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  1. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    The original picked up about two weeks after the outbreak, and in FTWD we're now about one week into it. But I think it is more than the character's chemistry, it doesn't feel like the actors themselves are totally comfortable yet. Of course, that is subjective, and others may not feel the same, it's just the sense I get. Also, to be fair, Andrew Lincoln is supposed to be an amazing person to work with and has really brought that group together. I've heard several of the actors talk about how he made everyone very relaxed from day one. I'm not sure if there is anyone in this cast that is the glue like that, so it may take a bit more time to build that level of chemistry
  2. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    I like this show. It's not must watch tv like TWD, though (at least not yet). But of course we've had several seasons to grow and care about TWD world and characters. I don't mind the slow burn...in fact, I think it is necessary to show a different perspective and to demonstrate how this is a different existence these characters are living. One issue I do have in comparing the two shows is that TWD characters have so much chemistry and feels almost like a family, while FTWD has a little stiffness between the characters. And it's not because these characters just met, even at the beginning of TWD, the characters still had a natural chemistry you don't see here...hopefully that will change the longer the actors work together and build rapport. As for the characters themselves: Travis is the protagonist. He's FTWD's version of Rick. Like Rick, he's trying to stay civilized and keep things as normal as possible. However, also like Rick, I think once gets this new world, he'll become harder and adapt to it's harshness. Madison is this show's annoying Lori. Hopefully she'll settle down and not be so whiney, otherwise, she'll be on my personal chopping block. I hated Nick last season, and wanted him dead, but sober Nick is in the early stages of turning into a badass. Strand is interesting, and I'm still trying to figure out where they're going to take his character. I can see him being who he appears to be...a bit of an unscrupulous guy just trying to get where he wants to go, but I can also see him turning into a Governor-type villain/leader. I think Ophelia will turn into this show's Carol. A seemingly superfluous character that eventually does a 180 and turns badass and becomes central to the show. Now Daniel I see as the anti-Hershel. Where Hershel was full of sage advise, and was a solid moral compass, I see Daniel all about doing what needs to be done...without conscience. He simply doesn't give a poo about anyone or anything other than his family (and I see him eventually accepting the group as part of his family).
  3. I think the fear with Fuller was the microfracture surgery. After Gettleman made the reference last night about not being surprised Jack fell after he made the comment about possibly needing microfracture at some point, I knew Fuller wouldn't be a Panther. Players can come back from many different injuries/surgeries and be as good as before, but microfracture still has a stigma, and there is less certainty about a player's ability to come back from it.
  4. The DE Position

    But that has nothing to do with what I'm saying. I'm trying to make the point (and obviously doing a poor job of it) of saying that Gettleman may really like the young guys already on our roster. And that despite what many fans and media think, DE may not be a big need. It's more about how Gettleman sees the potential of Delaire, Cox, Miley, etc., than anything else.
  5. The DE Position

    True, but many felt DE was a bigger need than DT in the 1st, and my point was that while that may seem to be the case, Gettleman may not see it as big of a need as some fans. It's not about us being able to fill a need, but is there really a major need to fill.
  6. 2015 Panthers DT Snap Counts

    Well, to be fair, Star's snaps were skewed because of his foot injury. Nevertheless, If Butler shows he is ready to play, they will find snaps for him. I just wonder about giving all three guys enough snaps next year and beyond if we don't get rid of any of them. If Butler develops like the team obviously expects, he'll need to be on the field, and we can't limit KK's snaps because he's just too dominant. That leaves Star as the odd man out. Perhaps if Butler shows out this year they will pull Star's 5th year option and take a 3rd for him rather than pay him 9 million or so along with KK's 16.
  7. The DE Position

    Ok, I'm on record for not being 100% sold on the Butler pick. I feel he is somewhat redundant, and I do have some reservations of him as a player. With that said, I trust Gettleman, and bow to his superior knowledge. So, I will give him a fair shot. With that said, many feel that DE is a major position of need for us, and can't believe that if we went DL that it wasn't one of the DE's. But, what if the team likes the guys already on the team as much if not more than what was available to us. What if they don't see it as the major need that many fans and media think? While we believe guys like Dodd or Ogbah could be CJ's replacement, Gettleman may see guys like Miley and Cox as the answer. He may not think DE is the absolute must pick that many of us do. We already have one solid starting DE and some solid depth, but what if the team truly believes that the answer really is on the roster? I think we need to be patient and wait and see how the 2016 team is put together. By the time the season starts, we all may be saying "Dodd who" "Ogbah who." After all, I remember thinking that if Cox can produce like he did in preseason in regular season games that we could have a special pass rusher on our hands. And Gettleman singled out Miley as someone already on the roster that he really likes. So, who knows, we may find a surprise in our stocking come September.
  8. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    What do you base this on? Seriously, I see a lot of people acting like this is some great player, but where are they getting that impression from? Other than the fact that Gettleman took him and the positives in various media evaluations, what makes people think he is worth the pick. I'm truly not asking to be a smartass, but I really want to know. I felt better about him until I went and watched the few gametapes Draftbreakdoun has on him (which is admittedly very limited and incomplete). Watching them, I saw a guy who got stonewalled by Arkansas St. guards one on one, he also whiffed on the few plays he actually was in position to make, and was generally not a very dominant presence against teams he should have crushed. So, again, I really do want to know what people are basing their love affair on. And why does anyone think he will be ready for a major role this year?
  9. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    After looking at his videos at Draftbreakdown, I'm not too impressed with what I saw from him, but I will trust Gettleman to know better than me (obviously). So, I'll withhold judgement on Butler until I see how he performs on the field and how solid coaching may fix some of the issues I saw. Right now, my main issue is that we have 3 guys that should be starters at DT (you always want your #1 to eventually start), and none of them are ideal DE's in a 4-3. Maybe situationally, but not as base DE starters. Of course, if they have plans to switch to a 3-4, then all bets are off. But I seriously doubt that is the plan. So, how will we get good value out of all three of them...unless one will soon be out of the picture.
  10. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    They can pull it anytime, though. So, If Star has any further foot problems, or if it just looks like he's going to demand too much to re-sign, then they can pull the option after the season and go into 2017 with KK and Butler as the starters. That's the only reason I can think of why they took a DT when the starters play about 60-70% of the defensive snaps. Even in a rotation, he's not going to get enough snaps to justify the early pick as long as both KK and Star are here.
  11. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    That's a silly argument. And a whiney one at that. We all talk out of our ass...you too. All any of us have to go by is the limited sample of games and videos we see (I doubt you can find one person on this board - including yourself - that has seen every play Hunter has ran, so according to you, no one should be talking about him). That's how we all form our opinions. And if anyone here thinks their opinion based on that limited sample size is better than any GM's they are an idiot. We're here for one thing...to discuss our opinions, as limited as they may be. Don't take it so personally when someone doesn't completely agree with you.
  12. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    Unfortunately. A good receiving TE that can also block is a dangerous weapon for an offense.
  13. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I completely agree. The thing about Olsen is that he's still not a great blocker, but he has made himself into a serviceable one. I think that kind of work ethic and knowledge could really benefit a guy like Henry. I'm sure if he goes to certain teams, they will just tell him to focus on catching the ball, but if we do pick him, he'll be expected to stay in and block on occasion as well as catching passes. And after looking at some videos, I really think that he can be a Jason Whitten-type...a throwback dual threat TE.
  14. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    But that's not the point. The reason people talk about Henry's blocking is because right now, he more or less gets in the way. What you want out of your TE is the ability to hold the block and help open running lanes. Those "get in the way" blockers can be ran around, and since they don't hold up at the point, often allow the defender to get free and make a play. Unfortunately, all around TE's are going the way of the Dodo, but that's what you hope for when you bring in a TE. Now, from what it looks like, Hunter has the ability to block, but he is too often pushed out of they way. Basically, just slowing down the defender, not stopping him. That's why he needs time in an NFL strength program. Unlike a lot of receiving TE's, the skillset and desire is there, he just needs to improve his core.
  15. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    No, it's that ideally your TE not just gets in the way, but can also hold the block and push guys off the line. You can get by "getting in the way," but it's not what teams prefer.