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  1. Lit the Fuq Up!

    Klein had quite a few nice plays himself.  I remember one where he hit the lane to the RB so fast the Titans tackle that was supposed to block him barely even got a hand on him.  That dude will be a starter somewhere soon.
  2. I wonder what the logic was in having so many long developing routes when the Titans pass rush was eating us up.  Wanted more 3 step drops and shorter routes.  I'm not sure if if that happened at some point.  Maybe someone with a lot more x and o football knowledge can tell me how we countered that Titans rush later in the game. For a while there it was a jail break on every play.
  3. That was the best thing I've seen all year.
  4. +1 for the megathread with translations.  Love those guys.
  5. Sad adults with cheese on their heads...

    Is that her gut or is she hiding some repelling gear?
  6. Devin Funchess touchdown ball

    Thanks for not giving up on a rookie halfway through his first year in the league.
  7. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked
  8. I think he also said the Panthers are 6-1 on facebook.
  9. todays practice tweets Kalil in pads again

    I've got Green Bay listed as win.  Boom.
  10. Who will Norman cover?

    In interviews I get a very strong vibe the Bene really wants to play outside corner.  Recently he said that he was learning all kinds of great stuff from Peanut but couldn't use any of it because he was stuck in the slot. 
  11. todays practice tweets Kalil in pads again

    I know people might not want to accept it but I thought Amini played well last week. I'd love to have Norwell back but only a healthy version.
  12. That was a very well written article.  Facts and opinion but very little if any trolling editorial content.  I really enjoy learning about different parts of why and how a football team is able to excel.  I also prefer this type of study in order to see if a player is playing at a high level or not. I'd like to see the same thing comparing Kapernick to Cam.