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  1. hate the NFL logo on our field Don't always agree with the management or the coaches Don't like when players say or do something stupid Hate losing games But this is my team - win, lose or draw.  If they never win a SB, I will stand by this team - always!   Been a good season.  I read the huddle daily, but Gonna move on to spring fishing now - l8tr guys and gals
  2. Snakebit, bad decisions and betrayal

    Not ignoring it -  yes, he could have tucked it - but that does not happen to begin with if the play calling slows down the edge rusher.  Either thru helping the OT with chipping, draw plays or play action.  I seem to recall a play where Cam went under center, play actioned and completed the pass.  I recall another time he went under center and Stew ran for like 7 yds over left side.  Only 2 times I saw this used - both successful. If the shotgun/option hand off is not working, you have to do what is working.
  3. OK,  I'm probably gonna say some things that others have said - but this was simply being snakebit and bad decisions. Cam hit enough recievers to move the ball - however, he can't catch it for them.  Cotchery beats Von Miller and drops a spot on pass inside the 5.  Gin is covered across the middle - but the ball is spot on - skips thru his hands and is intercepted.  Tolbert bowls along for 10+ yds and fumbles the ball.  Gano misses a very makeable FG.  ST misses tackles (why - no idea) 61 yd punt return.  Completed pass that's called incomplete.  Snakebit, snakebit, snakebit  just spiraled away. Kony Ealy - simply came to play - but SOMEHOW NOT on the field as much as he should have been.  2 sacks, 1 FF, 1 Int.  From both sides! Sticking with ineffective runs for 1 yd - Cam rushed 6 times for 45 yds in the 1st half - why go away from that?  Stewart broke a long run inside of Ware on a draw - that works on big time edge rushers - why go away from that?  Fozzy has big gain on the inside option pitch out - never saw it again.   Its the SB, find what works and ride it till it don't work no more - its not like Denvers Offense was a powerhouse - this was not a shoot out.  Ride the working plays till they find a way to stop it. Bad decisions by some coaches - and bad decision by the HC to not step in and over rule a bad OC game plan.   yea Cam lost 2 fumbles that = 14pts.  But Cam is the QB, he is not the OT, WR or the OC/DC.  I kinda feel like he has a right to be bitter
  4. I'm disappointed in the body language - but -   If I had been betrayed by my OC and piss poor play selection If I had put the ball on the money in key times and my recievers dropped them - ending the drive If I had run 6 times for 45 yrds in the 1st half - and then never get my number called again in the 2nd half If my backs never got a finger on the DE that they were supposed to chip or help with If it seemed that every good drive ended with a snakebite Then I gotta go into a media circus and hear the opposition brag about it   well, I might be pissed off too
  5. Pro bowl thread

    damn, know the rules.  Kick the FG with 6 second to go.  They get the ball for maybe 2 seconds and then you get it right back....  
  6. 2016 Roster Churn

    If you're a player that values "rings" and steady high pay checks as opposed to 1 big pay day - you get what you can, but you stay with this team if at all possible.
  7. Luke gets a good luck charm.

    Right now we have a 20 year old fan base - the way this team is going with cultivating the young fans; the sky is the limit the next 20 years!
  8. Offense and Momentum

    Forgive if already mentioned, but this crap where we start huddling and losing momentum sucks.  1st half, we pretty much ran a no huddle offense and moved the ball at will.  2nd half we're in the huddle every play and having to take TO's cause the play is late.  I know they are trying to eat the clock, but you can accomplish that in the no huddle too.  My god man, when the other team starts scoring, you have to let Cam do his thing and score some points too.  31 in a half - zip in the 2nd...sometimes we look like we are playing Fox ball again.
  9. Shula goes....who you want?

    Someone on the staff as long as they understand that Cam calls his own plays.
  10. Did Anyone Else Notice?

    Late in the 3rd it occurred to me that the commentators had hardly mentioned Luke and his "always" around the ball play.  My son remarked that the whole team just looked flat after that penalty on the 1st possession by ATL. Yea..  they attempted to mail it in and found out others play to win also.
  11. I seriously hate all of you.

    was gonna give a fug....... but decided to view next topic instead.
  12. Guess the fine against OBJ and Norman

    If the league is serious about player safety - he will be suspended for 4 games.  Several times he threw punches that didn't get called.  Once he attempted a peel back blind side block.  Hands in a players facemask..... and too many times just dirty shots.    If the league is serious - 4 games +money.  So now lets see how serious they are about concussions and player safety.  I expect some refs to get it too.
  13. TNF: Tampa at StL - aka The Condiment Bowl

    my eyes are bleeding
  14. Amazing Photo Giveaway!!!! Rejoice!

    I would give 1 each to my son, my daughter in Columbia SC and 1 to my daughter in Germany.  The other 2 would be added to our family game room - where all the yelling, cheering and weeping occurs throughout various sporting events.