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  1. Will PanthersUnited make a comeback this season?

    will be back after we are 6-0 heading into our bye
  2. it is no secret the panthers have the best social media team!
  3. The Pink Sir Purr...

    I thought this was something sir purr would do during october? Dyed in pink?
  4. Bored needed some entertainment
  5. When we win the superbowl. I want Cam to bring a football to the press conference,...fumble it,...dive on it and say "Are you happy now, can you'll STFU, and then Dab.
  6. only other one that was close was Cam's scramble vs the pats. I still like this one better tho
  7. everytime I see your sig, I watch it at least 10x!
  8. The Carolina Panthers player of the day is....

    cant tell much about a lineman in no contact drills or pads
  9. we only had Allen like what half a season?
  10. <----- This is why I dont question Cam's toughness Accidentaly posted the youtube video, and cant seem to delete it lol
  11. I wish Cam could stay 25 forever like that movie "in time" with justin timberlake.
  12. I have to keep arguing that one play doesnt define a career with these damn trolls. They wont let it go though. This play is sticking to Cam, just like Sanchez and his butt fumble. It sucks, only way to shut fugers up about it, is to win the superbowl and get redemption.
  13. Ive seen the hate too, arguing with Panther/Cam haters is like arguing with a radical islamist. You just cant get through to them...brainwashed
  14. I wonder how bad the hate will be when we host the lombardi this year!!!!!!!
  15. Garrett > Rico Wallace?

    When you say Rico, I think of uncle rico on Napoleon dynamite but Rico is a QB lol