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  2. Thanks bruh!

  3. Sweet shirt where can I get one of those?

  4. Been busy got back into college bruh for the summer

  5. What happened to you? hadn't posted in a while

  6. Yea man, I heard she got down w/ Nicki Minaj too

  7. whoever she is she's bad as hell Rihanna a lil freak..

  8. J Cole go hard!

  9. i think this was back when rumors were out that she was bi. One of her friends.

  10. He's gonna prove the doubters wrong

  11. He said "It ain't mine, cause I had the jimmy on extra tight" LOL

  12. Willy who? LOL I didn't think anyone would catch that one!

  13. yes, fug a should want that beside you lmao.

  14. Welcome back!! and you already know I got too I am willing to bet he's our pick especially after he impresses Richardson which I see him doing this week.

  15. Wake County stand up. Big respect to you for holding it down while I was gone. It's almost time. Killa Cam in Carolina.