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  1. Well not sure how far back - but for the last 3 years at least - League MVP in the SB has lost.
  2. Shoot, buy out some of the warehouses on S. Clarkson - build a dome and then use the current BOA site to build an event center and parking.
  3. Hot Take Ron on Offense

    Armah was active, but I never saw him on the field. I'm so sick of hearing about missed opportunities. Sounds like Fox "it is what it is". This team is not prepared too many times - Rivera/Shula are to blame.
  4. Different Experience

    Took 5 hours total to get from BOA to Goldsboro NC. Took 90 minutes just to get to Salisbury - bumper to bumper till there. Vike fan - yes, we were in section 137 and a fan from one of the endzone sections jumped down and ran for the Panther sideline - he totally bowled over a female event staff worker and got tackled by the Police just short of where the kickers practice net was.
  5. Just got back home from my 1st Panthers game - awesome! wow, what a different experience than watching on TV. We sat over the tunnel that the Vikes used. Was a little disappointed when I realized that - just never knew they entered and exited from across - but never the less it was great. Did have a whole row of drunk vike fans 2 rows behind us and 1 panther fan that kept screaming at the nearest cheerleader (even though the move around). My ears are nearly blown and I'm hoarse from yelling. Many awesome Panther fans around us that act like they've known you forever. Had a great view of the tackle on the vike fan behind the bench. Great video of Fun Fun and Cam celebrating the TD. To whom ever sold the tickets we bought - it was money well spent. Whole day with my son doing what we do every Sunday - just this time in person. I'm hooked on attending games - just hate the 5 hour drive home afterwards. Getting from BOA to Salisbury sucks!
  6. As Coach I fire Shula and name anyone OC - but i call the plays. With the personnel we have, I spread the field by running KB and Funchess at WR. CMC and Samuel at slots - Force the D to play either nickel or 2 deep safety. With CMC eating up a LB or nickel, that removes 5 or 6 from the box. Jstew in the back field with 1 TE on the wing that needs the most help chipping a DE - sometimes as a FB for lead blocking. With cams ability to run and the D spread, we should have a run game. We run no huddle with Cam deciding run or pass - the WR's never block - they go downfield every time. The slots run deep on runs - slants and cuts on passes. Line blocks straight downhill and let the RB decide the cut. LB have a choice play up for the run or lay back to cover the slot routes across the middle. Same formation every time? They can't read your play calling or tendency. This is the QB and personnel we have - it puts all the skill players at the position they do best and allows them to use those skills.
  7. oh hell yea! THIS Daddy Hurney in the house = overpay for over the hill players and lackluster performance by all
  8. yea, I love the Panthers and will always root for them. I just wish I had not bought tickets for a December game till closer to December....lol I could have probably got them for free by then. Pathetic - we are the laughing stock of the NFL when it comes to coaching - except Defense. An owner that just wants to be a member and sell some chicken, a head coach that has no ownership of a horrible offensive coaching staff, a team that knows they are safe as long as they remain quiet - cash their checks - smile and say nice things.
  9. Its on Shula. CMC does not have the body mass for up the gut runs, but hey Shula thinks its a great call. CMC should be in the slot with Jstew in the backfield. Why do we pack all the players in tight on an inside run? All that does is bring the whole defense into the box - spread the dang field and then the runs will open up some. Shula would have a hard time calling plays for little league. I also blame Rivera for having no balls - fire Shula or share the uhaul out of town.
  10. How the heck do you type in these new rely boxes.docx
  11. Notes and Memos - Saints Edition

    Dear defenses: I'm Back - Tolldozer
  12. Since half time, I can't hear any announcers? Can only hear the on field sounds.... anybody else?
  13. Dont know who all saw it but Cam even had Rodney Harrison and Coach Dungy (Harrison actually said it) saying Cam needed to be on a different NFL team...on national tv. This will eventually come back to haunt this team - somebody will end up offering more than we can with our cap problems and we'll be minus our QB. Management better sit up and take notice - get something/someone going or we'll be right back to 2010 in the blink of an eye.
  14. Guess we see why the feelers have been put out for a HC...
  15. Dear Panthers coaching staff: To save time, just paste this url in to your browser http://www.uhaul.com/Locations/Charlotte-NC/Results