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  1. Out with the old and in with the new. Once Brady and Manning leave the NFL I see Cam as the new face of the NFL. He brings so much passion to the game like Farve did and people with gravitate towards it. I mean come on, with no disrespect to Brady, but he is so mellow when playing.
  2. Saints game flexed

    Compared to the Cowboys, the Saints fans are "saints".
  3. Well look here.. the funny thing about history...

    Show that on the Cowboys forums. Those idiots over there are annoying
  4. We're a top 5 defense again

    Who cares! Romo is back and Dallas will win the Super Bowl!!!!    
  5. I would like to be the first to say...

    We just need to win the whole damn thing to shut these fugers up.
  6. ESPN respects Panthers...

    Keep going against us media. We will shut the damn Cowboys up like we have every other team. 
  7. Dallas love-fest has begun

    I hate the cowboys with a passion. Worse than any NFC south opponent. They can be 0-10 and still be in talks for playoffs. Hope the panthers go to town next week and shut them idiots up.

    Pie me baby!!! 10-0!!!
  9. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    You think redskins fans are bad? Just wait until we play the Cowboys next week. If they win down in Miami and we win against the skins, can you imagine the headlines going into Dallas? Nothing but a feel good nut hugging fest for the media to have Romo come back and run the table for Dallas to get into the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised if the national "experts" pick Dallas to win against us. The poo storm is coming!
  10. Cris Collinsworth just now

  11. Then There were 2

    ESPN will have Arizona at #2 after beating Seahawks. Headlines will say "Arizona moves up to #2 after an impressive win against a tough Seattle team in Seattle. What a statement win!"  Panthers stay at #3 and would say "You cannot sleep on the panthers, they have done good with what is given to them. But who have they really beat this year?"
  12. Undefeated Watch: Texans v Bengals

    i didnt watch the game, but 6 points against Texans? Wow!
  13. To whomever predicted this...

    Once you start getting that "winning bug" players do not want to let it go.
  14. Just in, MSNBC just stated on air that ground troops/air strikes in Syria cannot stop these attacks, but a grassroots effort to teach these people that this ideology must b stop. Not making this crap up.....
  15. Time to start deporting all Muslims in Europe. This poo is getting out of hand.