There's a lot going on with him that we have to address. First is that he's incredibly one dimensional now. The evolution that was required in the transition from dual threat QB to pocket passer just hasn't clicked over. He has all the ability required to make the throws, but his touch is incredibly inconsistent due to poor mechanics. He doesn't plant into his throws and far too often gets caught throwing flat footed or off one leg and that's simply not going to get it done. When you're talking about a QB in his 7th NFL season, the concept of expecting improvement on a yearly basis is just really unrealistic. It's incredibly unlikely that he'll be able to reinvent himself as an elite pocket passer. From a stylistic standpoint he's so much like Daunte Culpepper and he started to really fall off after that serious knee injury, but it was right around the same age that Cam is now. Part of what insulated Culpepper was having a reliable deep threat that was always an option if nothing else materialized on the play the way Ginn helped Cam in similar ways. If the defense didn't come unglued, throwing a ball 10 yards ahead of Ginn who was 5 yards ahead of everyone else wasn't an awful backup plan. Since we don't have anyone that can run routes well enough to have that speed play for them, there's nobody that Cam feels comfortable throwing open. Secondly, he's just taken so much abuse. The organization has done a piss poor job of protecting him from himself by allowing him to play in games he has no business being in and it has already taken a noticeable toll on him. I don't think anyone expected Cam to run for 700 yards and 7 TDs every year of his career until he was 35, but his yards per attempt have gone from 5.2 in 2014, 4.8 in 2015, 4.0 in 2016, to 2.8 in 2017. The scrambling aspect of his game that required his legs to be a consideration in the passing game and created much more open field for his targets to get open is no longer there. You can blame play calling designed runs all day, but he's just visibly not as elusive now and when the pocket breaks it's a sack and it has nothing to do with pocket awareness and more to do with the fact that he just can't get away anymore once he holds the ball too long and create time with his footwork. Part of that is also on the offensive line that we failed to address adequately because Cam was so fantastic at creating enough time for himself that tackle play wasn't as vital as it is for teams with statues back there. Cam no longer requires a full time spy and it has clogged up the field on passing plays to create more traditional looks that pocket passers get as opposed to scramblers. Third, and possibly relative to the amount of abuse he has taken, is that he just doesn't seem like he's having as much fun out there as he used to. The smiling, gregarious, happy go lucky Cam was the best version of him we've ever had. It almost feels like most of his enthusiasm for the game has evaporated. Waking up on Monday morning unable to get out of bed because you took 12 hits equivalent of a car crash the previous afternoon can take a mental toll as well as a physical one. I don't think he's been fully healthy since ....well it's hard to really pinpoint an exact time. Quite a while.
  9. It's unfair to ask this question while Vernon Butler hasn't seen the field this season. Star is amazing at what he does, but if he becomes a luxury at some you have to go with the position of need first. That isn't to say that *anyone* on this team could absorb Star's value, but in a next man up scenario the drop off from Norwell to the next player behind him is much more significant than KK/Star to KK/Butler/Love/etc.
  10. CMC Observation

    Someone needs to point out to him that hardly anything good happens when he starts going sideways. The play calling adjusted a bit to have him running more directly up the middle and it looked good on him. He's just beating pulling guards around the corner on sweeps and tosses. He needs to be more instinctive and just hit those holes. It reminds me of when DeAngelo first came into the league doing the same thing before he realized that 3 yards running up the back of a lineman and falling forward was better than jump cutting behind the line waiting for something to open up for a loss of a yard. Not every touch is going to be a home run.
  11. This is why the major networks like to get guys directly off the field into the booth. The further they get away from knowing what schematics are trending the more difficult it is to make predictions like this. It's why certain guys who clearly didn't put the work in to stay current fell off the face of the planet in terms of their analysis once systems hit their next evolution. Nobody in the league watches more film than dedicated QBs and I don't think anybody once questioned Romo's dedication to the game. With that said, when his information ages a bit it's going to be harder to make these kind of predictions and he'll have to rely upon broader knowledge of the game rather than read specific formations.
  12. This..... doesn't help.

    Whitlock is exactly what you think he is and he doesn't care as long as he keeps getting paid for it.
  13. Funchess demoted?

    I think they're trying to get him more snaps as a primary option. experience running routes as a WR involves a lot of game reps. it's not as sexy a thought as the coaches hate him, but it's easy to forget that the preseason is an instructional time as much as an evaluation time.
  14. I feel like this photo is deceptive. There's an over the top safety right at the Panthers logo on the field that may have been heading in Greg's direction and DA would have had to put some loft on the ball to clear that linebacker in the window. That might have been a hospital pass. Seeing this play in real time would be more telling.
  15. Say what you want, but Samuel on the sidelines while Byrd puts up performance after performance in drills and in the first preseason game has to be turning up the heat on his starting depth chart expectations. I couldn't in good conscience put Samuel ahead of Byrd right now on draft position alone and they're basically competing for a similar role. If injuries slow Samuel for the entire preseason, he'll have to climb up the chart during the season which can be a tall task.
  16. New Pie Rules

    well this ain't convoluted at all
  17. the sports science episode they did on him really underscores why this is happening, his reaction time and foot speed are just preposterous even if his measurable distance running isn't as overwhelming. he cuts quicker and tighter than any RB I have ever seen in a Panthers uniform. he has such good control in his lower body and hip swivel that it's impossible to predict his cuts. you basically have to guess.
  18. Keyarris Garrett update

    It's crazy how much is made out of one rep on these boards. I suppose it helps traffic, but Rivera could have very well been scratching his nuts and missed this play. To make it sound like his life hinged on this catch is just weird. July 30th.
  19. is the title talking about the dress or the post? apologies in advance.
  20. Matt Kalil Concerns

    the grain of salt that a preseason game should be taken with cannot be seen with the naked eye, now scale that down to a regular season practice, now scale that down to a practice in the preseason, now scale that down to a non-contact practice in July of all times. it's funny how sports journalism has become so much about lemming leading people to either their greatest hope or the worst fears to confirm how smart they were for calling the shot before it went in. it took like 3 posts into this thread before someone congratulated themselves for this signing being terrible based on some meaningless camp observation. you'll never go broke by betting on the hubris of man.
  21. I couldn't even get to the meat of the story because of all this cheesy ass mystery thriller narration. the cigar smoke plumed from my cigar as i meandered through the logistics of this conundrum. Steve Smith you say? He scoffed with an air of dismissive petulance.
  22. As far as the actual position changes are concerned, I could see Cash as being a guy that the organization would consider moving around considering he's not far into his transition into becoming a linebacker. Shaq Thompson is another guy that I would be curious about. He might play better in space because he gets lost a lot at the LOS because he's a little undersized for a linebacker. I would suspect the moves are mostly interior linemen to the outside or DT to DE as was mentioned. Curious what they'd think about Short moving up and down the line on passing downs. It's so hard to produce from the interior defensive line and it might help maximize his production to have him line up over tackles sometimes.
  23. Kelvin Benjamin blocks terribly for a WR. Holding penalty after holding penalty. Plus, TE get paid so much less money by scale than WR, so moving a productive WR from that position to TE would basically be asking them to depreciate their personal stock by a significant margin and their agent would laugh in your face. Plus, the point about gaining weight is not that KB has trouble staying at his weight it's that he has trouble putting in the work to stay at his weight. If you move him to a position that allows for him to come in heavy, he probably falls off the map. It would be like saying "why not move Eddie Lacy to FB it would solve everything!" when in reality, the weight itself isn't the problem. it's what the weight gain says about his commitment to the game.