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  1. Actually, you do have a good point. The Bucs are, and have been, losers the better part of the decade. It's a fact. And furthermore, I did congratulate the Panthers on an excellent season. My point was your QB should have put a hoodie on his ass too. The whole world is laughing.
  2. Thanks for more of the same tiring immature rhetoric. Hope you enjoy it. It's defined the whole post season for you.
  3. Buc fan chiming in. Fine season kitties.... really. A really good SB too. Imagine! Then Cam bared himself for the world to see. All of it. A guy like Davis playing with a half an isle of Ace Hardware in his freaking arm and you back away from your own fumble like a girl scout? Then you sulk and walk out of a presser with the western hemisphere watching? Talk the talk. The entire organization and it's fans deserved better. Again, great season, see you next year.