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  1. Plewis added a post in a topic Steve Smith   

    Irrelevant to whether Steve would help this team. He obviously would help if egos would step aside; this isn't going to happen and probably shouldn't.
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  2. Plewis added a post in a topic What's your official prediction for what our record will be at the end of the season?   

    Thought process: 12 and 4 is about as good as any fan can really "hope for" in any season; that's a great season. I'll usually settle for 10 and 6. Knowing we started 4 and 0, that just doesn't feel ambitious enough. I'll settle for 10 and 6.
    Accounting for homerism....
    Deducting for sobriety...
    Please wait...
    Soultion :16 and 0!
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  3. Plewis added a post in a topic Caption This Gettleman   

    "Affording this man will require my greatest display of Gettlemagic to date, possibly ever. Whether or not I can do it is an irrelevant question. I must do it. "
    -David Gettleman
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  4. Plewis added a post in a topic Panthers receiver Devin Funchess   

    A lot of NFL players first love is bball. 
    Being a successful WR requires confidence. You don't gain that confidence until you trust your technique and ability.
    You don't trust your technique without great coaching. Ricky will take care of that with time.
    Once his technique is straightened out and makes a few catches he will gain confidence.
    When a WR gains confidence their production raises drastically.
    When his production and confidence matches the expectations people have of him then he will feel more comfortable in his skin.
    When he's more comfortable in his skin, his personality will shine through. 
    We believe in you Dev!
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  5. Plewis added a post in a topic most air yards lost due to drops..guess where Cam ranks?   

    I'm sure Texan fans would be quick to point out that Ryan Mallet would easily be number one had he not forfeited 64 pass attempts to Brian Hoyer.
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  6. Plewis added a post in a topic So Ginn is on pace for 816/12, have we found our legit no 2?   

    You do realize that Steve also had 1,431 kick return yards, and average of 25.6 yds per return and 2 KR TDs. The first time he touched the ball in the NFL he made a 99 yd kick return for a touchdown. 
    Obviously the learning curve between returning kicks and being a productive wide receiver are on different spectrums... but, being the Steve Smith lover I am, I just wanted to point out that he balled out his rookie year and we shouldn't forget that.
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  7. Plewis added a post in a topic Have We Really Beaten Anyone?   

    I just hate the attitude of most huddlers. So much insecurity. There's a strange infatuation with RW vs Cam. It's so binary. There can only be one good mobile black QB in the league. Cam is good and Russell is bad or Russell is good and Cam is bad. There's no way they can both be good. It's nonsense.

    Wilson's latest antics being petty ab the contract extension coupled with his sleazy recovery water claims and the Ciara god talking has made me question his mental state and character. As a football player though you've got to give the kid respect. At the very least he's earned that and just because you admit that, it doesn't mean Cam sucks.
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  8. Plewis added a post in a topic Have We Really Beaten Anyone?   

    nice name btw. frank's a trip.
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  9. Plewis added a post in a topic Have We Really Beaten Anyone?   

    The point everyone here is missing is that it is better for our team to feel as though we haven't achieved anything thus far. We are far from our goal and we need to stay hungry. Everyone here seems to want to puff out their chest and act like we're already king of the hill.
    If our players and coaches take this same attitude then we will likely be struck down and embarrassed sooner vs later. I never dogged our wins. All I said we need to stay humble and hungry going into the bye. 
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  10. Plewis added a post in a topic Have We Really Beaten Anyone?   

    Based on your post count and, more importantly, your response I can tell you don't actually read what you reply to.
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  11. Plewis added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Have We Really Beaten Anyone?
    It's fantastic starting out 4 and 0. I couldn't ask for a more impressive start from my Panthers. Our O-line is protecting our Franchise. Cam looks better than ever. Our defense looks poised to be dominant; one of, if not the best, defenses in the NFL this season. We all expect a healthy Luke to be back for our next game. We should be riding into this bye flying high right? Yeah of course to some degree... but we can't afford to be complacent.
    I think it's good to look at what we've done so far, and instead of being awestruck by the success,we should be feeling we still have everything to prove. The Super Bowl isn't won in the first four weeks. We're far from our goal. Our players and our coaches should not relax for a minute. We need to emerge on the 18th hungry and prepared to stomp some faces. 
    Luckily we are facing the Seahawks coming out of the bye. It only takes a short-memory to harbor ill-feelings towards this team. They've beaten us again and again-most recently and painfully in the Divisional round last year. According to my research we haven't beaten them since Dec. 16th, 2007. We have a grudge and we need satisfaction. We haven't beaten anyone yet. Now is not the time to bask in the glory of starting 4 and Oh. Now is the time to focus in and prepare for greatness. Now is the time to show the world and the media that the Carolina Panthers are for real and that the Superbowl is coming through Charlotte, North Carolina. 
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  12. Plewis added a post in a topic Who would buy this?   

    overreaction bumber sticker much?
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  13. Plewis added a post in a topic Im sorry but I just hate the Seahawks more than our NFCs rivals   

    Keep it in the Tinderbox and don't be a dick.
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  14. Plewis added a post in a topic Louisville at NCSU   

    Maybe Jacoby just isn't a mudder. Not the QB we've seen so far this, admittedly easy, season.
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  15. Plewis added a post in a topic Louisville at NCSU   

    Tough to watch but we're still in it.
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